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Public Service Announcement: Hurricane Sandy and Preparedness

By The ITS Crew

Our thoughts go out to all of those on the East Coast affected by Hurricane Sandy. If you have a kit ready to help others in this time of need, keep an eye out for your neighbors and lend aid when possible. Hang in there, stay safe and be sure to let us know how things are going.

One thing we have always found solace in knowing, is the fact that  the Sentinel at the Tomb of the Unknowns have stood constant guard every second of every day since 1937.

No weather has deterred them from completing their silent patrol.

What an honor it must be.

For tips on  preparing  yourself and your home for a hurricane as all as other natural disasters, there are a number of resources. You can read over past articles we’ve posted as well as take a look at‘s section on Hurricanes specifically.

UPDATE: The image of the Old Guard above is not from Hurricane Sandy but is still an excellent photograph. If you are interested in seeing more photos, visit the official Facebook page for the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard).

Thanks Roger for the clarification.

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  • Luis Barreto

    This was a bad week to travel to New York! Luckily my hotel is in midtown Manhattan and we aren’t in an evac zone. Hopefully I can still catch my train Wednesday morning to DC!

  • I would gladly stand there. Regardless of storm.

  • Roger Goltz

    While that amazing picture is a great tribute to the dedication these men possess, unfortunately it’s not from Sandy. It was taken last month.

  • Stay safe East Coasters!

    “What an honor it must be.” Exactly. Well put…

  • Riceball

    I guess you’ll know when things are really bad when they don’t put out an honor guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. If not even pouring rain like that in the picture deters I can’t imagine what kind of storm it would take to keep them from doing their duty.

    A very motivating photo and if I were in the area I’d want to go out and give each a nice hot mug of something even though they wouldn’t be allowed to drink it while on duty. I hope they get the next couple of days off after pulling duty in a storm.

  • Intestinal Fortitude to say the least.

  • orion

    It would take the removable of the honor guards lifeless bodies then and only then will a lapse in time take place for it is the other oath taken and death before dishonor and even then I’m sure that any one of us who still live by honor would step in and continue the watch. Salutes……

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