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Surveillance Photo Contest Winners!

By The ITS Crew

Wow! That was a fun contest! We had some great answers and fantastic participation and this is something we’re definitely doing again. If nothing more than it being a great exercise!

That photo really threw you guys! Even though Patrick S. was the first person to realize it was Stacey Peralta with the clue we gave to the Powell Peralta Animal Chin movie, the winners were the first to throw everything in the proper format. Winners?

So do you want to know who won?


We had such a hard time deciding between two people that got the Stacey Peralta right and put it into a list format, that we had to give the big prize to two people!

  • David L.ITS Plank Owner
  • David M.ITS Crew Member

David M. came in with the correct answers but put “Multi-Tool” rather than Leatherman and David L. put a black Space Pen rather than just a regular black pen. Since there was 99% by both Davids, you guys both win! Congratulations!

An email should have already gone out to you guys, but if you didn’t get it please email us!

Thank you to everyone for participating!

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  • Congrats guys and thanks to everyone for your participation!
    Make sure to post up your winning ITS items on the page.

  • Congrats! You guys must have really examined every part of this scene, well done!

  • Patrick Skinner

    Damn! Haha, great exercise! Congratz guys!

  • Thanks ITS!
    Examining everything was a great exercise, albeit tiring… when I started off by attempting to identify the camera, I was getting a little ticked thinking about how in movies they do the whole ‘Magic thing’ with pixels…

    Anyway, great contest!

    • You bet David! And to quote Supertroopers, “enhance… enhance… enhance…” 🙂
      Thanks for your support!

  • David Mayeur

    I enjoyed the contest, the multitool confused me though. At first I thought it could have been an SOG Paratool, then I thought Leatherman, but I couldn’t decide lol. Anyways, I told a bunch of my friends about the contest and now they are even more interested in ITS. The more support, the better!

    • Awesome David! Thanks for all your support!! Until Eric told me what the multitool was I wasn’t sure myself 🙂 Of course, I knew who Stacey Peralta was right away LOL!

  • Brandon

    The SUV was a Toyata FJ 2009 Right?

    • Definitely an FJ but I’m not sure what year Eric had. Might have been a 2010.

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