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Chicago Gun Ban Overturned by Supreme Court

By The ITS Crew

In case you didn’t catch the news on Monday, the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-to-4 decision that Chicago’s 28-year ban on handguns violated the right to keep and bear arms.

While the decision doesn’t remove  any other gun control measures currently in place, it paves a legal path for gun restriction challenges across the country.

This decision confirms that the Second Amendment binds state, local, and federal domains like the District of Columbia. You may remember a small case called D.C. v. Heller that overturned a similar gun law. Here’s the complete decision in .PDF format.

What still concerns us is that the justices said local jurisdictions will still be able to preserve some “reasonable” gun-control measures that are currently in place throughout the nation.

Hopefully all that means is the current laws against felons and the mentally ill possessing guns. Of course it could also mean keeping guns out of schools and government buildings, which we don’t agree much with either.

How do you feel about the decision and the narrow margin it was passed by?

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  • Bill Smerdon

    It is my understanding that the NRA and CalGuns Foundation along with similar organizations are planning extensive litigation here in the Peoples’ Republik of Kalifornia. On the hit list are Kalifornia’s “List of Approved Handguns” the Concealed Weapons Permit System, (which places the discretion to grant or deny a permit in the hands of the County Sheriff); the Kalifornia assualt weapons ban; and the 10 round magazine limitations. For those of you residing in States that respect your individual liberties, please don’t take it for granted! But for the grace of God your state could go the way of Kalifornia!

  • Chad Krzyminski

    I’m more proud of this country, when our freedoms are being opened up, like they should be. I think that concealed weapons should be legal in most places. Having the permit, or not having the permit, won’t effect the people who are intending to hurt people. The laws only hurt those that could protect themselves, or others, with these concealed weapons. I’m glad that all across our great nation that things are changing.
    Thanks ITS for keeping us up to date.

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