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Keep Your Neighbors Guessing with the LWRCI Ultimate Discreet Rifle Case by Blue Force Gear

By The ITS Crew

We wanted to bring your attention to a discreet product you may have not seen before.

LWRC International, who produces some of the finest piston guns around, has teamed up with Blue Force Gear to bring you an awesome guitar-shaped weapon case called the Ultimate Discreet Rifle Case. While we’ve seen this case previously, Matt P. tipped us off to a recent AAC Blog article with some great photos showing that a 16″ Carbine with AAC’s 8.625″ SPR/M4 suppressor fits perfectly in the case.

This is a fantastic way to transport your weapon to and from the range, while keeping your nosy neighbors assuming you’re loading up for your next gig.


The Ultimate Discreet Rifle Case features two velcro backed straps on a full-length segmented molle strap to secure your weapon in infinite mounting possibilities and an external pouch for magazines, ammunition or optics.

Each case also features an LWRCI logo guitar, two carry handles and a shoulder strap. The case measures 38″ in overall length and is available in black and tan for $149.99 from

All photos copyright Advanced Armament Corp.

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  • Daniel Garcia

    Yes, now you too can be “El Mariachi” just like Antonio Banderas, for only $149.99! But wait, there’s more!…

  • Christian Nadeau

    Looks like at least some people want to bring back the “violin case” style of the old mafia days. I wonder if there are any plans for a cello case like in James Bond’s “The Living Daylights”

    • Toby Knight-Meigs


      Here’s exactly what you are talking about:

  • Jeff

    Can I get one in MultiCam

  • Justin

    There is a company / product called Sneaky Bag that does this as well, although the bag looks more like a regular backpack/over the shoulder bag.
    I would want to avoid the awkward guitar conversation this may spark!

  • Not to take away from this at all, I went a similar but different route.
    I went to play it again sports and got a soft/baseball gear bag that was beat up and sun bleached. Full size HBar with collapsible stock will almost fit zipped up. I break it into upper/lower and have tons of room for mags and ammo.
    Advantage is who wants to steal an old bag of baseball gear.

  • Code24

    Damn it. I _just_ picked up a Pelican 1700 case, and ran around all over hell and creation finding Fender stickers, as well as stickers with John Lennon quotes, and other music stickers, for this same purpose.

  • bob

    You can buy a guitar gig case for allot less. I use one for my AR and it works great. Mine also has a big pouch on the front were i store ammo and mags.

  • Needs a velcro opening so you can put down some M4 tunes without opening the bag.

  • Code24

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t using an _actual_ musical instrument case to transport guns illegal in some states? That’s the whole reason I went to great lengths to make a _gun_case_ look like a musical instrument case. I seriously see getting hassled by the police if you are carrying around an AR in an actual gig bag.

  • Ronny Coderre

    Up here not leagal!
    Police get very nervous,when you do that.

    • bob

      Point me to that law. I would love to see the penal code that says that.
      Even in California it is legal to use any case to carry a rifle.

  • bob

    It is legal to use a gig bag or any other bag to carry a rifle. You can not make a case that holds a rife or handgun that you can fire from.
    So you can not put your gun in a case with a button, that you press and the gun fires from within the case.
    I have had may cops, local, state and federal, see my gig bag, none of them told me it was illegal.
    If it is illegal, point me to the law.

  • bob

    btw- I looked for a good gig bag to carry two rifles, well they cost 300 bucks!
    So at 150 this is not a bad deal.

  • Tom I

    I don’t go to and from work in uniform. I’ve carried my patrol rifles in gig bags for years. You don’t need to go out and buy some purpose built thing that costs way too much money. Those dollars are better spent on ammo and more guns.

  • chuckwagon524

    Depending where you live, in Michigan the law says a firearm must be transported unloaded and in a closed case. I believe the ammunition must stored separately. It never describes the type of case that can be used. The firearm must be in the trunk or inaccessible to the occupants of the vehicle. CPL holders are exempt from this with their pistols.

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