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ITS Tactical Discreet Messenger Bag Gen 2 Pre-Order

By The ITS Crew

We’re getting closer to our next production run of our Gen 2 Discreet Messenger Bags and are starting a pre-order for them starting today. We’ve received many requests from readers to get in on our next run and there are definitely a limited number available.

Our last run of these hardly lasted a week, so definitely act quickly if you’ve been wanting to pick one up. For more information about the bags, click the link below for a detailed description, photos and video.

Click here to Pre-Order the Gen 2 Discreet Messenger Bag

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  • Whammy!

    You’re still charging $200 too much for it.

    • If you can get them made for that price in the U.S., let us know.

    • Whammy!

      I completely understand that American made products cost more. That’s why I tend to buy non-American made products. You need to understand that most of us (“non-patriots” as we’re often called) don’t really care about where it’s made. When you think about it, no one REALLY cares.

      Case in point: the monitor you’re reading this on – would you have paid triple the price for it? That’s my point. It seems like a great product, just not $350 great – I work for a living.

  • TacticalTom

    How about you guys making a ITS Tactical Lunch Pail as well. I love the messenger bag.
    You could make it with MOLLE attachable pouches for my juice box and an area for morale patches! Also, it needs a hidden pocket for my candy. The same colors as the messenger bag so they match. Use Raptor buckles so I can use it as a harness in an emergency.

    Just picking on you guys!
    Keep up the good work and keep making the great products. I don’t mind paying for quality and I care about buying american.

    p.s. if you make a Tactical Lunch Pail I would like one in Coyote with an ITS Tactical PVC patch for giving you the idea!

  • Mac

    They are WAY overpriced an s stated – no one gives a shit anymore if they are built in the U.S. All that “made in the U.S.” means anymore is that someone paid some way overpriced union thug too much money to sit on his ass and only make one bag in the time anyone else could have made 3 bags. Yet – I want to buy one PLUS more options to put in it but CAN’T FIND A FUCKING PHONE NUMBER TO YOUR COMPANY to call and give you extra money. BRUTAL to say the least. Please prove me wrong and send me the link listing your phone number on it. Assclowns. How hard do you want to make it to have me give you way more money than your product is worth when I can get the same quality from a competitor for much less $$$$. Christ.

    • Mac, There are people that do care that our products are made in the United States. Our Discreet Messenger Bags are not sewn by “union thug(s)” but by hard working American citizens.

      As far as not listing the phone number, we use the contact form to answer questions and I promise you, we answer every one of them. Many within the same hour they are received. It would be impossible for us to answer every call that came in on the phone.

      Finally, if you think are products we offer aren’t worth the cost, you don’t have to shop here. Unfortunately, costs are higher for small businesses to operate. However, ask anyone that owns a Discreet Messenger Bag or any of our other products and I think they might disagree with your “same quality” statement.

  • Metric

    Very well thought out bag! I personally know multiple makers of custom cycling messenger bags and these look to be as strong and as durable, and at the price you are asking it is a great deal for any hand made messenger bag. Keep up the good work!

  • Vinny

    That’s BULL….I go out of my way to buy American Made products….on duty everything I have on is american made….

  • Ran Chen

    Hello to you ITS!
    this is a realy nice and practic nessenger bag.
    I liked the two organaizers in front of the bag.
    this live lot of space and well organized main compartment.
    i wish we could of buy this in my country.
    Great to know that you have such agreat bag on the motorcycle and for every day use.
    Better than any other tactics messenger bag i came across

  • PolygonalGuy

    I have a Gen 2. It serves a very important role in edc. Why some of the above people whine about a botique quality bag costing 350.00 is bloody confusing. I have a couple of TUMI leather messenger bags that cost retail over 600.00 each that I have been using for 20 years. I recieved one when I graduated high school and it has been through hell.So the ITS is a great value in comparison. The handmade bags in NYC for the bike messengers start at 400.00. So keep up the work ITS and ZULU! Enough of us can want quality!

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