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Take OnPoint Tactical’s Urban E&E Live Online

By The ITS Crew

If you’ve read our review of OnPoint Tactical’s Urban Escape & Evasion Class and wanted to attend, now is your chance.

OnPoint Tactical has teamed up with The Survival Training Center to offer a live, streaming presentation of the next Urban E&E class in Los Angeles, CA February 25th – 27th 2010.

While we truly believe there’s much that will get lost in translation from the live course, it’s a great way to get the overall concepts and save money, time and the hassle of airports.

The online course will enable you to “raise your virtual hand” and ask the instructor questions “real time.”

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn:

  • Stress inoculation (how to lower your stress)
  • Urban Survival Gear
  • Urban Caching
  • Urban Movement
  • Escape from Illegal Custody (escape handcuffs, other restraints)
  • Social Engineering
  • Disguises
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Lock Picking (doors, padlocks, etc)
  • Automotive Picking/Starting
  • Defeating Security

The normal OnPoint Tactical Urban E&E Class now runs $800 plus lodging, airfare and meals. This new online offering costs just $350 and you get $150 in free gear, which includes  Lockpicks,  Handcuffs,  Car Picks,  Training Locks and more.

Those interested in signing up can register directly on The Survival Training Center registration page.

The Survival Training Center hopes to build upon the success of this introductory offering from OnPoint, by eventually offering their complete course catalog online.

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  • Phantom

    read the details… it sounds like a great way to participate. The tech aspects will help to overcome the distance effect. I look forward to hearing some feedback on how it goes (and hoping that they work the bugs out before I try it out)

  • chris

    Sounds like this could be a viable alternative. You guys going to be doing a review of the online class, too?

  • Gray Ghost

    They sent me an email about this. Looks pretty interesting, but I am going to wait and take the live class that hits Dallas next time around.

  • unixsavant

    How’d it go? I’d really like to see some positive comments. Hopefully they’ll schedule this again, or make the whole thing available on DVD so it can be watched at a convenient time for the student.

  • David Kauzlaric

    I signed up for the April 1-3 online class. Will let everyone know how it goes. I figure, it’s really only $200 after I get the free goodies.

    Will post an AAR in the forums after.

  • Daryl

    Good recommendation on the U-E&E course. We attended the Dallas offering and were pleasently suprised. Thanks. PS- We didn’t get caught either.

    • Daryl,

      I did the Dallas class as well. Good on you for not getting caught, I shaved my beard to allude the “authorities” which seemed to give me an edge up. Made me look like I was in high school though LOL

      ~ Bryan


    Do you still have the online course? How can I register for it?

    Thank you

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