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DRIFIRE Odor Test Results

By Bryan Black

Five days straight of wearing any shirt is a recipe for being avoided like the plague and getting *that* look from your significant other. Surprisingly enough, I either have an awesome wife and/or DRIFIRE has produced a product that totally lives up to its expectations.

In this case, the answer to both is yes. DRIFIRE has 100% lived up to its claim that their Lightweight Short Sleeve T-Shirt will block odor, and I have an awesome wife.

As someone who has worn numerous athletic shirts and works out all the time, I can’t stand having to workout in a shirt more than once. I do it on occasion, but the stink afterwards reminds me of why I shouldn’t.

I wouldn’t call myself an overly stinky person, which is a relative statement, but I’m sure many of you can attest to that funk after a workout no matter if you’ve used deodorant that day or not.

Testing Procedures

First I have to thank my wife for putting up with this test for five days, even though she reiterates that she really never smelled me other than when I asked her to. I honestly didn’t smell myself that much either.

During the five days of wearing the DRIFIRE T-Shirt I did not shower, only used deodorant once a day and relegated myself to using baby wipes. I wanted to simulate conditions overseas as much as I could, for all our deployed brothers and sisters.

So every day I worked out for at least an hour, broke a good sweat, and even mowed the lawn once.  Never did I take the shirt off unless going to bed. (boy was my wife ready to wash our sheets at the end of this test!)

Each day I also recorded a YouTube video (embedded below) with my thoughts on how the shirt was holding up and even had my wife in there a few times smelling me.


This is by far THE BEST shirt I’ve ever worn, hands down. The FreshGuard Odor Control feature is reason enough for me to purchase many more of these for workout shirts. Based on the videos we’ve seen setting these shirts on fire, there’s no doubt in my mind that these are also an absolute must for those down range.

At $40 per shirt these definitely aren’t cheap, but you get what you pay for,  buy cheap, buy twice as my grandfather always said.

While the average civilian isn’t going to need the FR features of this shirt, it’s nice to know if your car catches on fire that your shirt isn’t going to stick to you.

The odor control on this shirt is just one of the many reasons why I’m impressed with this shirt. Another thing that a commenter on YouTube pointed out was how the neck looked after a few days.

That hadn’t even occured to me, but I’m sure all of you know what the necks of T-Shirts look like after a workout or wearing it for a long time. They stretch out and sag. There was none of that with the DRIFIRE shirt, in fact, there wasn’t stretching on any part of the shirt!

Also, many athletic shirts that I own have all kinds of pilling, particularly under the arms from rubbing. There was none of that either with the DRIFIRE shirt.


The one thing I’d like to do is report back in a few weeks and provide a quick update after a few wear and wash cycles. Yet another YouTube commenter mentioned that he’d like to see how it held up after washing. I’m quite interested in that too, so I’ll keep everyone posted.

I’d like to thank DRIFIRE for providing their shirt for me to test, fully knowing what I intended to do. That to me is confidence in a product. I’d also like to thank my wife for smelling my armpits on these videos!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

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