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What’s in My Pockets: Show us Your EDC for a Chance to Win!

By Bryan Black

Bryan's EDC

I’d like to start something new here on ITS today and start sharing all the EDC (Every Day Carry) photos we receive in our Forum here on ITS. We’re also going to turn it into a contest every few weeks and give away a $25 gift certificate to the ITS Store!

We’ll select an EDC based on only one criteria… Rule number one, always look good! Just kidding, we’ll pick it based on being a functional and realistic EDC. This means it actually has to be what you carry in your pockets, not in a bag (as much as we want to see photos of your Discreet Messenger Bag.) Of course this is totally left open to our interpretation and why we’d like a brief description of what you’re carrying too.

To enter, simply join our Forum (if you’re not a member already) and post up your photo in this topic with a brief description of your EDC. We’ll look in on the submissions and pick someone every few weeks to win. The winner’s photo will be posted on the homepage of ITS Tactical along with the announcement. I’ll start things off this week and show everyone what’s in my pockets today. And yes, all this is really all in my pockets.

My EDC Breakdown

Be sure to post up your EDC photo here for your chance to win!

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  • Christopher Brown

    i just posted mine…after checking out the second wallet i am considering getting one together myself.

  • Wow, that’s a lot of stuff. That’s why my Discreet Messenger Bag goes with me everywhere.

  • Adam Troutt

    Doesn’t seem overkill to me. If I can find time tomorrow I will post my setup on the forum.

  • Aaron McDoomsday

    I don’t usually carry anything in my pockets… I lose too many things that way. 🙁 My EDC bag never leaves my reach when I’m out of the house, and is in one of two places in the apartment, both are on a way out. The only thing I carry on my person are my keys (paracord fob and flash drive included), a Timex compass/temp/tide watch on a paracord bracelet, a silicon “donate life” bracelet (I’m a transplant recipient, and donor) and a CRKT 1840CKTST (because I lost my Benchmade Stryker II Auto… see, I wasn’t kidding), and the rare pocket change/reciept.

  • Tuna

    What is the credit card-shaped metallic object with tools etched out of it (resting on top of the Nemesis Ti Card in the picture)? I didn’t see it listed in the breakdown, curious as to what they are used for. Thanks, great article, my Amazon wishlist just grew by an order of magnitude.

    • Brian

      Thats a business card lock pick set. You can punch them out when you need them. It’s super useful!

    • Nathan

      Not sure how much more useful then the Bogota titans. They are multi-use where as the lock pick card set has a limited life expectancy. Nice set up altogether though, big ups : )

  • Jerry

    A phone is always key factor on any EDC, but a smart phone can make any EDC even better. Are there any apps out there that can be consider part of EDC? example I have a knot tying app on my iphone, I would certainly that part of my EDC as i do not practice all my knots every day. Also what kind of information do you have in the USB drive? how is that part of EDC?

    • Werner

      I’d think important stuff like insurance policies, medical prescriptions and such to be at the very least on the USB drive. Preferably encrypted.

  • martin

    Question for bryan
    Do pockets like phone pocket and leatherman pocket count?

  • Ben Girdler

    So I have a login and everything but I can’t see the thread…

  • Richard

    I see you forgot to list Mr. Mitnick’s business card?
    Too bad they’re effectively useless to actually pick locks with – ask me how I know. :/

  • Jack Spirko

    Hey dude you left off the make and model of your knife.

  • mike

    What are you guys actually expecting to happen to you?

    • differentmike

      If you think it’s unnecessary enough to make a sarcastic remark then don’t do it. Why do you care what other people with their time and energy? You don’t wear a seatbelt because you expect to be in a wreck, it’s a JIC. The most important thing that comes from filling our pockets with “unnecessary junk” is the feeling that we are more prepared and the warm sense of self-reliance we get from taking care of ourselves instead of whining or calling for help over something simple.

  • Bryan. I don’t think you need the muggers wallet with the Sig and two clips. Lol. Just kidding. Nice setup my Man!

  • Alex

    Any suggestions for EDC for those of us stuck in a suit all day? (usually sans jacket)

  • Andrew

    P6 is a good gun and it is affordable. My wife loves to shoot it.

  • Rebhuhntoeter

    This is a load of crap. There’s no way you’re going to go to the market and bring all this junk with you.
    5 shot revolver, keys, iphone, wallet and badge and I’m maxed out.

  • Doug Thompson

    I know of a Private Investigator site (called “Pursuit”) that has a similar picture gallery that they call “Pocket Litter”.


  • KhaosWolfKat

    Perhaps you ought to consider some wardrobe adjustments then. I assure you that even wearing unmodified women’s jeans, with their customary dismal pocket space, I am able to fit my minimum EDC, listed
    here: http://blog.goreanliving.com/2014/10/edc.html

  • rugercat45

    My EDC is a LOOONG list. Here goes.  Cold Steel Spartan knife (main), secondary blade Cold Steel Finnwolf folder, fixed blade varies from Ka-Bar BK11, Cold Steel Bowie (yes I do carry a 10+ inch blade knife EDC-a lot, comfortably) CRKT Minimalist Bowie, etc. I carry a SOG Powerlock, Schrade Titanium min-pry bar. Generic tactical pen w/glass breaker, TOPS belt with emergency rappel buckle (forget name of it, they don’t sell it anymore) Small amount paracord, sewing kit w/needles, fishing line, artificial sinew, hooks, sinkers in wallet, wire, emergency non-metallic cuff key in at least 2 places on me. Titanium “credit card” knife with Land-to-air rescue symbols on it. Ceramic razor blade somewhere on me, chapstick, tweezers, zippo lighter and BIC, Exotac XL ferro rod, various ketchain screwdrivers, P-51, Brite-Strike EPLI light (main) back up Photon/keychain light, small aluminum container with medication, aspirin (for older members of my family) Ibuprofen, Tylenol. Cold Steel OC Pepper spray, Head For Survival Orange Survival Bandanna, wire saw, toothbrush/toothpaste, breath mints/chewing gum/breath spray (hey, I practice good hygiene, don’t you?!) G-ShockGA-100FC-1A watch, CRKT Paracord bracelet w/carbide coated wire-saw (back-up) Necklace with removable arrowhead, cutting edge and saw, Wiley-X sunglasses (usually) All this is carried in usually 5.11 pants, a 5.11 vest. As of now I do not have a CCW license (will change very soon) so no pistol at this time. Uusally I wear some kind of boots or TEVA sandals and wool socks-YES with sandals too. Hope I didn’t forget anything-but I am sure I did.

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