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Tactical Chucks: Mission Accomplished?

By Bryan Black

About a year ago we set out to drum up support for getting a pair of tactical looking Converse made that we’d seen at the 2010 SHOT Show and dubbed “Tactical Chucks.”  When we contacted Converse to inquire about the shoes they told us that they had no plans to produce them and what we saw at SHOT was just a prototype show to gauge interest.

That’s when we went into full swing, posting information here on ITS and even putting together a petition that garnered over 1,000 signatures. Despite our best efforts, Converse still denied this community our Tactical Chucks.

Now, it’s been brought to our attention by our friend Eric at Soldier Systems that this pair of Converse is in fact what we’ve been fighting for! Don’t get too excited yet though…

Tactical Chucks

Original Tactical Chucks sighted at SHOT Show 2010

It seems that after contacting Converse today, these are ALL SOLD OUT! There is hope though, as the Converse representative I spoke with said that they’re able to take pre-orders on a backorder that’s supposed to come in on May 5th, possibly sooner. (reference SKU #1Q271 if you call)

It’s frustrating that after all the hard work we did campaigning for this shoe to be made and how Converse continued to ignore our community, they back-door this release and we don’t hear about it until they’re sold out. The least they could have done is give us a heads up, but maybe we pissed them off too much after they said they’d never be made, despite our petition.

At any rate, what’s the consensus? Do you still want a pair of Tactical Chucks?

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  • Gregory

    Way to snub us, Converse.

    • How about calling it something else, and then just make it yourself? If you need to make a particular quota, perhaps you can get people to pay upfront, but in the knowing they may have to wait a couple months before you make the quota, in addition to how long it takes to actually manufacture them.

      [all explained from the get go so there’s no stupid legal problems with refunds]

  • JoeMerchant24

    I like my multi-cam Under Armour running shoes. More support than Chucks.

    • Daniel Kiser

      link? those sound pretty awesome

  • DK

    i still want the multcam vans…

  • Chieftan327

    I was on board at first, but after hearing this I don’t want to give them a penny. What a horrible business model!

  • Chris Moreno

    I would love to get a pair… I tried to order the pre-order/backorder whatever online… and it won’t let me… apparently they made 200 pairs. Whatever. They look cool, but I guess I’ll just do a duracoat job on a pair of black chucks.. lol

  • Art Bromage

    I’d love to grab a pair of these, as long as they’re not grotesquely overpriced.

  • matt B

    Call PF Flyers, they are manufactured by New Balance and feel much better anyway..would def. like to see their version.


  • “Doc” Hewett

    Fuck’ em!

  • I’m going to be really pissed when I see some overpaid basketball player wearing them! No offense to the sports fans but the excess in sports “stars” is ridiculous.
    Converse dropped the ball on this one. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the “tactical” gear community is thriving despite the recession.

  • Mattthew Gambrell

    Chuck needs a good “groin” punching…

  • Jeremy

    To whom did they sell the 200 pairs they made?

    • Duey

      My guess is that they got snatched up by sneaker collectors. You know, the guys (and girls, but mostly guys) who gladly pay thousands of dollars for one-of’s from Nike and Addidas. They probably knew weeks ago that these Chucks were coming.

  • Wayne K.

    I don’t know of any business that is in business to “tick off” their customers or in this case their prospective customers. It would seem only natural to me that Converse would want to manufacturer something that would sell. Remember “New Coke.” They came back with the original formula because they made too many of their customers angry. Perhaps an email address for Converse where we could send them our displeasure of their decision?

    • Check out our previous posts linked at the end of the article Wayne… We’ve definitely been in contact with them and got nowhere before they were released.

  • Jason

    Hell yea I want some tactical chucks!

  • Justin W

    I dont know about these shoes.
    I can just imagine stepping on a something crazy sharp, like sheet metal, or gnarled scraps, only to find your self asking one question ‘Whats that warm wet feeling in my shoe?”

    Canvas? Fail…
    Sof Rubber Sole? Fail….
    Steel/Fiber Shank? Fail….
    Ankle Support? Fail…

    I’ll pass… Plus they are hella ugly. there are a plethora of other color combinations they could have used to make a decent looking shoe.

    I do think it was pretty F*ing rude of them to just go and off those shoes without at least alerting you (or the 1000+ customers you petitioned along side of) that these shoes where going into production. Would have been nice if they made an extra 1000, and let you know… $0.02

  • Justin W

    Side note.. They should be available 4/30 – Limited run of 200 units.

    Also… You can customize your own Converse here…

    The color selection on both fabric and rubber is very limited IMO in the way of battle dress compatible colors/patterns.

    • Justin, the 200 is what’s already sold out according to the rep I spoke with at Converse.

  • Dave J.

    To hell with them if they want to act like that. There are companies WAY more deserving of my money. I will probably not buy ANY of their products after this out of principle.

  • Cannonball

    I’m still interested, so long as I don’t have to sell my soul for a pair…

  • David Smith

    When I signed that petition I was serious about buying a pair of these, I still want them. Im trying to put myself in their shoes, and im coming up short on reasoning for their actions.

    Applying my “recess/playground” ideology, in 5th grade someone would’ve gotten their lights punched out for pulling this!

  • This is seriously crazy. They know there’s a demand and I’m sure they’ve seen the former posts on ITS Tactical, why would they not want to produce more than 200 of these and even then, why not give the ITS community a chance to buy them first? Ok, maybe I’m thinking a little ‘high’ of our community but really, I don’t know anyone else that has expressed as much interest in them as we have.

    Thanks Bryan for the link to Zappos & the forest green PF Flyers. Looks like a solid alternative! http://www.zappos.com/pf-flyers-center-hi-forest-green

  • I would rock those Chucks all over town!

  • I’m partial to AirForce 1s but, for these I’d make an exception.

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  • Aaron Oosterhart

    After all this BS, I’d rather spend what little monies I have somewhere else… Somewhere that actually give schist about their customer base. I’m also not a huge fan of Chucks; too many damned hipsters wearing them “ironically” here in Portland.

  • Reddog

    I really would like a pair, but really would rather support someone that values my business. I think I’ll spend the $ with an advertiser listed above.

  • Qui Xotal
    • mmasse

      Thanks for the link on the Paladiums. Bought their tactical boots today.

    • Wes

      Beware on the Palladiums. I picked up a pair of their canvas Pampas awhile back in gray, and in a matter ofa few months they have faded almost to white. I sent their CS an e-mail and never got a response. The boots are bad ass otherwise, just be aware.

  • Maybe we could get something like this as a consolation prize…


    • LOL! Awesome, but I’m sure we’ve scared off Converse considering they haven’t responded to any of our attempts to reach out to them on this issue.

  • Jeremy

    Give me Tactical Chucks!!

  • txsheepdog

    I’d sport a pair.

  • Alex P.

    I say fuck em.
    Also I would say reach out to one of the competitors and make it officially supported.
    Will teach them for jerk folks around.

  • Charles K.

    I’ve wondered why they looked so familiar, then I remembered that I have something similar to those.
    Mine are more of an mossy green with leather trim.

  • Mike

    What’s “Tactical” about these Chucks?
    I have some regular Chucks I wear out sometimes, but I’d hate to be caught in a “tactical” situation wearing any kind of Chucks…

  • Kevin

    I had a pair of OD Converse looking shoes issued to me when active in the USMC back in 1977-1983. I often wondered if they were still being made. THe black Chucks you show here are OK, but the all OD, including laces, were even better. We used them as an alternative to the ‘coral booties’ issued for our SCUBA op’s.

    • Kevin, to me that’s the best use of Converse in a “tactical” environment. Much better than coral booties.

  • Minh Nguyen

    If the price is reasonable, which I’m sure it will be, I will definitely pick up a pair or two if you guys can secure a shipment!

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