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New CRKT ParaSaw Bracelets, Coyote Liberty Bottle Caps and ITS Ladies T’s

By The ITS Crew

Bringing you a unique Paracord Bracelet design, these CRKT ParaSaw Bracelets feature a hidden Tungsten Carbide Wire Saw woven into each bracelet.

When unwoven, each bracelet gives you around 12 ft. of paracord (large size) and a Tungsten Carbide Wire Saw with coated loop handles to cut through small tree limbs. When untying the bracelet, you’ll expose the protective wrapped wire saw inside. Simply remove the protective cover and it’s ready to use!

Bracelets are available in Large (8″ interior bracelet dimension) and Small (7.5″ interior bracelet dimension) in either Black or OD Green.

Pick up your CRKT ParaSaw Bracelet in the ITS Store today!

Liberty Bottle Caps

As far as we know, we’re the first kids on the block with the brand new Liberty Bottleworks Coyote Caps.  We’re also offering these for sale individually to those that might already own one of our Tan Liberty Bottles. We also have black available if you’ve somehow misplaced your lid.

Grab your new Liberty Bottle Cap here!

Ladies Revolver T-Shirt

Our last run of black Ladies Revolver T’s went so well, we decided to release them in a new charcoal color too!

Pick up a Ladies Revolver T-shirt here!

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