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ITS Store Reopens with Awesome New Items! ETA Kit Upgrades, 300 Shirts and Spy Coins Challenge Coin!

By The ITS Crew

We’re thrilled to be bringing you some great new items to the ITS Store today! We’ve got new compact ETA Kits, awesome new 300 T-Shirts and a limited-edition membership exclusive item you’re going to want to get in on ASAP!

Just to give you a heads up, while the store was down we were working hard to get in some new items and make our ETA Kits better than ever! Let’s get right into what’s new!

ETA Kit Upgrades

We fixed two items on our ETA Kits that have always left us wanting more. First off, the width of the ETA Kits was always something that we wanted to reduce and now we have, by half! They’re a little bigger in circumference, but will now fit in more pouches and into a cargo pocket even better! We’re still using our vacuum seal bags that feature a resealable opening, but they now have a vertical orientation rather than a horizontal one.

ETA Kit Compact=While we had to remove one of the two packages of Z-Fold Standard Gauze to make everything fit into the new bags, we’re making up for it by bringing you the best and newest decompression needle on the market! The Combat Medical Systems Mojo Dart! This new 14g 3.25″ decompression needle represents a huge upgrade to the kit and no longer will you have to remove rubber endcaps to get to the needle in a tube.

The Mojo Dart comes in a durable, easily opened case with flanges that provide strength for handling and removing. What’s unique about the case is that the needle is sterilized with argon gas through the port in the top lid after the case is sealed, not before. Another unique benefit to those in the field is that when you open the case the needle will not fall out. This is due to a lip that holds the needle securely until it’s removed, never again will you accidentally drop the needle when opening the package and rendering it non-sterile!

Check out the new ETA Kits in our Store!

300 T-Shirts

300 T-Shirt 01Our new Frank Miller inspired ITS Tactical 300 T-Shirt is finally here! Members may remember this logo that Matt drew up for a recent iPhone wallpaper.

The black Hanes Heavyweight 50/50 T-Shirts feature a large red splatter design on the front with a white ITS logo. The back of each shirt has a small vertical flag, distressed in red and white with an ITS Logo. Our website runs along the bottom of the flag and the word prevail on top.

Check out the new 300 T-Shirts in our Store!

ITS Challenge Coin (Spy Coins Limited-Edition)

ITS Spy Coins 03In a membership exclusive, ITS Tactical has partnered with Spy Coins to bring you a limited-edition Challenge Coin that you can use to transport your sensitive information!

This double-sided 2″ diameter solid-brass challenge coin is matte-nickel plated for a silver finish that will allow you to carry tactical awesomeness on you at all times!

We’re offering these first to our Plank Owners and Crew Leaders to get some feedback. When producing these through Spy Coins there was some slight chipping on the rear edge that’s hardly noticeable and has been touched up with a sharpie where necessary. We feel the chipping just adds to the “used” look of the coin and doesn’t give away the discreet nature of the device.

Each coin is produced from two ITS challenge coins, creating the hollow interior to place a Micro SD Card into (not included) and comes with two aluminum opening rings so you can keep one and give one to the recipient of the sensitive information or have one at home and one at work.

Check out the new ITS Spy Coins Challenge Coin in your Exclusive Plank Owner or Crew Leader Store

Update: Click here for the ITS Challenge Coin Spy Coins Edition in the Shop

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