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Tactical Chucks: Mission Accomplished?

By Bryan Black

About a year ago we set out to drum up support for getting a pair of tactical looking Converse made that we’d seen at the 2010 SHOT Show and dubbed “Tactical Chucks.”  When we contacted Converse to inquire about the shoes they told us that they had no plans to produce them and what we saw at SHOT was just a prototype show to gauge interest.

That’s when we went into full swing, posting information here on ITS and even putting together a petition that garnered over 1,000 signatures. Despite our best efforts, Converse still denied this community our Tactical Chucks.

Now, it’s been brought to our attention by our friend Eric at Soldier Systems that this pair of Converse is in fact what we’ve been fighting for! Don’t get too excited yet though…

Tactical Chucks

Original Tactical Chucks sighted at SHOT Show 2010

It seems that after contacting Converse today, these are ALL SOLD OUT! There is hope though, as the Converse representative I spoke with said that they’re able to take pre-orders on a backorder that’s supposed to come in on May 5th, possibly sooner. (reference SKU #1Q271 if you call)

It’s frustrating that after all the hard work we did campaigning for this shoe to be made and how Converse continued to ignore our community, they back-door this release and we don’t hear about it until they’re sold out. The least they could have done is give us a heads up, but maybe we pissed them off too much after they said they’d never be made, despite our petition.

At any rate, what’s the consensus? Do you still want a pair of Tactical Chucks?

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