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How Do You Shop for Tactical Pants?

By The ITS Crew

One of favorite bloggers, Jeanette from the Tactical Pants Blog has put together one of the most comprehensive guides for purchasing Tactical Pants, aptly named The Tactical Pants Review.

Regardless of where you buy your tactical pants, give this guide a look, it’s the best we’ve seen so far.

Most of the major manufacturers are represented in the review and there’s also a fantastic chart displaying the vitals from each manufacturer’s core offering.

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  • Dave

    We carry Tru-Spec 24/7s at work, so I can get them for cheap. I did check the tactical pants guide you link above first, though, to be sure I was getting decent material. I’m pretty pleased.

  • Eric Soderlund

    Thats a great review, It was cool to see some history behind the companies.

  • Very handy link. Or leggy, I suppose…

  • ericfine50

    Nice info!
    just on a side note – LA Police Gear has 5.11 tactical for 20.00 – closeouts.

  • Jake

    Has anyone tried those Crye Precision Combat Pants? I’ve been thinking of grabbing a pair but would like to hear what others thought of them.

  • Thanks so much for this write up, Bryan! We’ve tried to get our hands on some Crye Precision Combat Pants. We are definitely adding the LA Police Gear Operator Pants. Stay tuned 🙂

  • This is a very comprehensive review, I have forwarded to several of my co-workers. We are issued LA Police BDU pants, but a lot of us prefer 511’s.

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