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Revamped ITS Tactical Medical Lineup and Tallboy ETA Trauma Kit Pouches Available Now!

By The ITS Crew

We’re very excited to be launching our newest addition to our Medical line-up, the Tallboy ETA Trauma Kit and Pouch.

The Tallboy configuration and pouch design have been in development for over a year with Haley Strategic and Zulu Nylon Gear. Taking the principles of our proven ETA Trauma Kit Pouch, we refined a few features and developed an additional horizontal mounting method.

Our original ETA Trauma Kit Pouches, now dubbed the “Fatboy” share the refined sewn and color-matched webbing pull handle with removable red Velcro One-Wrap to denote medical components. With a simple pull on the handle, the pouch quickly filets open to provide immediate access to your medical components without delay.

The Tallboy ETA Trauma Kit Pouch moves from the wider three column PALS/MOLLE mounting of the Fatboy to a slim two-column mount, taking up no more real estate than a double mag pouch.

We’ve also re-packed our kits to fit in the new Tallboy configuration and you now have the option of ordering Fatboy or Tallboy Trauma Kits. While the new Tallboy vacuum sealed kits will fit in most double mag pouches, we highly recommend a dedicated pouch like our Tallboy ETA Trauma Kit Pouch, or ensuring a proper visual indicator for medical equipment is affixed.

Along those lines, all of our ETA Trauma Kit Pouches, both Fatboy and Tallboy, now come with one of our Med PVC Patches included. With the new Tallboy pouches, we’ve also included extra short MALICE clips in addition to the set of tall clips.

This ensures you can mount the new Tallboy pouch in any configuration you need to, both horizontally or vertically. MOLLE/PALS aside, you can also thread the short MALICE Clips in a horizontal configuration to easily affix the Tallboy pouch to a standard belt. A battle belt can be used for proper MOLLE/PALS mounting, but isn’t required.

Medical Line Revamp

In addition to a complete revamp of our ETA Trauma Kits and Pouches, we’ve also updated our EDC Kit sleeves. The black sleeves now feature red printing denoting medical contents and the coyote sleeves feature subdued black printing.

We’ve also modified all our vacuum sealed trauma kits to now feature a hand-written expiration date. We guarantee a minimum three-year shelf life on all our vacuum sealed kits (Fatboy, Tallboy and EDC.)

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