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ITS Tactical 2012 Year in Numbers and Outtakes Video

By Bryan Black

Each year we’ve put together a collection of our stats and a cut of the hilarity that goes on behind the scenes in our videos. This year was no different and I hope you enjoy it (there is some bad language, but I swear I’ve improved over the years!)

I’d like to personally thank you for all your support in 2012, it truly means everything to have the kind of community we have here on ITS Tactical where we can share information and knowledge. There are exciting things to come in 2013 and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Bryan Black
Editor-in-Chief, Founder


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  • Her laughing got me laughing, so darn contagious.
    Loved the ending! Great video!

  • Dustin Hanson

    Very nice! Thanks for all the hard work guys and great information/ideas! Crew Leader membership is definitely WORTH IT!

  • Jake Walters

    I couldn’t help but laugh out loud…I love outtake videos!

  • Werner

    Great way to start the day. Thanks for the laugh. As Jake said, outtake videos are fun.
    I come back here everyday to read about great ideas and expand my knowledge, thanks for the good work.

  • I agree with the outtakes… always one of my favorite parts of any big screen movie.

  • Raven

    Being in front of the camera ain’t easy is it? Lmfao! Awesome stats for the company in 2012! So glad I’m a part of this community. Y’all are totally awesome people. Lets say hello to 2013 and see what kind of fun is in store for us this year! ITS never disappoints.

  • freeman


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