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Military Jury Finds 2nd Navy SEAL Not Guilty

By The ITS Crew

Another huge victory for SO2 Keefe late yesterday evening from Camp Victory, where he was found not guilty of dereliction of duty.

Keefe’s teammate, SO1 Huertas, was also cleared of his charges two days ago. The trial against the third and final SEAL, SO2 McCabe, is scheduled for May 3rd in Norfolk, VA.

Expert witness and whistleblower extraordinaire, MA3 DeMartino, gets dealt another day of being called out for his inconsistencies. Maybe al-Qaeda will have a job for him when this is all over with.

A big Bravo Zulu to these SEALs from everyone here at ITS Tactical. You’ve endured the dog and pony show Court Martial, only to be vindicated of your “supposed” wrong doing. You’ve also achieved notoriety you neither wanted or needed, and for that the government owes you.

We’d like to have no doubt that SO2 McCabe’s verdict will be the same on May 3rd, but you never know what the military is capable of.

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  • John T

    Awesome. Thats 2 out of 3. Let’s go 3 for 3. Good luck to SO2 McCabe.


    Whistleblower extraordinaire…nice.

  • Justin

    The not guilty verdict is nice. In a sick sort of way. In the same way recovering stolen property is nice. It’s only nice because something bad happened in the first place.

    I once, when about 8 or 9, watched an old lady get her purse snatched out of her hands. A store employee tackled the thief and returned the purse. This story is like that. The return of the purse, as well as the not guilty verdict, are examples of justice that only exist because an injustice was done in the first place. In the purse story, the thief got away as the employee recovered the purse. I bet the bad guy gets away in the SEAL story as well.
    While I am happy for the SEALs, it is a sad state of affairs that brought this to trial.


    • Very well put Justin, thanks for the comment!

  • Bill – Jackel

    I was a Navy JAG for six years and did a lot of courts-martial for prosecution and defense. One thing for sure, when you get down to the actual trial, the process is fair and just. I was always amazed to see how carefully the members (jury) considered the evidence and tried to do the right thing. I would much rather be tried by a panel of military members than by 12 random jokers off of the street. The results of these first two trials demonstrate how men and women of honor will do the right thing in spite of what the government wants.

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