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Military Morons Reviews the ITS Tactical Discreet Messenger Bag

By The ITS Crew

Our good friend Military Morons just put up his review of our ITS Tactical Discreet Messenger Bag!

Head on over and take a look at their detailed and thorough review. It’s always a difficult situation when you’re reviewing your own product, so we really wanted to get one over to MM to get an unbiased look at our bag.

For someone who designed their own bag we know it was also difficult for him as well, but we definitely appreciate the time he took to produce a fantastic review! Check out more on the ITS Discreet Messenger Bag in the articles below or in our store.

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  • Mustang

    Great write up! Well done and well received, the ITS DMB is an outstanding testament to equipment leadership from the front!


  • rkuntz

    Very good an comprehensive review. I read it with real interest because I have used an EMDOM TNT bag for my “briefcase” for the past two years. (An outstanding bag that has held up very well, through two years of work and some very rough travel.) The guy who wrote the review was the guy who designed the TNT bag. The TNT bag is about the most-well-thought-out bag ever. The guy was obsessed and there is a reason for every single thing on it. I was hesitant to spend nearly $300 on a nylon bag, but it has turned out a very wise purchase.

    So he brings a lot of credibility to the review of the DMB — which looks like an equally good bag.

    If i were buying the bag today, I would probably still choose the TNT, just because I don’t love the whole messenger flap thing — but lots of people do, so this should sell well.

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