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New A-TACS Urban Environment Images Released

By The ITS Crew

The crew from A-TACS recently linked up with some folks at the Government Training Institute’s JOC (Joint Operations Center) in South Carolina for an LE scenario photo shoot.

While we know you’re foaming at the mouth to see how A-TACS did on our latest Camo Comparison, these are some great images of the pattern in an urban environment.

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  • David Wagner

    “foaming at the mouth” haha

  • Justin

    Where can I buy A-TACS clothing?

  • Looks pretty decent in the urban area.

  • theblackknight

    I NEED that sniper’s scarf in ATACS. Will make a sick shamagh.

  • JohnnyB

    Have you seen the gray-tone camo being worn on the sidelines during NFL games? It’s like gray-tone ATACS with a white honeycomb overlay. I look at ATACS and think “add some gray tones to it, like concrete black color, and you have something.” I don’tthink all gray, but mix in some more gray-ish tone with the tans. What do you all think?

  • JohnnyB

    “concrete BLOCK color.” My bad on the spelling.

    Look at photo 003. Look atthe block wall behind them and on the edge where they are peeking around. It used to be gray, but it’s all dirty and mottled with darker grays, tans, and browns.

  • Jeremy

    The last thing I ever want to see in America is our cops running around in ATACS.

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