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Help us Decide on a Date to Have a Flag Flown at the Texas State Capital

By Bryan Black

We’d like to get everyone’s help with a decision we have to make on when to have a Texas Flag flown at the State Capital. ITS Tactical was presented with this opportunity for a donation we made to the Memorial Fund of a local teen here in Mansfield, Texas.

The memorial fund is for Tristen Dasch, a Mansfield High School Freshman who lost his battle with Leukemia this year. Tristen was close friends with a boy from my son’s Boy Scout Troop and the troop has been actively involved in raising money for a memorial garden in his honor.

Our troop recently held a dunk tank fundraiser, “Dunk for Dasch,” at the local fall festival and Texas State Representative Chris Turner donated a Texas State Flag that will be flown over the State Capital in Austin. A silent benefit auction was held and ITS Tactical made the highest bid, receiving the flag.

Since every one of our readers has helped in allowing us to donate to this cause, we’d like to get your opinion on when we should have the flag flown between now and the end of 2010.

We need your help in suggesting some significant dates between now and the end of the year we could fly it on. I’m not sure if federal holidays are out of the question, but we have a call in to inquire about that. We’d considered Thanksgiving and also December 7th to honor Pearl Harbor. What do you guys think?

We’re glad that ITS Tactical could contribute to such a great cause and a huge thank you to each one of you for helping us be able to do this!

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  • Josh

    Are there any special days for Tristen Dasch left on the calendar? Birthday? Anniversary of death? If not, Dec 7th gets my vote.

  • Daniel Carnes

    11 December would be the anniversary of Gen. Cos surrendered San Antonio to the Texans following the Siege of Bexar.

  • G30

    Given the time left, December 7th sounds good. I also thought Christmas Day. Don’t know if that really conflicts with anything (Christ’s birthday??) but, it’s a time of good will and hope. A peaceful day. A giving day. A “special day” for Tristan and one he certainly looked forward to.

  • Rob

    Pick a day that has nothing else attached to it. It can be his day, a day for everyone to remember him and maybe it will evolve into something more than just a day of rememberance?

    • Daniel Garcia

      I agree! It should be his day.
      If you join it with a major Holiday or historical event the meaning could be lost.

  • Jwhite

    I would think his birthday would be the most appropriate day. Coinciding his passing with the fall/siege of militarily significant positions in history seems a bit off topic for what its worth.

  • randypb

    I agree his birthday would be best. What day is his birthday? If it’s already passed for this year, could it be flown and then re-consecrated on his birthday – or a day important to his memory determined by the family – with a flag ceremony with Scouts and Vets present?

  • Eric

    His Birthday or another day that had a lot of meaning to him would be very special.

  • Rich

    December 22. December 21 is the shortest day of the year, the 22nd is one minute longer. Im sure Tristen would have liked just one more minute.

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