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DIY Pelican Case Velcro Organizer

By HUFFwell

Tired of not having a decent organizer in your rifle case? Well, there is a fairly simple fix that could be as cheap as $60. When I purchased my Pelican 1740, I was looking at the lid and thinking there was a lot of potential space wasted.

It dawned on me that it could be a great place for a velcro panel, but there were some snags. By creating your own panel, you have nearly endless possibilities in storing handguns, magazines, knives and almost any other accessory.


First, most “Patch Panels” on the market aren’t rigid and are designed to hang from a wall. The second problem I came by was the lack of velcro resources in my area. I searched high and low trying to find yardage of velcro and sourced only one supplier. Unfortunately, they sold it by the 45 yard roll only. Luckily, there’s a fantastic traditional hardware store close to my house, so I was able to track down a better solution. The velcro I found was 2 inches wide and featured a very strong adhesive backing. It’s essentially velcro with carpet tape backing, so it stays where it’s put. A better source that I found after making mine was Bryan’s DIY Patch Panel where there is a link to an online supplier that sells more types of velcro.



  • Hard Case (sturdy)
  • Acrylic Board (cut to fit your case)
  • Velcro Backing (adhesive backed or non*)
  • *Can of spray adhesive if none on the Velcro*
  • Box Cutter/Utility Knife
  • Cutting Mat (or surface you don’t mind cutting into)
  • Measuring Device (ruler or tape measure)


The start of this project was with a 12″ x 40″ x 1/4″ acrylic panel. You could use particle board or anything rigid that would stand up to the strain of use. Acrylic or some form of plastic will work better because the adhesive will bond better vs. wood and is much lighter than metal. Once you source a strong back for your velcro it’s time to start cutting the velcro. Starting at one side by pressing down the velcro and remember to go slow. Once the velcro sticks to the acrylic, it’s not going to want to come off. You can make minor adjustments, but be patient when placing the strips.


After setting the strips down flip the panel over to cut off the excess. Using a utility knife cuts it very easily, but mind your fingers. Once you trim the edges, it’s time to push down on the velcro to make sure the adhesive is fully bonded to the panel. With the acrylic, it’s pretty easy to see where the bubbles are to push them out, but all you really need to do is push down the velcro thoroughly.



Once you’ve made sure the velcro is fully adhered on the front, it’s time to fit it to your case lid. On the Pelican cases like I’m using here, there are four raised surfaces that get in the way. These also make it easy to place velcro though. What I did, was to adhere the loop strips on the back of the case first. Once they were put on, I then took the hook lengths (parts that go onto the back of the patch panel) and placed them onto the hook lengths on the case lid. Be sure to very lightly place them on, you do not want them to fully connect.


Next, take off the plastic that protects the adhesive and then carefully line up the panel with your case and put it against the lid. Because you lightly connected the two lengths, you can peel off the panel and they will stay adhered but separate. Now you can press them down firmly and then you are done!




Once you have made the panel, the sky’s the limit when it comes to how you want to organize. Here you can see three ITS Gen II Holster Inserts  and two ITS Shock Cord Inserts being used to organize weapon lights, knives, firearms, etc. I’ve had little to no movement with the heavier items in the case. I’ve slammed the case around and the firearms don’t budge. Hopefully you’ll find this helpful and if you have any questions, feel free ask in the comments below.

Editor-in-Chief’s Note: Please welcome Maxwell as a contributor on ITS Tactical.  Maxwell aka HUFFwell is proud to be a member of the Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue team and a long time gear enthusiast. He’s a photographer by trade and enjoys spending a lot of time outdoors gaining experience through training.

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  • Sean

    Holy mother of god… this is the greatest think I have ever seen.

    Thank you.

  • Sean


  • Sean

    Ok, do you need to have the Acrylic Sheet? I’m thinking that the Loop Velco could just adhere to the Pelican case right? dose the adhesive not stick to the Pelican case?

    This is so awesome. I just called that company and ordered the loop.

    • HUFFwell

      The velcro will adhere just fine, but as you can see in the photo, there are the 4 ribs that come out about a 1/4 of an inch. If that doesn’t bother you and your ok with cutting a lot more, it works fine. I opted for the consistant flat surface of a panel, but I see no problem with going strait to the case lid aslong as it doesn’t bother you.

    • sean

      wonderful. I have a smaller case and don’t have that much extra space.

      Just ordered all the gear from you all to do this project.

    • mojo

      where did you purchase the acrylic panel? i cant find a source online for the dimensions you mentioned/

  • ThunderChicken


  • Ben

    Nice work there, basically velcro and duct tape ingenuity. I may have to look at doing this later, just waiting on my TrekPak Pelican case. Don’t know if anyone at ITS has heard of them since their main customer base is for photographers, but I can’t wait to use it for an M&P hard case. That, plus this with the velcro should make for a pretty versatile set up.

    • bsojoe

      Cheaper then Dirt has very nice cases and are cheaper then the pelican cases.

  • egs

    nice. i could adapt this to my truck or other areas.

  • Klark Brown

    Nice work and welcome to ITS Huff

  • R. Jones

    As always good stuff Bryan. Just a quick question. How long have you had the Velcro in there? Reason I ask is I did this a while back and the heat here in GA in the summer, it always comes off, and same in the winter. I will have to go back and look and see what brand I used, but I am pretty sure it was Velcro brand Industrial Strength.


    • R. Jones

      Oops my bad, HUFFwell.

    • HUFFwell

      No problem. As for the environmental influences, I live in the Pacific NW so it is pretty humid here but not much heat. I have used this tape for my truck’s lock box and it survies just fine in the heat of the desert and the cold up on the mountains. It holds up just fine with big tools hanging off of it, so as of currently no issues yet. The best way I can describe it is that it’s very similar to carpet tape if you have ever used the stuff. Its incredibly sticky and seems to do its job more than most heavy duty adhesives can. If the adhesive doesn’t hold up you could always use a staple gun or brad nailer to really keep it on the panel.

  • Bob Darnell

    This is a great idea!

    Does anyone know of folks who do “nose art” on pelican cases?

    Thanks in advance


    • Trad

      A lot of tatto0 artist paint as well.

  • Epic Earth

    I am a huge fan of DYI velcro. I would caution one thing; Make sure the velcro has plenty of time to bond to the backing before putting in use in a cold weather environment. Don’t rush that step.

  • Casey

    Awesome…I love velcro! Another option for large area velcro (inside back packs, messenger bags etc) is replacement floor mats for cars. The carpeting is tight pile that is usually bonded to a rubber mat.

  • Habu

    I have a large Pelican case and rolls of tan velcro but never thought of this. Doesn’t say much about my imagination, does it? I’ll be all over this idea tomorrow, seriously! 🙂

  • Raven

    Alright! More DIYs!!!! Awesome, guys!

  • LongHaul

    Thanks for the awesome DIY, and welcome to ITS HUFFwell.

  • Werner

    For a better bonding of the velcro to a hard plastic backing, I have found that scouring the backing with a knife or very coarse sand paper will give a better surface for the glue on the velcro to bond to. Just make sure that you want the bonding to be permanent, as the scouring (especially with a knife) will be permanent (or at least very labour intensive to undo). And as Epic Earth said, give it plenty of time for the bonding to set.

  • Charles J MIller

    3M makes a series of contact adhesives that are cold and heat tolerant. See

    McMaster-Carr is a great supply house that won’t gouge you on shipping. If you are a DIY guy in the boonies, this is the best supply house going.

    • Charles J Miller

      And I forgot to echo the other kudos. I have been a pelican case guy since the mid-80s and I still have my first case that has been rattling around in the trunk of cars since my 82 Ford Tempo up to my current Land Rover. This is a great solution to a problem I have had all along. There is so much room in the lid, it has always felt like wasted space. The dedicated 1500EMS boxes are so much more expensive than the no-foam bare cases.

      This is a well thought-out and well executed solution. Well done.

  • chris

    is that the 1740 or the 1770 pelican case

  • Todd

    Did you put any thought into using grommets, Kydex and Velcro and then attaching it permanently to the case? You may void the warranty on the case but you would have achieved your goal of adding extra and sturdy storage space that wouldn’t come off. Thanks for all the great DIY ideas. Great site! Todd

  • Steve

    Why would you need all these guns? Two possible things spring to my mind: a) savage mentality or b) boys will always need toys. But hey it the US we are talking about they still debate the things that in the rest of the civilized world have been considered obvious for a long time…

    • Steve

      … I wonder if the moderator will be open-minded enough to let my above comment through

    • Jason

      I wonder if you are open-minded enough not to assume everyone is like a liberal, and only willing to listen to their own viewpoint.

    • don Roberto

      And I wonder if *you* are “open-minded enough not to assume” that all liberals are “only willing to listen to their own viewpoint,” or that conservatives and libertarians don’t at least as bad a track record in this department.

      don Roberto (liberal as the day is long, but willing to listen to *and*consider* almost any other viewpoints)

    • Reddog 245

      Steve, you might have missed the “TACTICAL”in the name, but guns are a tool of the trade. It’s like when I go golfing. I have 13 clubs, and each one serves a slightly different purpose from the one next to it. I may not use every club each time I go out, but it is there if I need it. Same with my guns. They look similar, but each serves a specific purpose. Plus, if one breaks, as they occaisionally do, I can go to the next closest and carry on, whether with golf or guns. Not savage, just practìcal.

  • collander

    Good stuff right there! As far as velcro yardage, here is a company that sells 12″ velcro in one yard increments

  • collander

    and i just realized the yardage is for hook tape. Need more coffee. Anyway, lovely weather we are having

  • GUNRNR7271

    I contacted Pelican today about what adhesive to use for something like this and the y recommended what they use: Loctite 770 primer and loctite 410 instant adhesive. I will be using materials I have on hand. That would be fast dry lacquer thinner and 3M Super Weather Strip Adhesive but it is not instant bonding. I will let you guys know how it works out on my 1650.

  • Dave

    Cool idea, I may adapt one of these for the inside of my gun safe’s door.

  • Dan Cassettari

    I had a question about your setup, what knives do you have in your case and also will your plate carrier fit in that case?

    • HUFFwell

      The knifes shown are from top to bottom:
      Spyderco Laci Szabo
      Emerson CQC-7
      Kershaw Skyline
      H&K 14800 Tumult OTF

      And the plate carrier fits just fine as well as a bump helmat and a smaller pelican 1400 as well. The plates are medium size and the carrier is slim but it all fits just fine. Granted all of this makes the case pretty heavy, but still manageable due to the rolling wheels.

  • rm

    fantastic idea, I have a 1740 inbound from amazon and cannot wait to add this to my case, a great idea and will free up lot sof space

  • mr.mojo

    Where di you source the plastic sheet from? I cannot find a source that offers any large pieces of acrylic. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks.

    • HUFFwell

      The place I used was called TAP Plastics, which is local to my city. I am sure if you went around to some traditional hardware stores or hobby shops and asked about sources for acrylic sheets you might get a good source. Also TAP Plastics might ship cut pieces, I am not 100% on that but it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Good luck!

    • Joe

      They definitely ship. I used them to source materials for an acrylic aquarium I built.

  • Daniel Markus

    I thinking about doing this project for duty rifle i am using the 1700 case with custom inserts but Would like to see more pic’s of the lower part and it open but showing upper and lower at the same time.

  • don Roberto

    I confess, the first thing that came to my mind (besides “Wow!”) was “How thick are those four raised ribs? What could you fit between them, under the acrylic?” Sneaky sod that I am…

  • Nick Grant

    Were did you get that wrist band for that suunto core?

  • DarrylHadfield

    Huffwell, gorgeous write-up; it inspired me to do a little more with my own 1740, for rifle storage. I just emailed the [email protected] address with the PDF; I’m not done, but you can see what I did to embrace and extend your work – made sure to reference you as the source for it, too.
    Thanks for your work!

  • AndyWergedal

    Could you do this with a shallower case? remove the foam from the lid and do this… would the rifles and gear below move around too much to make it worthwhile?

  • Since you guys aren’t selling anything, I don’t think you’ll have a problem with me posting this but feel free to delete it if you see fit.

    RE Factor Tactical has a pre-made insert just like this but the velcro doubles as PALS webbing.

    And it’s around the same price.  My brother has this in his Pelican and it has lasted just fine in our Texas heat.

  • Nightpueo

    Where are those digital break up patches from? They look awesome.

  • DarrylHadfield

    The lid organizer plus some other goodies in the bottom half makes for a great way to store gear when prepping for deployment.

    ER… Range Day. I meant Range Day.

  • WeekendMedic

    Thanks for this – I am building a photobooth in a rifle case and will use this to secure some of my gear.

    Just an idea – could you incorporate an LED light source in the lid, aimed at the edge of the acrylic to make the whole panel glow?   Bet it would work like some of those plexi projects, give a little glow effect around the edge?

    • DarrylHadfield

      WeekendMedic Neat idea, although it negates the lid organizer aspect, unless you pull it off and flip it around for display..  useful for your photobooth needs, not so much for a dedicated toybox like some of us (well, ME, anyway!) are doing.

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