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Carry a Cloaking Device for your Cell Phone anywhere you go

By The ITS Crew

NEMO Equipment has just released a fantastic new pouch called the EMFX-47 that acts as a cloaking device for your cell phone.

Designed to block cellular phone signals using a specialized conductive textile lining, the EMFX-47 can prevent your transmissions from being maliciously intercepted to track your location.

Let us provide you with a demo of how the pouch functions and some further information on how you can stay safe.


NEMO EMFX-47 04As you may be able to tell from the name, the EMFX blocks your phone’s electromagnetic field, or the physical field created by any electrical charged object. This is important if you’re concerned about any of the Data Leaks we addressed in our recent series.

Why would you need to block these transmissions? For starters, there are numerous ways to intercept the signals emitted from your cell phone, particularly from Bluetooth. While Bluetooth is typically something that can be turned off, the signals emitted from your phone can only be disabled by removing the battery from your device. As many of you iPhone owners know, there’s no way to remove the iPhone’s battery for the end-user.

NEMO EMFX-47 05The EMFX-47 was designed especially for this reason, to provide that security not available to iPhone and other smart phone users. Simply insert your device, roll the top down and secure it with the velcro strap. The EMFX-47 can also be used to prevent interference with nearby sensitive electronic devices and is large enough to fit a Passport at a squeeze, which brings us to our next topic.


U.S. Passport SymbolIf you remember from our article on Obtaining a Duplicate Passport, all new US Passports AND Passport Cards contain RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips in them (denoted by the mark in the photo to the right). While the Department of State says there’s no personal information  written on the electronic chip itself. The chip does contain a unique number which identifies a stored record within secure government databases.

A protective RFID-blocking device like the EMFX-47 is recommended when carrying your passport. It essentially acts as a Faraday Cage to block acquisition like it does for your cell phone.

NEMO is also working on a device to specifically protect your RFID equipped Passport.


NEMO EMFX-47 02The EMFX-47 features a 60 dB shelding from 30 Mhz to 1 Ghz and can operate efficiently in temperatures between -22ËšF and 194ËšF. It measures 4″ wide x 5.5″ tall with a weight of only 1.1 oz. It can be mounted either vertically or horizontally on your belt with the Hypalon belt loop on the back of the pouch.

The pouch itself is made from 210d Nylon Ripstop and that specialized conductive textile lining we mentioned previously.

NEMO EMFX-47 03If you plan on keeping your cell phone in the pouch for prolonged periods of time, it’s recommended you turn off the phone. As you can see in the video below, your phone will cease transmissions even when dropped in the pouch while on. Always test the transmission properties of the EMFX-47 before use.


If you’re interested in the NEMO EMFX-47, it’s now available at Tactical Distributors

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