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New Web site Design

By The ITS Crew

First off, welcome to 2010! We all took a little time off to be with our families over the holidays, and we hope you had the chance to do the same.

We’ve got great things in store, and the first is our new Web site design.  It’s far from complete, but  it’s finally to the point where we’d like to show it off.

Over the next week we’ll be finalizing the styling and getting rid of all the inconsistencies across the multiple browsers that are available out there.

Usually this would be done before rolling out a redesign, but we wanted to show you guys (and girls) what we’d been up to.

What’s left

Here’s  a run down on what we still have left to do on the design. Warning: the following is pretty geeky, and you may need some experience in Web design to know what the hell we’re talking about.

Right now the site looks the best in Firefox, as it’s the most modern browser available right now. It supports the CSS3 border-radius which creates the rounded corners we’ve placed throughout the site.

Safari for Mac and Google Chrome support them too, but not on specific corners, just as a whole.  Internet Explorer 8 surprisingly doesn’t support this either, but at least IE 7 and 8 both support the transparent .png background images. See, geeky right?

We’ve decided to not waste our time supporting Internet Explorer 6. If you’re still using it, it’s time to update your browser! Here, give Firefox a try. It’s “the faster, safer, smarter way to browse the web.”

Our comments are terrible looking and we’re going to tackle getting those looking better, along with our huge list of topics (previously called categories).


We’re experimenting with a new way to present our posts. Right now we have our newest post as a “Featured” post displayed in its entirety, followed by teasers of our next four older posts. After these you’ll need to click the “Previous Entries” link to view even older posts.

This may change, as we’re not sure if we like the small teasers that are being generated. What do you think?

One thing we’ve implemented (at the suggestion of one of our readers) is a previous/next at the end of the post. This will make reading our articles easier, as now you won’t have to go back to the list of our articles to to read the previous or next ones.


We’ve created a separate footer now to allow our readers to keep up with us on our various Social Media platforms. We have our last few tweets from Twitter displayed, latest bookmarks on Delicious and a few of our Flickr photos.

There’s also links to all our our Social Media so you can stay connected to all the awesomeness!

We’ll get everything nice and tidy soon, but if you have any suggestions or comments, post away!!

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