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ITS Now Available on Apple News

By The ITS Crew

Today we’re excited to announce that ITS content is now available through one of the top news apps on the market, Apple News. Those familiar with the iOS app know it’s a great way to keep up to date with not only your favorite news sites, but other entertainment, social and digital content as well.

ITS Apple News Articles

Apple News displays our full articles in a highly readable format for your iOS devices and the app automatically updates as soon as we publish new content.

To add ITS to your Apple News feed, open the app on your iOS device and click the search button at the bottom of the screen. Enter the search term, “Imminent Threat Solutions” and click the plus button to the right once our channel comes up. You’ll now receive our updates right in your Apple News feed along with your other favorite content!

ITS Apple News Search

For those that don’t run iOS, don’t worry! Our new website design update is 100% responsive and content is automatically optimized for mobile and tablet devices.

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  • Tyler Brooks

    Congrats guys! Another way to keep updated on my favorite company

    • ITS Tactical

      Thanks for your support, Tyler!

    • Tyler Brooks

      Always! I’ve been following ITS for about 2 years now. From helping build my first AR, to keeping a handcuff key in my belt in the small of my back and running a home safety check assessment, ITS and everything you guys teach has improved my life in some way or another! I got injured at work back in March so I have been taking this time off to not only heal, but to learn skill sets keep myself and my family prepared for imminent threats. Listening to Ridiculous Dialogue has made me laugh until I cried. Also, the Crew Leader membership is amazing! One day I hope to make it to Texas and meet all of you, and attend a Muster eventually!

  • Sean Kocourek

    Any plans for something similar for android?

    • ITS Tactical

      Our articles are now also Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) compatible now as well.

  • thackbag

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