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Panteao Productions: Revolutionizing the Instructional DVD Market

By Bryan Black

Not only is Panteao Productions putting out some incredible instructional DVDs, but they’re producing them at an unbelievable rate! It almost seems like there’s a new one coming out each week with a different well known industry instructor.

What’s also unique about what Panteao brings to the table with their instructional DVDs, is that you can sign up for a monthly membership at $17.95 or a full year for $150 and stream anything and everything online without having to commit to purchasing each DVD.

Despite us having a few of Panteao’s DVDs here at the shop, I’m seriously considering signing up for the annual online subscription. When you take into account all the training you’re getting for $150, it sure makes it worth it compared to traveling to a class. Watching a DVD or online instruction is never going to replace hands-on training, but I know I’ve learned quite a few things from the DVDs I’ve watched.

Travis Haley

[flickr id=”6442318723″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”] New to Panteao’s lineup is Adaptive Kalash (Kalashnikov or AK for those of you unfamiliar with the terminology) with Travis Haley. While I can’t wait to check the DVD out, as I’m not as proficient with an AK as I am with an AR, I’m a bit partial to the cover with Travis using one of our new ETA Trauma Kit Pouches!

I’m stoked that Travis has had so many good things to say about the pouch and that he produced a review through the Haley Strategic Knowledge Channel highlighting it!

Other Instructors

I’ve really enjoyed the DVDs I have by Bill Jeans, Bob Vogel, Paul Howe and Dean Caputo too. Dean is someone I learned a whole lot from on working with my AR when I attended an AR Operator Diagnostics course with him a few years ago. I know he’s a full-time LEO out of California and I’m not sure if he still travels around giving that course, but I’d highly recommend it if you get the chance to learn from him.

In addition to the 1911 Armorers Bench DVD we have, I noticed that Panteao also has an AR-15 Armorers Bench DVD with Dean.  Kelly recently ordered the Jessie Abbate DVD and is looking forward to getting a look at that. She was excited to see a female shooter in the Panteao lineup.

Definitely check out Panteao Productions, which is run by Fernando Coelho, formerly of EOTAC. They’ve really brought something unique to this industry and a shift in how instructional videos can now be watched. I’m looking forward to seeing what else they have on the horizon.

Look for more on Panteao here on ITS in the future as we take a in-depth look at the training presented in a few of the DVDs!

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