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SEAL Support Rally in Ft. Worth, TX

By Bryan Black

I just got back from the SEAL Support Rally in Fort Worth, TX and while I’d hoped to see more people out, it was awesome to see supporters for Matthew McCabe and the SEALs.

The Fort Worth event was organized by Josh Irving of, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the rally. Josh single-handedly put together the Support our SEALs Website and we talked about teaming up to help promote his site.

Josh informed me that that SO2 McCabe’s trial had been moved to 1300 Eastern Time, and that the Norfolk support rally had around 100 to 150 people out in support today. I snapped a few photos in Fort Worth, while I watched with pride as all the cars going in and out of the Joint Reserve Base were honking at the supporters.

I’d like to encourage everyone to check out the SOS Website, and continue to pledge your support for these warriors and show them that the country has their backs!

Photos from today’s rally and Video from Fox News below.

If the video isn’t appearing for you, it can be viewed at Fox News here.

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  • Ghost

    So when will we find out the verdict?

  • Hopefully this will go through easily for McCabe. I trust these guys and if they say they didn’t hit the terrorist, then they didn’t.

    But even if they did, um… is that such a big deal? He’s a terrorist right? They deserve worse than a back handed slap.

  • Luke Ward

    I’m an ex-Australian Army Reservists and I’d just like to give my support to Mcabe. I’m hope this is just a small indent on his fantastic career. I still can’t believe that they actually managed to get this to court.

  • tnegiet

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