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Helping Wounded Warriors Get Back on the Range to Remember Abilities not Disabilities

By The ITS Crew

The Warrior Shoot Event Group (WSEG) was founded in 2008 and started as an idea to take service members wounded in combat to a firing range to help them retain or rediscover their fighting spirit.

Over the years this idea has blossomed into organized recreational events where Warriors get a chance to shoot various weapons at a firing range, receive further rehabilitating firearms training and compete in shooting competitions for prizes donated by members of the tactical community.

A WSEG event is a one day event where wounded personnel are transported by the Warrior Transition Program to a range for a day of shooting. Generally the weapons and ammo are owned by various volunteers and volunteer organizations (private, military and law enforcement) so as to give the wounded shooters a chance to enjoy a full range day with a wide assortment of weapons including rifle, shotgun, pistol, submachine gun and belt fed.

Why is this Event Needed?

Many factors play into why these types of events are needed:

  • Many US shooting ranges are not handicapped accessible.
  • The financial strain of recovery may preclude a wounded service member from having the discretionary income needed to enjoy range activities.
  • Many service members do not have the support personnel needed for a safe and enjoyable range trip.

The next event for the WSEG will be held during April 2011 in Colorado Springs, CO. and will include Wounded Warriors from the Warrior Transition Battalion from Ft. Carson, as well as any surrounding Wounded Warriors.

They’re currently negotiating the range details and you can be sure that the information for that event will be posted on ITS as soon as it’s available. You can also check out the WSEG Facebook page to stay up to date.

Ephraim Rogers, the President of WSEG is also a Plank Owner here at ITS and we’re proud that we can help bring some attention to this worthy cause. Please help spread the word about this organization and all the great things they’re doing for our wounded warriors!

The WSEG is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization who’s sole purpose is putting on events to help wounded personnel get back on the range to remember their abilities and not their disabilities.

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  • Daniel Garcia

    Very cool, never heard of this, thanks!

  • canuk

    What an excellent idea. Is there a way to make a contribution to this fine orginization??

    • We are accepting donations through paypal on our facebook page or you can just contact us via our email to coordinate!

      We totally appreciate all your help and support!

      Ephraim Rogers
      President, WSEG Inc.

  • desertrat144


    Adaptive Appleseed is a part of the Appleseed Project, see Fred’s M14 Stocks columns in Shotgun News. While we are there for all adaptive needs shooters, our original purpose was for wounded service personnel; now all disabled are guests of Appleseed, as are husbands of deployed wives. Currently Veterans and LEOs shoot free until Jan. 1, 2011. While we do not supply adaptive material, except for targets, and teaching handouts, you will get an excellent weekend of shooting in, along with [re]sharpening of diminished skills. There are currently a number of VAs & City Adaptive Recreation Depts. that want to host an Appleseed. We are working to accommodate their requests.

    Please check out our site, and see what we are about. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, and completely apolitical. In addition to marksmanship, early Revolutionary War history is taught- most folks have no idea of the county’s history and heritage.

    Adaptive Appleseed Team Leader

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