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Why Aren’t You Using Military Time?

By Bryan Black

Military Time

Military time, or a 24-hour clock can take some getting used to, but is no harder to learn that a 12-hour clock. Once practiced, just like anything, it becomes second nature and the mental conversion in your head becomes easier.

While we’re discussing military time and getting into its intricacies, I’d also like to make the case today for converting your watch, smartphone and any other device capable, over to military time. Not only will it save you a lot of headaches when you set your phone alarm when half asleep, but the sooner the rest of society converts over, the sooner we can all stop screwing up time.

What I mean by that is that there can be a lot of confusion with time. Not only do you potentially have to often contend with different time zones, but there’s that pesky AM/PM business that can often be left off in conversation or emails. It can certainly mean a big difference when you’re talking about calling someone at 6 a.m. or 6 p.m.!

Telling Military Time

For starters, I’d like to mention that most European countries don’t refer to a 24-hour clock as military time, it’s just “the time.” Here in the United States the standard is a 12-hour clock, so it’s effectively been called military time due it being a standard there. I was fortunate to have taught myself military time from a young age and remember just wanting to learn it because that’s how the military did things and I’d wanted to join from a young age. When I finally got into the Navy, it wasn’t something I had to get used to, as my watch had been set to it for years.

My method for telling military time is actually the older method I used, I’ve been using it for so long that I just know what the hour is when I hear it. If I’m told 1500, I just know that’s 3 p.m., no conversion necessary. The way I learned though, was through basic arithmetic.

24 Hour Clock

A typical clock has 12 hours, with demarcations for hourly increments. With 24-hour clocks, the “p.m.” hours are typically marked as a sub-number like the clock photo above. As you can see, the “1” is both “1” and “13”. Meaning that by adding 12 to 1, you get 13. This is the same for any hour. To convert 4 p.m. to military time you just add 12. 12 + 4 = 1600 hours. The hours deal is stuck onto the back end when the time is spoken and in my opinion just helps to reinforce that 1600 is a time value and not the number 1,600.

The addition method works, as does subtraction if you’re given the military time and you want to find the “civilian” time. If 1600 is your time, 16 – 12 = 4 p.m. As you can see with a 24-hour clock, there’s no reason to use the AM/PM designation, the time is simply the time.

More on Time

One of the reasons I’m convinced that a 24-hour clock is superior is shown in this example. Hypothetically, say the current time is 8 a.m. and I’m notified that an important event will occur in 10 hours. With a 24 hour clock, I simply add 10, putting the event at 1800. Done. Alternatively, with a 12-hour clock, I have to think… Ok, it’s 4 hours until noon and then another 6 hours puts me at 6 p.m. A little more tricky, especially if I’m telling someone where I’m going. I can’t just say I have a thing at 6. I have to say 6 p.m. To avoid confusion with 6 a.m.

As a refresher, here’s another quick look at the 24-hour clock conversions:

  • 14:00 is 2 p.m. as 12 plus 2 equals 14
  • 16:00 is 4 p.m. as 12 plus 4 equals 16
  • 14:00 is 2 p.m. as 14 minus 12 equals 2
  • 16:00 is 4 p.m. as 16 minus 12 equals 4

When you’re writing military time, don’t use the colon like you do with the 12-hour clock. 1:00 p.m. is 1300. When speaking military time, sound it out. 1835 becomes Eighteen Thirty-Five. The last thing to mention is the 0000 / 2400 conundrum. They’re the same thing and are interchangeable. In the military, you’ll also hear “o’dark hundred,” “zero dark thirty” “zero dark hundred,” etc. These don’t actually mean 0030 or 0000 to most in the military, it’s just a slang way of saying it’s way too early in the *$*@*&% morning for this!

In all, there’s really not much to telling military time and using a 24-hour clock, there’s only another 12 numbers to memorize if you even want to get that detailed. Remember the +/- 12 hour conversion will makes things even easier than memorization and before long the memorization will come. Setting your devices to a 24-hour clock will also help get you there even faster.

If anything, there’s always the fun game you can play when someone who doesn’t know military time asks you the time. Just show them your digital watch or phone that’s displaying military time and watch them try to mentally compute how to figure out what time it is before you chuckle and tell them. That’s just me?

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  • Laura Lee

    Love military time & use it as much as possible.

  • Aaron YR

    Now let’s kill daylight savings time so we can set and forget, apart from time hacks, naturally.

  • Rickard Wetter

    “Military time” is the only one we use in Sweden.

  • Marcel Janssen

    Isn’t this the default?

  • Jason K Leck

    Being a Marine, I still like/love using MIL time. Tried to teach my nephews how to use it as well.

  • Keith Merryfield

    Aviation uses it too and it makes everything so much easier to figure out when planning fuel stops, holds, range, etc. Definitely a big fan of not just using a 24h clock, but also taking time zones out of the equation and using Zulu time!

  • Jonathan Ocab

    I have always used military time, by virtue of being raised in a military family. Plus, I always utilize UTC due to how I deal with nationwide and international time stamped audit data.

  • Chris Doucette

    I run 24-hr. And I have that exact watch lol.

  • David Smith

    Steve Smith Caleb Miller

  • Robert Cardona

    Beautiful watch.

  • David Urbat

    There’s this one thing that americans can learn from Europe… To use Military Time. That’s about it, the Rest is Perfect U0001f609

  • Joseph Kelley

    Love military time. Learned it before basic, still use it today.

  • Curtis Gropp

    Military. Because I don’t know when 12pm is.

  • Merces Letifer

    I run 24hr.
    EVERYBODY runs 24hr here.
    Standard in the metric countries.

  • Paul Anslow

    Zulu? Let’s just get the public over one hurdle at a time, okay?

  • Joshua Hooks Pemberton

    Teach it to your kids, then they can’t use the am/pm thing as an excuse for any situation.

  • Ben Brown

    I learned 24-hour time as a kid in Alaska and use it everywhere I have a digital timepiece which will display it.
    It came in handy when I volunteered at the local PD (learning LAPD phonetic alphabet was tough enough!)

  • Evan Morisch

    I’ve always used the two interchangeably… my watch, phone, computer, and clock are all normal 12hr clocks, but when I say or write times down, I do so in 24hr format…
    I also agree on ridding the world of daylight savings time…. however, universal use of Zulu time sounds like a GIAGANTIC PITA for everyday tasks… works great for coordinating things internationally or across time zones, but otherwise is annoying.

  • Sean Moore

    If we could go to 24 hour clocks and use the metric system I would be so happy.

  • Twelve-hour time can cause problems. I once had an evaluation for dental work to be done by a dental student, which I was told was scheduled for 7. “Seven, I thought, “that’s awful early.” Fortunately, I queried them about that and it turned out to be 7 pm instead.

    That said, in the U.S. going with military time, for those not in the military, is more trouble than it’s worth.  Since everyone else is on 12-hour clocks, interactions with them would mean doing a mental conversion from “my” military time to their time. I’d rather not bother.

    Going metric faced similar issues. Converting cars to metric was no big deal. I don’t measure when I work on my car. The conversion only meant a change to metric wrenches.

    Construction is a totally different matter. Virtually everything in my house is an English measure from window sizes to the rafters in the attic. Going metric would mean that all those easy numbers, i.e. 30″ wide doors and rafters spaced 24″ apart become some complex metric decimal. That’s not remotely worth the bother, particularly since it merely offends Europeans who think everyone ought to be using “their” system simply because it’s there system. 

    And that’s not getting into the enormous, easy to divide in whole-number units, advantage of measurements systems based on multiples of 12, 16, 36, and 360. I can split a board 36″ long into halves, thirds, fourths, sixths and so forth using entire inch measures. With a similar 1-meter board, almost any attempt to divide it that way means a dreadful number. 

    For instance, cutting a yard board into three parts means cutting at the foot markers. Cutting a meter-long board in three means guessing where 0.333333333…. is. 

    Virtually all the other measurements were created by people who used them in their daily lives. Metric was invented by people who didn’t work with their hands. They thought that the most important of all tasks was conversions between units, as in meters to kilometers. It isn’t. Most work is done within units. We talk in miles and fractions of a mile, not miles and feet. 

    In short, the best measurement system for any society is likely to be the one they’re already using. Changing is too much trouble and is often of little or negative value.

    Military time is a mixed issue. In aviation and sea-faring, it usually prevents confusion. The one glitch is when “Universal Time” is often inserted into situations where it confuses. When I lived in Seattle the USCG would often make announcements in UT about missing boats etc. It totally confused most of those listening since they weren’t familiar with the often messy business of converting UT to local. A boat might be announced as going missing at 1800 when it was only 1400.

    [Steps down from soapbox, picks it up, and walks away, muttering to himself.]

  • Frankie González

    Jeselle, we were talking about this a few days ago. I hope this explains it.

  • David Forman


  • Daniel Cherry Foxbatt Millwee

    Mil time just makes sense. Never have understood “standard” time

  • Stephen Parker

    Make everyone use Zulu time

  • Greg Gilbert

    I’ve always ran 24 hour.

  • Jerry Chastain Jr

    Coming from a military family and went in to the military right out of high school my father started all of use kids on military and still use today . Now we need to get rid of this spring forward and fall back B.S.

  • Cameron Benz

    I have been for years. Largely due to being a night shift worker and some times of the year here, it’s impossible to tell between 5a and 5p.

  • Stephen Parker

    one thing in the article is incorrect. the 0000 24000. 2400 is midnight. One second after midnight is 000001. So there really is a slight distinction. Unless they have changed things since I was in the military.

  • Ruben Leal

    never cared for military time, honestly because 98.9 percent of the us use standard time.

  • Giovanni Perez

    Go to South America and you’ll see it everywhere. Since my last trip there, that’s all I use now.

  • Kurt Teitscheid

    What time zone are you in for it to be 15????

  • Patrick Zaledzieski

    Being I the fire department we use 24 hr time. Also would be nice to switch to the metric system. Makes ems work easier!

  • Franklin Apostle Paul Barker

    I’ve been on military time since 1989

  • Rick Finsta

    I have used it in chemical production and laboratory environments as well. Ambiguity and chemistry don’t play well together.

  • Matt EH

    24 hour time, all the time. Accept no substitutes.

  • Ken Morley

    i do. on that vey same watch too

  • Jeffrey Denney

    I am though

  • Миодраг Миљковић

    In Europe we don’t have AM/PM time only 24 😀

  • Sean Dungan

    I run 24 on every watch and the car. Have since I was a kid and my grandfather taught me.

  • Anderson Chris

    Prefer 24hr, but most people are used to the 12hr clock… so flip flop a lot…

  • Ty Bartley


  • John Denny

    I’ve been using it since before I joined the Army, soooo 35yrs now, God, how did I get so old? Sarah O’Byrne, read this.

  • Sarah O’Byrne

    Great article and yes lol u are ancient Johnny lol 🙂
    I’m using the 24 hrs system from now on ok 😉

  • Alvarado Chris

    Because I’m not in the military anymore

  • Juston Hutson

    Use it all the time

  • Andy Balogh

    Yeah, I learned it in aviation and use it as much as possible. But, I still catch myself making the conversion for non-users all the time.

  • TV-PressPass

    Switched to a 24 hour clock in university. Never looked back.

  • John Denny

    You better! 😉

  • Thomas Lang

    1600 any day!

  • Roddy Wolf Cross

    I use it and no one know what time I’m saying hahaha

  • Tyler Belcher

    I prefer 24hr time

  • Christopher Levdahl

    And time TRAVEL…

  • David Hutchinson

    “Is that 0600, in the morning?”

  • Rick Smith


  • Galen Acevedo

    It amazes me the look of complete ‘lostness’ some people get when I tell them it’s 17:25, lol.

  • Albee Marquez

    Due to my line of work I need to use military time. Switched my watch over 2 years ago and haven’t looked back!

  • Randy Lallouz

    Stealth Version going to be set!!! 😉

  • Andrew Blauwet

    Made in China

  • Don Marsh

    I think in miltary time

  • Daniel Youngblood

    We just always use 2359 and 0001. Not precise but it works.

  • Tom McCaffrey

    Not so concerned with the AM/PM thing but that Daylight Savings nonsense HAS to go!!!

  • Jeb Baker

    The best training class I got on the 24 hour clock was my four year degree from the US Army.

  • Donnie Mac

    Military time

  • Reece Burckhard

    They took my watch and my time system!

  • Bryan Ashmore

    I run 24hr time, but mainly cause my dog chewed on my watch and I can’t figure out how to change it back

  • Erik Silfven

    There is no 2400, there is 0000. The start of a new day. “All balls”

  • Stephen Parker

    when I was in, that was not the case. 2400 was midnight. everything after that was 0000.

  • Bore Lee


  • Johnny Ortiz

    Zulu time is more accurate…

    • mcdbrendan

      More accurate than what?

  • Steve Osinski

    Prefer 24 hour, but don’t want folks to look at it and wonder why I run that. No need to draw attention to myself.

  • HN Kim Rich

    Both, depending whom I am talking with.

  • Frank Rock

    my watch is set to regular time, I just make the quick conversion in my head when I look at it.

  • Josh Towles

    Or just know both? Cause not everyone will switch over.

  • Guy Connell

    I am

  • Zabrewolf

    Yup, 24 hour. All my stuff is set that way. And I’m so mean I won’t even convert the time unless “they” ask me to. It’s not that hard, figure it out people.


  • Dan Green

    Yep! My 10 year old knows military time.

  • Jay Holtslander

    Because it requires extra thought.
    Because most other people don’t understand it or have to use to much brain power to figure it out and hate you for it. And because it makes you sound too military/law enforcement-like. And douchey if you’re not actually.

  • Daniel Scotto

    once you go 24,you don’t go back!

  • Lance Peak

    I think someone was hosing with you then Stephen. It has always been 2359 then 0000.

  • Rob Gowan

    Military time, all the time.

  • Lars Mårten Rikard Nilsson

    2400 and 0000 are interchangeable… like 6400 mils and 0 mils.

  • Anthony Craig Rumball

    Screw it, let’s just go to metric time!

  • Mark Todd Tsunokai

    Yes, I use it all the time and civilians give me the “uh what time did you say it was? “

  • Lars Mårten Rikard Nilsson
  • Rusty Gray

    Daggum Skippy. Oh dark thirty ain’t on no civilian clock!

  • Lars Mårten Rikard Nilsson

    I use the 24 hour clock except when I’m talking to Americans or Brits, but it’s standard here so…

  • Anders Stamneshagen

    They both have their uses

  • StuFisch

    Anyone who’s ever worked in heavy industry in the old days when we wrote our readings down on paper should be used to the 24-hour clock.  It’s amazing how often the a.m. and p.m get left off in comms. (written or verbal) and oh, the confusion it causes.

  • Mert Şekeroğlu

    i hate 12 hour , missed my assigment because of it haha
    Always use 24

  • Stephen Parker

    Lance, when were you in? I can probably even provide notes/ FM’s/TM’s/ etc. stating that midnight is 2400.

  • JayBerry Miller

    I am only 16 and I use 24 hour format time. a few years ago I tried it just for the cool factor, but I liked it so much I completly switched.

  • Benjamin Buchegger

    Military Time 😀
    Its much easier here in europe 🙂

  • Stephen Parker

    Here you go. It’s a little blurry but you should be able to make it out that I am correct.

  • Greyson Morley

    Switched to 24hr in 5th grade because I thought it would make me cooler. Got used to it, never went back.

  • Stephen Parker

    here is the full pic I took from my soldier’s manual from Infantry School: TRADOC Pamphlet No. 600-4

  • Ben Pratt

    I’d also be for scrapping time zones and daylight savings time.

  • Theo Childers

    I agree and it’s easy to convert back for those who don’t use it

  • Mike Jancar

    Born in Europe – always preferred 24 hr format

  • Brent Forguson

    I’ve never been in the military but have always used military time. It. Just. Makes. Sense.

  • kragadox

    I like to use 24 hour format but it’s hard to untrain myself from the 12 hour clock.

  • Timothy Lynn O’Ceallaigh

    Use 24hr system for medical as well.

  • Nicholas Koch

    The rest of the world seems to use the 24 hour clock. Just a matter of time. The again, we still use the Standard unit of measure.

  • Andy Pounder

    I’ve done a lot of Warehouse/Factory work including more than my share of night-shifts, so have always used the 24 hour clock – saves a lot of confusion!!!
    Wouldn’t want to show up to work 12 hours early because I can’t tell the difference between at 0600 start, and an 1800 start!!! 🙂

  • Scouter

    12 hour is useful on analog clocks-easy to figure the time without numbers or even hash marks. For a quick glance, 12 hour is the way to go. Now, my Spike Automatic Diver (edc watch) has a 12 hour dial, with only hash marks.
    I work nights, and all my documentation is in 24 hour format. Helps keep straight when it was done. I also write my dates in the logical ISO format yyyy-mm-dd.
    Down with Daylight savings time!

  • Steve Hupe

    I am bilingual. French Canadians live by the 24hr clock. Growing up, I needed to know that system. I’ve been using it all my life and it’s made life easier.

  • Anthony Peyton

    It’s mandated in the industry I work in, but I prefer it anyways.

  • Mark Kahapea

    Been using military time for 20 years

  • Lucas Middleton

    Recruit: how do we know what time it is in military time?
    RDC (Salty AE2 rescue swimmer): after 12, subtract 12 motherf*#ker !!!!!
    Everyone: laughing ass off….
    Made it rain that day.

  • Jill Kummer


  • Charlie Stropes

    Lifer Hut, lol. Good stuff Vets!

  • Scott Cade


  • Jake Haun


  • Adam West


  • Dan Kendall

    Already there and already use dd/mm/yy date format. EMS & fire do that to people.

  • Zaid Shaikh

    The metric system is un-American.

  • Brian Strickler

    Zulu is pretty much military time.

  • Noj Renirg

    24 hr time is the best, clearest method.

  • Noj Renirg


  • Brian E Brinkema

    Always military time

  • Sean Moore

    That must be why our military uses it. Seriously. The 40 mike mike would be called the 1.57 inch.

  • Philip Walling

    Been using military time since I was 8yrs old. Only clock in the house growing up was a VCR that was stuck on military time.

  • Trip Chance

    I have been since I was twelve

  • John McDaniel

    Always! (military time)

  • Jeremy LaRoche

    I also still wear this exact watch. In military time.

  • Kabrin Sakaj

    24 hours format is the best….easy to calculate timing and meetings and of course assault when in the army….i am using a G-Shock Casio for over a year,best choice ever 🙂

  • Keith Croft

    Served 9yrs Army and now in the medical field as a civilian……so I always use the 24hr clock. My wife (also a veteran and in the medical field) uses it as well. Even our kids understand it and use it on occasion.

  • Brian Rainwater

    Ryan Tuemler lets get used to this

  • Fix Parsons

    It’s far more efficient, especially when combined with a date-time group. That way you know exactly when something is.

  • Alex Raffta

    My daughter is a police explorer; we both use military time now…. Hey it’s 2100, gotta go!

  • Mark Peterson

    I am

  • Joe Trimbath

    Brittany Barnes…. See. That’s why.

  • Eliot Hernandez

    This. So much.

  • Eliot Hernandez

    And Hawaii is already converting to metric. Fuck the imperial/ standard system.

  • Greg Davis

    It’s noon. If you memorize it, you won’t have to think about it anymore and it’ll be easier, so it’s better. At least that’s the argument presented in this article *shrug*

  • Przemek PJay Janiec

    In Poland we are using 24h clock for decades and I must say it is much more convenient than Am/***

  • Weston Lind

    Started doing it for work (security) and just adopted it for outside life too. Works way easier.

  • Eliot Hernandez


  • Greg Davis

    We’re kinda just stuck with it like we’re stuck with the English measurement system.

  • Eliot Hernandez

    For now. Hawaii is moving to metric.

  • Greg Davis

    I suppose we shall see.

  • Thomas Foster

    Have that exact watch

  • Mike Geronimo

    Nice car! U0001f44d

  • Michael Edward Collins

    Prefer the 24-hr clock: used it my entire USN career n’ now serving in Fire-ResQ and EMS. Avoids confusion, ‘cept during those occasionally-humorous times, when I’m talking to civvies in jobs that don’t utilize it

  • Pete Calabrese

    Military time… Ironically the watch pictured is the same watch I wear at work… I only wish my Submariner had 24 hr time on it too!

  • Patrik Vilhelmson

    Bravo! And when you are makeing things easier, introduce the metric system aswell!

  • Pier Paolo Guaitoli

    As an European guy, metric all the way U0001f609

  • James Murdoch

    Military clock

  • nordwolf

    ist very fcking simple to me – im european

  • Artourus Barbari E Lupi

    and yyyy/mm/dd/hrs

  • Tony Pdmc

    AM/PM is daft. Ask a two year old to count to twenty and they might do ten twice. As adults, with twenty four hours in a day, there is no excuse for needing to count the day away in two halves.

  • Aaron Fox

    Paige Fox

  • Glen Moser

    I do

  • Rome Sanchez

    Same watch I use…

  • Keith Badyna

    Mil time

  • Nicholas Ruszak

    I like to sound cool so I always use 24 hour format, zulu standard.

  • Tactical Nerd

    As a french guy, military time is just ordinary time for us 🙂 Now if you could also stop using M/D/Y format for dates that would make my life easier 😀

  • Tactical Nerd

    AFAIK Brian Zulu is GMT / universal time. Military time is just a mode for local time

  • Jack Stallings

    I have to admit I like the 24 hour clock better, but use the civil am pm stuff so everyone at work is own the same page time wise

  • Felix Caliz

    We use 24 hour in hospitals . Sometimes new nurses get confused but they catch on quickly.

  • Ryan Scarcliff

    24 time is the only way to go then I can use cool terms like Zero Dark 30. Lmao but seriously 24hr time is much better all around eliminates confusion

  • Jonathan Bowling

    I like 24 hour clock can’t be confused on when you should be where

  • Raymond Chang

    I’ve used it since I figured it out in middle school. I did go through a pesky phase where I insisted on being on zulu time though.

  • Juan Herrejon

    24 hour is easier for me

  • Don Villemaire

    Ill go one better. We should all be on Zulu time.

  • Michael Barefoot

    That is why I love that we nurses use 24hr time. Fewer errors.

  • Wanted to be in the Navy since I was a little kid, didn’t get that opportunity when I got older but I continued to use 24h time from about the age of 10. 

    I found that the 12+ method to be somewhat of a detractor over the years in trying to get others to use the same time standard I use. (esp. in the television industry, where I’ve proudly converted my station to using 24h time, and there are far less problems….)

    The method I’ve used over the last few years to teach people 24h time isn’t too different than the 12+ method listed above, but makes for faster arithmetic and allows the brain’s ability to deduce patterns to work it’s magic. 

    Instead of a 12+ or a +12 methodology, I instead teach a -2 methodology… In the end the result is the same, but the human brain will do -2 a lot faster than it will do +12/12+. Here’s how it works:

    If it’s any time from 0000-1200, if you don’t know what time it is ask a five-year-old. 

    From there it’s just as the method listed above but instead of adding or subtracting 12, just subtract 2 and ignore the first number. The first number is almost entirely irrelevant to your mind, your brain can tell if the number is 0000-1200 that it’s early in the day, and knows anything 1300-2359 is later in the day, as such it’ll make the conversion on it’s own. When it comes to 2000-2359 this becomes just as apparent as the first number isn’t a 1 it’s a 2, which will confuse some who are new to 24 hour time… I’ve found with my method of teaching 24h time, and instructing those I’m teaching to ignore the first number entirely, they have a much easier time making the conversions in their head and adapt faster to using 24h time. (and oddly enough, excel at going the other direction to tell someone the time they wish. eg: adding +2) 

    Your brain will recognize that the higher the number is the later in the day it is as it can only be between 0000 and 2359:59… So someone trying to tell the difference between 1300 and 2300 will know one is much later than the other, so when they subtract 2 from their number they’re going to get 1, and they’ll automatically know it’s not 0100 or 1100, and as it can only be 1:00pm or 11:00pm their brain will (with little practice) pull the correct time.

    At any rate, that’s what I’ve learned over 23 years of using a 24 hour clock and trying to convert as many as I can…. Don’t get me wrong, I learned using the +12/-12 method and it works. The method I use above let me convert an entire TV News station to using and accepting 24h time in a few months. (even the reporters, whom I’m almost convinced are un-teachable.)

  • Chris Martin


  • Douglas Daniels

    Used it nearly exclusively since 1985.

  • Nat Alvarez III

    I still use military time!

  • Eric Isaac

    I use it as much as I can. Wish the world would go off from that clock, and just delete am and pm. If 1500 is night time in Japan and light here, what is the big issue. Delete time zones as well.

  • Eric Isaac

    My kid learned mil time and phonetic by age 6.

  • Dustin Castro

    If you hate imperial, you hate America. So fuck you

  • Adrian Freeman

    The whole world should be on a 24-hour clock. No time zones. Start with Greenwich at 00:00 and go all the way around the world. 1/24th distance is 1:00, 2/24th distance is 2:00 and so on.

    • JoshuaCheung

      And pray tell how that gets rid of time zones? You’re just redefining the time zone boundries (which I don’t disagree with…)

  • Benny Voncannon

    I have to use it at work dont mind at all

  • Scott Williams

    Joseph WilliamsNoah Scott Williams

  • Curtis Olson

    Military time is much better the AM and PM stuff gets awkward at times

  • Gary Hall

    Neither, there are 24 hours in a day so 4: 00 pm should be simply 16

  • Marty Binion


  • Joshua Jedidiah

    Love 24 hour time

  • Clyde Rhoads

    Been using it for over a decade and a half…

  • John Trullinger

    The 10 hour day metric time is even better yet!

  • Neil Poston

    Because I am no longer in the Military…

  • Mike Snyder

    Its not military time its 24 clock

    • JoshuaCheung

      Is military clock to people who have used 12hr clocks for their whole life and had only ever seen military use it.

  • Mario Rosales


  • Mario Rosales

    OMG. I would love to go metric and so would my chemistry homework.

  • Mario Rosales

    It’s too easy though, why would anyone want to learn a system based on tens?

  • Jordan Collins

    I’ve used it for over 20 years. Drives my wife crazy.

  • Daniel D. Fritz

    People are too stupid to figure out 24hr time

  • Tyler Crawford

    Nope who wants to do math when reading the time… No one

  • Zachary Probst

    It’s the only real way to tell time

  • James Robert Schneider Jr.

    I am been using military time for the last 5 years

  • Matt Simkin

    I use zulu time to confuse people. “What time should we have dinner?” “0100 Zulu.”

  • H Curtis Barton

    Retired…it’s 5 o’clock all the time!

  • Nick Rogers

    Same watch I wear

  • Damon Fleming


  • Ryan McManus

    Working in transportation 24hr time is a must, otherwise loads can be really early or really late… I set any clock that can with it

  • Charles David Sellars III

    this plan has a problem: It ignores the fact that time zones are at root a compromise between simplicity and shared meaning. Before the advent of time zones, each city followed its own local time, based tightly on observations of the Sun from that location, as time had been understood for thousands of years. When trains brought fast, long-distance travel in the 19th century, the discrepancies in local times made train schedules a confusing nightmare. Railroads themselves were the first to lump nearby cities together into one-hour time zones, long before governments got involved. While time zones simplified timing for train operators, they managed to preserve some of our connection to the natural solar cycle that inspired the 24-hour day in the first place. No city’s clocks would be much further than an hour off from its true local solar time. For Hoosiers living right near the often-moving border between Eastern and Central, the Sun might hit its peak at 11 o’clock or 1 o’clock, but it would never happen at 6.
    By letting every person stay at least somewhat in tune with the Sun, time zones also let us stay at least somewhat in tune with each other—at least in terms of how we talk about time. If we switched to one world time zone and you saw the Sun peak at 6 o’clock, would “high noon” (the phrase or the movie title) still make sense as an ominous time to have a shoot-out? Would “9 to 5” (again, phrase or movie title) be recognized as the standard hours for the daily grind of an office drone?
    These squishy benefits of holding part of our traditional views of time might be insignificant compared with the more tangible benefits of having everyone on the same clock. Or maybe a universal time zone would be better, but changing to that kind of system would be too tough a transition. After all, most people don’t look forward to messing with their clocks.

    • JoshuaCheung

      I’m sorry, hate to be rude, but i have to say this. What the hell are you on? You would keep time zones. There is already a “universal time coordinated” (also known as UTC) if you want a single time across the world called Earth.

  • Sarg Engelbeck

    I do and have for the last 46 years

  • Gregg Putman

    Strange story. I got thrown out of a car with suicide doors on it back in 1958 going about 70 at the age of 3. I have the distinction of being the first person light flighted in Wyoming. Due to injuries I had to relearn how to walk, talk, and just be a normal kid. I blame it on the accident, but I had problems through out the years doing normal things. One of them was knowing how to tell time on a watch of clock, I just couldn’t do it for some reason. I think it was late grade school, early JH, we were on vacation up in the mountains of Wyoming and had to come down for supplies. While we were in Buffalo, we wandered into some kind of shop, and I found a 24hr watch with hands. For some reason all of a sudden it clicked and I could tell time on this watch. My parents were so floored they bought me the watch on the spot even though they couldn’t really afford it. Still have that watch tucked away in a drawer……… Have used 24hr my entire life and it should be the standard………..

  • Anthony Labadie

    I rather use 24 hour clock just makes things easer

  • Mat Baker

    Try being the head surveyor on a $200,000,000 project, having tolerances on some things that are in decimal inches (0.015″), drawings that are feet, inches and 16ths (like 1′ – 4 3/16″) and all surveying in the USA is done in tenths if a foot (0.10′). Three different conversions to screw up.
    English measurement can get fucked.

  • David Bush III

    I want to know why 12:00 noon is PM?

  • Michael Nicklaw

    4:00pm I can’t stand military time

  • Chris Musser

    there is no time in my world that’s government shit.

  • Chandler Hartgraves

    Started using 24 hour when I joined a Volunteer Fire Dept. 10 years ago. Will never go back to 12. It’s the 23rd hour of the day.. It just makes sense.

  • Richard Lewis


  • Jay Camel

    I wear a Citizen Eco Drive. I still use MIL time on an analog watch.
    Sadly, many of my fellow service members think its too moto to use 24hr time. They look at you like you’re wrong for saying 2200-0200 for watch.

  • Dave Holloway

    I found that if I set my watch for 24 hour time, I’d get confused converting it back to 12 hour time for civilians, so I just keep it on 12-hour time & convert it when necessary.

  • Colten Crump

    I just started using military time 4 months ago and Im glad I made the switch. Its better

  • Bryce Daigle

    I remember the whole year America made the switch to the metric system. It was a complete failure.

  • Curt Henry

    It is too logical and makes too much sense to be accepted in this crazy world we live in today.

  • James Bodie

    Most of the trucking industry uses military time. Keeps things simple. I still use both, though.

  • Jon Lawrenz

    What’s so hard about 8 PM you look outside it’s dark you know it’s p.m. 8 AM it’s light out it’s morning what’s so hard about this

  • Victor Martino

    I use both, but prefer 24. I just wish they would get rid of daylight savings.

  • Matty Mitchell

    Brian Ambrosio

  • Jonathan Lovato

    What a coincidence

  • Jonathan Lovato

    lol same here

  • Jonathan Lovato

    It just makes more sense

  • Jonathan Lovato

    But do you have it on 24hr time?

  • Kit Doc Higgins

    That was an awesome story really cool thanks for that…..

  • Josh Beauchamp

    Just as long as we can keep buying gas by the gallon. $2.50ish/gallon isn’t tolerable. $2.50ish/liter would suck ass.

  • Nicholas Ferguson

    Error, hacking too much time

  • Sean Moore

    Changing the way you measure gas doesn’t affect the price.

  • David Wootten

    I’m Military, I come from a Military family so of course I use 24h. Saves confusion. My X even uses 24h time because she is analytical and understands the value.

  • Jon Maxwell

    Better being using Zulu time so those time zones aren’t a problem.

  • Curtis Gropp

    That was a fun year, and I wish we’d made the switch. I’ll have to check my history, but I think Congress chickened out at the last minute.

  • Jeffrey Scott Bunger

    1054 hours

  • Chris Bridges

    i do. im military. 😀

  • Terry Wessinger

    ZULU. It’s how we file flight plans.

  • Paul K Fabian

    I use it all the time U0001f44d

  • Vince Robles

    The Payroll Clerk can’t figure it out.

  • Toby Anderson

    My watch is set on military time…drives my wife crazy 🙂

  • Jasen Denney

    You mean GMT

  • Rick Schoen

    Love military time, but my job uses regular…..:(

  • Justin Gustavsson

    I like military time. It makes more sense.

  • Rick Cruz Jr.


  • Kevin Mofield

    Military time…

  • Jimmy Gunning

    My watch isn’t digital so I guess it isn’t on military time as there isn’t a 13 – 24 on the face.

  • Zach Gregor

    I run 24 hour. The gf hates it.

  • Daniel Pereira

    I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t use 24 hour time.

  • Patrick Kfoury

    Prefer military. And the G-shocks are the bomb diggity, their waterproof durable, comfortable and have about 20 other functions that can be used. Hats off to Casio

  • Whitey Ford

    Military time because I live in a 24 hour world.

  • Kenny Hatten

    The 24 hour time system is also much easier and faster to express in writing, especially if you’re in a hurry.

  • Andrew Horton

    Not only do I use military time, but I have the same watch. …lol

  • Andrew Horton


  • Ernest Suarez

    Watch showing 3:00 pm

  • Scott Gil

    Because it’s retarded and 90% of the public doesn’t recognize it or know how to use it

  • Randy Yoak

    I’ll play.

  • Thomas Foster

    I do have it on 24 hour time. I just posted this late at night

  • Chris Lampley

    Germany uses the 24 hour clock

  • Chris Lampley

    I prefer 25Apr2015

  • Jay Glanville


  • Lawrence Holsworth

    I would use it all the time, but too many civvies wouldn’t get it. Its very commonly used on continental Europe though, that was one of the things that made living in Germany and The Netherlands very easy.

  • Timothy K Ingle

    Because it makes sense!

  • Caleb Valentine


  • Jordan Carroll


  • Richard Moon

    My G shocks have always been set to military time. I can easily convert to the idiotic AM/PM when talking with people who don’t know the logical 24 hr system

  • Michael W. Matthews

    24 hour

  • Hunter Maxey

    Why switch it’s easier to read! Especially when they give due times in college. I like it.

  • James A.Gordon


  • Ryan Merwitz

    Our Hospital runs it. But I can go by both.

  • Thomas Ruyle

    I used mil time before I went in the Army. Both of my parents are vets, so I grew up with it.

  • Brent Summers

    I use 24 hour clock

  • Dave Dubé

    Drives my spouse nuts. Can you guess?

  • Don Llarenas Vistan

    24hr. Time much easier to use

  • Skip Splash Down

    0-dark thirty…

  • Bill Fairweather

    I do use it daily.

  • Kevin Kawabata

    24 Hour Clock

  • Clifford Weigand

    I use it have for years

  • Ian Stuart

    I agree. Especially being in a field (ER Nurse) where I work nights, it saves much confusion.

  • Rico Law

    One world time to rule them all

  • Rico Law

    Europe 4.50/liter thats like $9/gal

  • Rico Law

    I always thought Dd/mm/yy made the most sense.
    24hr clocks screw my boss up something terrible lol

  • Rico Law

    Or when you say “zero hundred hours”

  • Rico Law

    Adam bravo Charlie Daniel Edward … just use the military alphabet guys!

  • Jason Martinez

    I do use it

  • Jeff Sheldon

    My wife hates that I have it on my car. Lol

  • Ben Brown

    Adam, Boy…
    Yeah, after a life of the .mil phonetic alphabet it was such a PITA to get on the radio sometimes and air plates.

  • Scott Witner

    Michelle Thompson Witner

  • Scott Gray

    I lived on a military base when I was a kid so military time use to be second nature, now I have to take a minute to think about it, we should make the switch to the 24 hour clock as well as end daylight savings.

  • Vince Sylvain

    Add to phonetic alphabet to that. I’m sick of people spelling like retards over phone “uh B like Bob, R like uhhhhhh red….”

  • Scott Witner

    I hear ya brother! Lol…

  • Samuel Rozier

    I do too, I bought it at the px as a Joe snuffy after my squad leader smoked my balls of for being 1 min. late, I made sure that sucker was set to his time after that

  • Tyler Boston Silveira

    Every country uses the 24 hour clock why can’t we just adjust to it? Or that’s right a majority of Americans are spoiled U0001f612

  • Josh Leveque

    I’m like B for BRAVO you dumb shits.

  • Ben Simcox

    What watch is that? Very nice

  • Chris Bragg

    Bill Pummer

  • SrJorge Da Silva

    It’s too hard to get booty abroad w 24hr time. It’s easy enough to teach but most don’t want to learn

  • Michael W Storms

    Military time all the way!!

  • Joshua M. Gerhart


  • Donald St Pierre


  • Anthony Edward Stark

    My 1st grader uses it. Apparently his teacher does not. Kid-1 teacher-0

  • Steve Summers

    Because it’s confusing to your date when she doesn’t know if you mean 5PM or 5AM for dinner.

  • Andrew Ringler

    I use it on my phone

  • Gary Petrie

    Military time should stay in the mlitary

  • Jalal Sobh

    I do

  • Michael Hoffert

    Melissa Perry this article is for you and paul.

  • Aj Barrett

    Assholes. I thought it was a damn good story

  • Matt Dermody

    I always use military time.

  • Maverick Taylor Lewis

    Hard to admit but I’m right there with ya

  • Michael Skrastins

    I use military time, but it confuses the heck out of my boss and the DOT.

  • Drew Campbell

    Well, I like military time but the fact is the civilian world does not get the concept. so it’s Easier to go with the civilian way…

  • Terrence CarCrazy Jones J


  • Michael W McHenry

    Can’t stand a 12 hr clock. Always use the 24hr and the phonetic when relaying info over the phone.

  • Darrius A South

    Military time only

  • Joe Tasler

    I made the switch Thursday night. Still getting used to it.

  • Scott Wells

    Subtracting 12 from all values over 12 is just too confusing. (Rhetorical)

  • Jeremiah Rathbun

    Military time and 24 hour clock are two different things. Military clock is Zulu time. Which, also incorporates 24 hour.

  • Shae Rademacher

    I’ve always used military time.

  • Luke Larimore

    I like military time. We used it in the hospital for charting, and I’ve noticed some countries use it. I’ve been out for 12 years. I recently tried to set military time on my microwave after the power came back from a power outage.

  • Brandon Rombou

    I’ve been on 24 hour time since before I was in 5th grade. Haha

  • Steve Nelson

    Yeah. Fuck 12pm, and 12am…. Whenever they are

  • Ronin Cheburashka

    That’s good parenting.

  • George Lamprecht

    24 hr works for me.

  • Morgan Simpson

    24 hour here along with military date.

  • Joey Bailey


  • Bobby Surrett


  • Cody Olson

    I would’ve called that teacher and had a friendly talk

  • Anthony Edward Stark

    I wrote her a note.

  • Thomas Edward Terifay

    It is called universal time. It is used everywhere BUT in the US

  • Thomas Edward Terifay

    There is only a 0600 in the morning there numbnuts

  • Thomas Edward Terifay

    YY/MM/DD is better

  • Andrew Rutsch

    My unit tried using zulu time in Iraq in 2003. Quickly realized it was not easier. At the tactical level it just caused more confusion.

  • Ethan Darlington Fink

    Not only should it be 24 hour time, but also Zulu Time. Then there’s absolutely no confusion between anyone.

  • Andrew Rutsch

    It’s not military time, stop calling it that. It’s a 24hr clock. If you are not in the military and reference time with a 24hr clock, then how can you call it military time?

  • Bob Herp

    I live on military time

  • Rod Merka

    I’ve never gone back. Still range in meters and kilometers too 😀

  • Type-o Wffw


  • David Hutchinson

    It was a quote from A Few Good Men. Thats why it was in quotes numbnuts.

  • Mike Gillaspy

    Screw that

  • Tylor D. Hughes

    I convert mine different. It’s 15:50 where I am I knock off the 1 and subtract 2 from 5 and get 3. Or say 1900 19 – 2 = 17 (7:00)

  • Travis Hays


  • Jason Lawrence

    I’ve been using the 24 hour clock since i could tell time. Even before i joined the military. It just makes sense, the twelve hour clock does not

  • Jason Lawrence

    Nah dude but sorry. Imperial system makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Dennis Bakka


  • Aaron Hankins

    I’ve been using 24 hour clock since a bastard friend of mine screwed with me for weeks on end. I will say, it makes +/- for time zone conversions a hell of a lot easier.

  • Julia Mason

    1600, i run day and night!

  • Shakeshaft Josh

    24hr time so much easier.

  • Honza Cafourek

    I still haven’t learned the AM and PM I don’t know if 0000 is AM or PM , same applies to noon :/ 24 is the best

  • Bee Young

    That’s my watch

  • Allen Jennings

    I’ll never go back to that nasty 12hr am/pm format lol

  • Jeffrey Budzynski

    I’ve been using it since I was a kid. It does make much more sense.

  • Matthew Kerman McClellan

    I use both.

  • Rich Metzger

    A long time ago, in a cheap studio apartment far, far away, it was overcast, I was exhausted from too many sleepless nights studying in pharmacy school and washing dishes at a 24-hr restaurant. That kind of gray sky where 8pm and 8am look the same. Alarm goes off, I wake up in a panic, haul balls across campus for class, and reach the classroom building to find it locked, and turn around to see that there’s no foot traffic on campus. SHIT! Late for work!

  • Daniel Price

    I can hack you back in time.

  • Ryan Robbins

    24 hour…..even my kid and wife use it now

  • Jonathan Yurek

    Anyone I know? It is easier

  • Chris Doucette

    Mines a little more beat up though…

  • Carlos Turner

    Your kids teacher is an idiot lol

  • Thomas R. Brandt

    It confuses my pacifist friends. So I usually only use it when it is hard for the other person to hear me.

  • Eric Slafter

    Now is that add 2 or ….God I hate going from one to the other.

  • Josh Fisherman

    Zulu time is a bad idea

    • MattBowyer

      It’s fine if you live in Iceland.

  • Michael Johnston

    Looks like 3:00 PM to me. Just sayin’

  • Ryan Koelle

    I have that watch

  • Aaron Lalonde

    Haha thats a epic win for your kid. I hope the teacher gave the points back once you wrote the note

  • Al Santos


  • Ken Miller

    Been using it since I was 18. If a device can’t do the 24 hour clock then it ain’t worth having. END DST.

  • Eric Ivey

    Tammy Ashburn

  • Jason K Leck

    My G-Shock has analog, military, and world time. (AFG=Local/ Pacific=Global)

  • Ted Kempster

    As a 3rd generation Army brat, I’m a 24 hour clock evangelist!

  • Josh Rogers

    I use it, but most people I work with dont, so I end up getting confused going back and forth. Lol

  • Derek Landis

    Zulu isn’t a bad idea if you’re crossing multiple times zones and need to know certain information, I’m realizing it’s actually pretty simple once you start using it

  • Ryan Graves

    Terah Graves

  • Brian Smith

    My work goes by military time, now I can’t go back and everyone thinks I’m crazy.. Just makes so much more sense

  • Chris Fischer

    Already use 24hr clock. Agree with Aaron get rid of daylight savings.

  • Christopher Elliott

    William Porter

  • Christian Warren

    0300 and 1500 aren’t the same…C- for effort and may god have mercy on your soul.

  • Anthony Edward Stark

    Read my note again moron. Going by the picture of the clock, one could reasonably assume that the following answers could be correct.

  • Anthony Edward Stark

    I thought Operations Specialists (OS) were supposed to be smart. Go back to Dam Neck and request a refresher in the uses of military time. Stay out of CIC. You’re going to get someone killed.

  • Clinton Waldorf

    The U.S. will change soon, just like we will soon change to the metric system. Hahaha. Why would we do anything that makes sense to be on the same page as the rest of the friggen world?

  • Matthew Garrison

    24 hour

  • Ryan Knott

    No thanks

  • Lonny Weaver


  • George Cwiklinski

    best watch ever, wearing mine too

  • Larry Solinger


  • Jonathan Lovato

    I’ve had mine since 2009

  • Todd Skidmore

    Military time, work or pleasure.

  • Billy McKay

    I have been using it since 1986. It is less confusing. Even my company uses military time.

  • Jeffrey William Eames

    I’m not military n I Use it Europe n rest of the world uses it

  • David Longton

    Amazing story. Wish I was a bad ass that could survive something like that. But this is the land of the free and fuck making something standard. You don’t like something or can’t do something then don’t. I don’t want to conform to what other people. Unless I want to.

  • David Longton


  • Wingbert Chan

    In Europe and Asia it’s just called “Time”

  • Donald Nochera Degen

    Its 1402 in Virginia right now.

  • Sam Ryan

    Military for everyone. It’s just easier and makes more sense.

  • Shawn Checktrap

    I prefer neither 4PM or 16:00 because that’s when my shift starts U0001f615

  • Jason Reese

    Some people can’t add well, and so won’t understand military time

  • Charlie Gibson

    24 hour clock is real time. Fuck a 12 hour

  • Chris Whitney

    24 hr time

  • Nick Roberts

    I don’t use the metric system either U0001f602

  • James T Young

    I like military time. It might sound like an argument against it, but, in some European countries, that’s how they keep time.

  • Ryan Cates

    My watch doesn’t count that high

  • Dmitry CR Aronovich

    There is a non military time?

  • Matthew Wiseman

    No, because there are allot of folks who can’t count up to 24.

  • Rick Kinnison

    I prefer military time. We use the 24-hr time where I work as well.

  • Lary George

    I don’t use it on account of because! So there!

  • Brian McCarthy

    Kristin McCarthy

  • Nam Nguyen

    Over here (the US) hospitals and clinics typically use 24hr as well. My wife had her watch set to it for years and thought it was “cute” when I decided to set my phone to 24hr. Ha.
    Also, as someone else said, the NATO alphabet for letters is great as well.
    A guy I used to work with was on the phone giving a model number to a vendor…
    “P as in apple.”
    “G as in gebra”
    Not to make fun of people with accents (seeing as both my parents have strong ones) but it was still funny.

  • Dylan Moore

    Nope. Nor do I give a shit.

  • Kristin McCarthy


  • Jason Burnham

    This… is… America!

  • James George

    Mil time although why non-military people can’t master it still astounds me.

  • Theodore James Tolomeo

    i teach my kid to go with the flow… Not to get the answer wrong and then bs his way to credit… No class room is teaching mil time…. Pat on the back for aiding in the decline of American ed…. If the kid had the wherewithal to argue the point, ok…. But mommy/daddy bs doesn’t work in college

  • Theodore James Tolomeo

    Who the hell are you people dealing with time confusion …. Jesus

  • Ricky Guillemette

    Along with the metric system

  • Michael Harris

    Jamie 8)

  • Chairme Davis

    But it did make you cooler. It did.

  • Michael Amezquita

    24-hr all day baby!!!

  • Sean Moore

    When the entire system is based upon the width of a humans wingspan (approx 6ft, a fathom) you already screwed up.

  • Tyler Wayne Bussell

    Been using it since forever

  • Jordan Jerabek

    You look outside at 5 or 6 o’clock in the winter and it’s dark, a.m. or p.m. it doesn’t matter

  • John Kalotai

    It took a while but my household runs on a 24hr clock. My kid’s teachers got used to getting notes asking for 1330 release for a MD appointments.

  • Jon Lawrenz

    But at least if your awake.. You know when noon was

  • Patrick O’Neill

    1600 Zulu

  • Danny Moniz

    I made the switch.

  • Zachary K Stoner

    I actively stopped using the 24 hour clock after I became a civilian to celebrate my mental and physical freedom

  • Chris Thompson

    Our timestamp system at work uses it. I also use it for logging my kid out of school. Simplifies a lot of things.

  • Harley Hansen

    “It’s 1700 somewhere”. -Jimmy Buffett

  • Mike Smith

    Requirement for work.

  • Tanikara Butakiri

    I always set my watch to 24hr

  • Jonathan Miller

    24hr clock is the way to go.

  • Justin Fullen

    Still prefer to feel normal, even after 6 years in.

  • Charles N Moore Jr

    I have used 24 hour time as far back as I can remember!

  • Henry Tex Bohn

    I’ve used military time for the past 35 years. Makes life so much simpler. HOOAH

  • Charles Babcock

    Good work Iron Man. Spread knowledge and some Jericho missles if you have em.

  • Michael Anthony Barton

    Time hacked… Quantum shift inevitable.

  • Anthony Edward Stark

    All leftover Jerichos have been deployed to Baltimore.

  • Demian J. Park

    If you look at the paper, there is a semicolon. When you write time in military time, you do not put a semicolon between hours and minutes. 1500 is acceptable but 15:00 is not.

  • Anthony Edward Stark

    Congrats. Both you and my first grader don’t know what a semicolon is.

  • Blake Glazebrook

    Cassie :-p

  • Sean Creahan

    Because it’s not “military time” it’s UTC, (Coordinated Universal Time).

  • Cassie Golding

    I can do it! U0001f61d

  • Llama Boston

    I am.

  • Ryan Boston

    I am

  • Blake Thornsbrough

    Quantum leap? Just hoping the next leap is the one that takes you home?

  • Blake Thornsbrough

    Miles just sounds better than kilometers. More Merican

  • Antonio Barthélemy


  • Chad Viars

    I use it everyday. For 12 years now. So much easier.

  • Blake Thornsbrough

    The COLON was on the paper. He was just filling in the blanks on an incorrect form. It’s the paper’s fault not his.

  • Blake Thornsbrough

    Metric is dumb we can learn fractions but europe has diesel in almost everything which we need.

  • Sonny Selby

    Military time just got use to it and like it better after serving in the Marines

  • Karkyss Bradham

    Miles is a goddamn name, friend.
    Ain’t never heard of no jazz musician called ‘Kilometer’ before.

  • Jonathan James Rychart

    Agree with David. It is a cool story, but it’s not your decision what people use.

  • John Scolum


  • Dean Bengtson

    Lived by military time for the last 30 years……

  • Kevin Moreno

    Quitting time

  • Larry Taylor

    24hr clock

  • Larry Taylor

    Zulu time

  • Brett Hernandez

    Military time

  • Robert Hutchinson

    As far as tools go nothing beats a simply “1,2,3,4,5,6…” Sizing system. Our fraction Crap for sizing is just retarded

  • Michael Aguilar

    I use it. It’s less political

  • Josh Batten

    I still use the 24 hour clock.

  • Gregg Putman

    I really don’t give a shit what folks want to use. It’s what works for me

  • Rob Morrell

    I prefer 24hr, but people get confused when I use it out here in the civilian world lol

  • Tyler Brown

    It doesn’t really eliminate a lot of confusion if the people you interact with have never used it and don’t know wtf you’re talking about. When I was in the military I used it because everyone did, here I don’t because most people never have and I care more about communicating effectively than trying to sound tacticool.

  • James Arroyo

    Used to use it for work but I doubt people will convert

  • Gregory Bledsoe

    Need to tell that teacher that one’s are written like this: 1, not like this: -.

  • Gregory Bledsoe

    I use military time being prior service (Army). It definitely helps eliminate confusion when crossing multiple time zones in trucking.

  • Gannon Gold

    I always use military time it just makes sense but people are so dumb they can’t understand it at all.

  • Jeff Reisner

    Whatever you use, if you correct someone on how they use it “its 2pm””you mean 1400?” You’re a complete douchebag

    • I hate Jeff Reisner

      shut up Jeff.  telling other people how to behave makes YOU a douchebag.

    • Leksu

      I am Polish, and I’ve been using military time since i was 4 years old.
      So when someone tells me “It’s 2pm.” i will ask them if they mean 1400
      since i do not use 12-hour format. Calling someone a douchebag because
      they use a less confusing time format is ridiculous.

  • Shamsur Rahman


  • Jon Perdue


  • Phillip Oliver

    Most of Asia uses the 24hr clock. Having both lived there and been Navy for 22 of 50 years, I have no idea why more people don’t use it. So much easier and no confusion over time of day.

  • EdandSue Pendy

    Use it all the time…if your doing airport runs,like now ,you always know when its comming or going especially when its 23:50 into 00:20. Subtract 12 from the first number only or add 12 to 11pm.
    But you know that. No mater where you go there you are,its the same distance. Ok brain surgery and machining are accepted for metric.

  • Tiddys

    I don’t even say the “hundred” anymore on the time. It’s like saying “o’clock” (whatever the hell that is). Quittin time is at 17.

  • uterri1107

    I’ve been using “military time” since I was a firefighter back in the early 90s. My phone is on 24 HR time, and I find myself having to struggle to put it back in 12 HR mode for people who don’t understand. I think we should definitely go the 24 HR time route.

  • RioT

    i have a g-shock.. what are those 3 circle-shape that fill with seconds what are they do ?!

    • Sharky

      @RioT Those geegaws are just for show and take up space on the watch face. I have a G-Shock without the geegaws.

    • RioT

      @Sharky space and battery !?

    • Synmastic

      All you guys are amateurs. Try telling military time on an analog watch

  • Sharky

    We should switch to the metric system too. Seriously, even the British don’t use British measurements any more.

  • 99octane

    All my watches, clocks etc. have been set to what you call “military time” these last 30 years or so. But, as you said, this is standard in europe.
    I have an analogic 12 hours wristwatch, but I’m used to call two in the afternoon “fourteen”. I don’t need to do any “conversion”, it’s just automatic.
    Actually, working in IT, when I get on some american server with the time set in terms of am / pm I find it very annoying.
    You should also convert to mks system, as someone else stated. Seriously: the mil dot reticle becomes ridicolously easy to use if you compute distances in meters or km.

  • So as someone who has lived in several countries, this seems simple enough. Actually, I have the same concerns about the metric system. Having a universal way to tell time across the globe is important for trade, military, and emergency response. I think we need to tear the band-aid on both fronts and join the rest of the world in having simple and precise units of measurement and time keeping.

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