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Home Invasions and How to Survive

By The ITS Crew

4_1024x768_HomeinvasionAn interesting video on home invasion was brought to our attention by a reader, and we’d like to share the information, and get your comments and reactions.

The video is from Spike TV’s show Surviving Disaster, hosted by a former Navy SEAL Cade Courtley.

None of us had actually seen the show before it was suggested we check it out, but this episode fits right in what what we’ve been discussing lately.

Rather than share the pros and cons of the material being presented, we’d like you to watch it, and let us know your thoughts in our comments below. We’ll follow up to your comments and throw in our analysis.

We feel it’s better if you watch it first from an unbiased perspective, and then hear what we have to say.

Here’s the deal on the video’s availability from Spike TV:  Each full episode of this show is available for one week after its on-air premiere. Episodes are added immediately following their premiere date. After one full week of online availability each episode is taken down for one month. After the month has gone by the episode returns and is available for you to watch indefinitely.

This episode just premiered Tuesday so you have a few more days to watch it before it gets taken down for a month. Here’s the video link again.

Be sure to leave us a comment!

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  • I thought this was an entertaining show, but not very realistic. Each episode plays out like some Hollywood Navy Seals movie… Oh wait, that’s what it is. 95% of it seemed to be pure sensationalism and the remaining 5% is just enough information to know that you should do X, but not how to actually do X. I guess they are assuming viewers will go look up how to do all the stuff mentioned.

    A great example of this would be the first scenario in last nights episode where the ‘drug addict’ breaks in. Ok, it is midnight with all the lights on in the house and 8ish people having a cocktail party. Does it really seem logical that a petty thief would pick this house to break into? It’s midnight, there would have to be dozens of other houses with no lights on and no activity. I don’t care how drugged out he was. Then we have several guys barge into the kitchen where the thief is. The malnourished frightened thief picks up a kitchen knife to fight off four guys instead of turning and hauling ass out the door he came in just three feet behind him? Ok, let’s say he did have a strong ‘fight’ instead of ‘flight’ bone. The malnourished frightened thief takes a hostage. Really?!?! Aside from lacking the strength to have just grabbed one of the four he had a big kitchen knife in his hand. Would anyone stand close enough to him for him to grab them let alone plunge that knife into them? I am sorry, but even with my sidearm in hand I am standing as far away from this guy as I can. Then to wrap things up the host [email protected]#$ed tells the audience how to get out of this hold so the cops can blow him away. Those are some reallllly trigger happy LEOs that start pumping bullets into the sickly malnourished frightened thief that no longer has a hostage and is probably about to give it up and who honestly just looks like he wanted some food and a couple of bucks for his next fix.

    The second scenario just made me laugh. I especially liked the SWR .22 Warlock size suppressor on the 1911s the bad guys had that made the typical spitting sound. Cause they are really that quite on anything other than a .22 (please insert sarcastic tone here). Isn’t the host a Navy Seal? Shouldn’t he have said, “Hey, that is just asinine.” It went down hill from there. The bad guys firing off 12 Gauge shotguns, car alarms are going off in the front drive, and the neighbors on this quite suburban street never notice and call the cops?!?! Yeahhhhhhh, ok sure.

    Sadly, the show could have potentially been good, but it is just sensationalism and just enough info to get someone into real trouble. The odd thing is the shows started off more reasonable, but have quickly progressed to crap. I will keep watching it, but only for a laugh.

  • fastmover

    Entertainment only.


    “Find something short and solid to arm yourself with.”

    My Sig is pretty short since it’s not the full size model, and since it’s not polymer it’s pretty solid, so check and check.

    Some to think of it, my SBR AR-15 would qualify also.

  • Ed

    Puh-Leeze! If, God forbid, my house is ever breached it is done by someone who follows a “Hollywood” video training program such as this. Too many errors to take this seriously.

    On another note, there are several good research pieces regarding making a home a hard target to discourage being picked in the victim selection process. Kelly McCann’s stuff comes to mind.

    Stay real, stay safe!

  • Blake Mims

    LMAO watch out for crossfire when setting up your ambush! Don’t want to spray your own guy in the face when he comes charging the enemy from behind! (I mean, come on, I learned that from Ronin…) Seriously though, they should have probably put in a triangle choke instead of the rear naked for they were confronting the first guy with a gun. If one of you is grabbing the gun, pushing it up and away, then the guy’s going try to bring it back down, by pulling his arms in, swinging elbows, and then back peddlingto as a last resort, something like that. He’ll also probably put his back against the wall, like anybody with an ounce of sense would. Now you can’t get behind him for the rear naked. Meanwhile, hopefully the barrel is still pointed away from yall. Which means his arms are up away from his body, perfect for slipping one of your arms under. Or, hell, just break his damn neck and be done with him…

  • Zac

    Where is the follow up for this?

  • Austin Kopp

    holy crap. this guy is a bit stupid. does a sig count as a short weapon? but, if youre being followed by a dirtbag with a gun, RUN INTO A CROWD OF PEOPLE AND TELL THEM YOU’RE BEING FOLLOWED BY A DIRTBAG WITH A GUN!!!!

  • nate

    I just saw this guy on a military channel program, it was called Operation Anaconda: The battle for robert’s ridge, he was a ranger squad leader, it makes me question his legitimacy as a navy seal

  • Ted

    So we don’t get to read what you thought about this movie because…it was so ridiculously unrealistic?

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