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Dealing with Armed Opponents

By Bryan Black

If you remember a few months back, I wrote an article about Dealing with Violent Confrontations, which mentioned a new Ballistic Striking DVD Series that I was asked to participate in.

That DVD series has now been officially released and I’d encourage everyone to check it out. My recommendation has nothing to do with you seeing me get my ass handed to me by Val Riazanov in the Dealing with Armed Opponents DVD and everything to do with how effective his techniques are.

Whether you’re well versed in Systema, or you know absolutely nothing about it, you won’t be disappointed in the quality and effectiveness of Val’s teaching. He has a unique way of breaking down each movement into instruction that everyone can understand.

If you haven’t read it yet, take a few minutes to peruse the Dealing with Violent Confrontations article, and send in any questions you might have for Val, we’re still taking them.

I had a great time learning from Val during the filming of this DVD series and am grateful for the opportunity to work with him.

Dealing with Armed Opponents Vol 4 from Val Riazanov on Vimeo.

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  • Daniel Garcia

    Nice shirt to wear during filming too. 😉

  • TxSoldier

    Dude you got thumped in the nuts at the end!! Sorry! LOL

  • Graham Monteith

    Who’s that poor sucker getting knocked around? Oh wait that’s Bryan. Hahaha

  • Kevin

    Thanks for sharing!

    It would be nice if you could put together a weekend training session with Val…

  • Awesome vid would love to watch all of it! Where can I find more of the artist that is playing the song. HopeDiesLast. I cant seem to find anything on them lol.

    • bobby wilson

      hopedieslat is my band .. hit me up for music .. also we are on spotify … but for some reason the quality sucks ass

  • Bergman

    I saw two judo variants and some aikido in there. Good merging of the forms, but does he use other styles as well?

  • John Galt

    just learn krav maga, if you live in a city there should be a worldwide center there. Krav will teach you similar tactics in the easiest and quickest way to learn (everything builds of everything else in a way that everything is really quite similar…hard to explain but its just simplified so that every citizen can learn quickly…thus why it is israeli designed). At krav classes your provided with blue/red guns of different sorts and you others are there to train with you.

  • Compr

    Meh. Another Systema DVD featuring a slow moving, willing opponent. I’d like to see how Systema works on more realistic opponents.

    • lrparham

      Many techniques that work well in the classroom don’t work so well in the real world. I am a DT instructor and I would never teach someone knife takeaways. If you can’t gain distance and go to your gun, then run like hell. Under the stress of real combat you aren’t going to remember how to do the technique and in real life, expect to get cut real bad no matter what ninja skills you have.

  • Ridiculous. These guys have’nt got a clue what a real knife attck looks like. Come to the streets of Jo’burg or the projects of Cape Town. They attack nothing like that. Its is a highly deceptive and aggressive attack with constant retraction and faking. I have a lot of respect for many of their other work but when it comes to guns and knives, I’ll paaaaaaaaaaas!!!!

  • Chris

    This makes me miss martial arts. I must find somewhere nearby before I got nuts,lol.

    I just remember the one thing I was told when I first started taking karate when I was a kid. Number one rule against an armed opponent, control the weapon. In the case of a gun, the first thing to do is control the muzzle (the end the bullet comes out of), make sure it isn’t pointing at you.

    Also, not sure if anyone can confirm this or not,but in the case of an armed robbery or such. I was told to keep them talking (if they are out of reach). Something about not being able to talk an pull the trigger. Again, not sure if its true or not,but I’ll believe it until told otherwise.

  • Monkkey

    Hey Bryan, you mentioned in the last article that he was in the UAE. Do you have any other info on that? Is he teaching or training at a specific school or acadamy? Did you at least catch where exactly he was in the UAE, like in the city of Abu Dhabi or Dubai? It would be awesome to find him there if possible to get some training. Thanks a bunch

  • John Butler

    Love the 10th Planet jiu jitsu banner!

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