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The New OSS Tradecraft Toolset is Compact, Covert and Ultra-Concealable

By The ITS Crew

Today we’re excited to be introducing the new OSS Tradecraft Toolset into the ITS Store! This toolset is ultra-concealable and reminiscent of the covert devices used by America’s WWII intelligence agency. We’re also adding an awesome new product called Ready Balm to the ITS Store this week and we think it’s the last lip balm you’ll ever need. Read on below for more information about both of these new products!

OSS Tradecraft Toolset

OSS Tradecraft Toolset 02

The OSS Tradecraft Toolset measures only 2.25” long and features five of the most effective entry/escape tools. Removing the OSS from its half-length rubber storage sheath allows for rapid deployment of the toolset. Being bound by a rivet enables a quick selection of either the City Rake, Bogota® Triple Rake, Long Reach Hook or Escape Saw to pair with the included tensioner.

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Ready Balm

Lip balm isn’t something that many people consider critical, but we’ve found that it’s one of the most versatile things you can pack into your EDC. Ready Balm offers over 20 different uses, including treating chapped lips, cuts, scrapes, burns and applies evenly while trail running.

Ready Balm addresses issues found in other lip ointments and balms, like melting at the wrong time or the dreaded Kennedy mouth shine syndrome. This 100% all natural lip balm won’t melt in your pocket, unless you’re one of those people that gets sweaty watching C.O.P.S.

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