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8.6.11 Tribute Morale Patch Update to Honor the Fallen

By Bryan Black

We’ve been updating our 8.6.11  Tribute Patch design to honor those that gave their lives in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011 and have made some changes based on feedback we’ve received from our readers.

ASOC (Army Special Operations Command) will be replaced with USAR and ARNG to properly honor the Chinook crew comprised of the Army Reserve 158th Aviation Regiment and the Army National Guard 135th  Aviation Regiment. In addition, the 30 will be replaced with 31 to recognize the K-9 with Naval Special Warfare. We’re also adding a star for the K-9 as well. The updated art is shown on the right and we’ve also updated the descriptions on the checkout page and original article.

Last but not least, we’re working on allocating all the proceeds to multiple charities that will support the Army National Guard crew and the Air Force Special Operations, in addition to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

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  • Jake McCluskey

    You guys are great. This actually made my day. Thanks for everything.

  • Outstanding! Kudos for recognizing the K9 and making the other mods. -CW

  • flyahawk

    Ordered. Great changes.

  • Bryan thanks for taking in the feedback on the K9 warrior and running with it. As I mentioned in my email about it, the government doesn’t see a K9 as a solider only an “asset.” At one time an attempt was made to create a K9 Warrior memorial in DC, but the federal government blocked it as they said it would “devalue the lives of men and women lost in battle.”

    When we look at the LEO community the contrast is stark, countless small towns and states have set up memorials for police dogs. A police dog is considered an “officer”, a person assaulting a police dog is charged with “assault on an officer” in most jurisdictions.

    While our vaulted elected officials may not see fit to recognize a warrior K-9 our men and women who serve with them certainly do. Right now they are saving lives every day, especially in the dangerous work of finding IEDs, many are giving their lives in doing so.

    I do not equal the life of a dog with the life of a man, but that doesn’t mean for one moment I do not value the life of the dog highly. One thing we should all remember is on that bird on that horrible day, only one member of the crew did not volunteer to be there. Unlike our all volunteer force the choice was made for that K9, but you can damn well bet he did his duty every time he was called upon to to do so. You can also bet your last dollar that the men who served at his side considered him part of the team.

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