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XS Sight Systems Big Dot 24/7 Installation

By Bryan Black

XS Sights have long been touted as the best aftermarket sights for fast sight acquisition in any lighting conditions.

Admittedly, I’ve never tried them out until Justin from XS Sight Systems got us out a set to demo after our RSKTKR class last month.

Around the same time, I also got to tag along with Doc, Andrea and Casey (of RSKTKR)  for an exclusive tour of XS Sight Systems and see how they manufacture their products. With XS being so close to me in Fort Worth, it’s a shame I hadn’t gotten out there sooner.

Today, I’ll be going through the installation of the sights on my Sig Sauer P226 with a video,  and will continue to provide feedback on how they perform.

I have some things to clarify with Justin about all the amazing procedures that go into manufacturing XS Sights, but as soon as I do, expect a full write up from my tour there as well. I took lots of pictures!


Here’s the video of the installation:

How many of you guys use XS Sights, and how have they performed for you?

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  • Yeah, I’ve heard decent things about them as well but I didn’t see an option for my Smith & Wesson M&P9 on their site. I also heard (but haven’t looked into it) that it is near impossible to change your own sights on the M&P unless you really know what you are doing with specific equipment. Awesome post though, I’m glad to get an opinion from a trusted source.

    • http://www.xssights.com/store/swmp.html

      There are the sights for the M&P. There are no special tools required to change the sights on one, I do it with a hammer and punch.

      The thing you have to watch out for on the M&P is that like on S&W’s other autoloaders, the rear sight holds in part of the firing pin safety. It is a little plate and spring, that if you are not paying attention is under just enough pressure to launch itself into orbit never to be heard from again.

    • Thanks for commenting Justin! How’s that for customer service Mike? LOL.

    • Haha, launch it into orbit! Thanks so much Justin for the info! If these sights are even half as good as I hear from people I’m sure I’ll be impressed.

      I thought that there was a specific set of tools but I’m glad to hear it’s pretty basic.

    • A lot of people think you have to have what is commonly referred to as a “sight pusher” or “sight installation tool” to install sights. This is great for the companies that make them because at $50 plus bucks for each model (that are usually specific to a type of firearm) they can make some good money.

      Unless machining is required though, 99% of the guns out there can be done in the same manner that Bryan in using in the video above.

  • Mike,

    They’ve just released the M&P for this year, check it out here http://www.xssights.com/store/swmp.html I can’t imagine them being much harder than the Sig. They have some good installation videos on their site you can look at too.

    ~ Bryan

  • Brockb

    I’ve had Big Dots on my Glock for about a year now and think they are top notch for combat sights, a LOT quicker to get on target, especially on the move.

  • nwhobbies

    I use them on a Glock 19, 23 and 36.

    Love them!

    Thanks, Dave!!!

    • gunsmith44

      how did you get them on the glock 36
      i have herd that there is some modfication that has to be made for the front sight to fit?

  • Tony

    I have a set of Big Dot 24/7 sights on a 1911. Unfortunately I must say I’ve never really felt comfortable with them. First, with all my other firearms having the traditional post-and-notch sights, I keep trying to push that dot further down than it belongs, resulting in low hits. A training issue, perhaps, but going back and forth between the two types of sights is really not working out for me – and swapping Big Dots to all my guns is not really practical. Especially considering the second issue I have with them.

    My second gripe is that for me, shooting accurately is rather difficult. I’m really big on accuracy, “anywhere on the target” is NOT even close to acceptable performance for me! Yes, I know how it is supposed to be done in theory. I’ve seen the YouTube videos of hitting pepper poppers at 100 yards and beyond too, but damned if I can repeat that feat.

    Right now my favorite pistol sights are modified Trijicons. The front sight has a green tritium dot and the rear orange – the contrast really helps pull my eye into focusing on that front sight at low to moderate light. For brighter operating conditions, I have painted the rest of the rear facing portion of the sight bright red – excluding of course the tritium dot, but also the white ring around it. The end result is a gun sight that is quick to acquire and yet still provides the capability of taking more technically challenging shots, in almost any lightning conditions.

    Seems like there is a reason handgun sights are mostly post-and-notch, after all. 🙂 (Now, why they all come black-on-black from the factory, that I could never understand…) That said, I hope you guys with Big Dots good luck – from what I’ve heard, if they work out for you then they really are great sights!


    Though I agree that the sight tool is unneeded, the Sig Sight tool does make life much easier when it comes to removing the factory sights, the constant turn pressure is so much easier then using a punch IMO. But it’s not worth the $80 unless you work on a lot of Sigs.

    That being said I’ve been shooting XS Sights full time since the election. IMO it’s a completely different way of aiming, and takes time for a user to adapt to the sights. It took me almost a year of shooting to get back to the accuracy level that I had with notch and post sights. But at the same time my speed increased.

    There are limitations with the sight. Based on my shooting the sight takes advantage to your natural point of aim, so when you start shooting in ways where you long longer have that NPA, like during one handed shooting, you lose speed or accuracy (you pick). Also it’s not made for shooting little tiny groups, it’s accurate, but it’s not, every shot in the same hole accurate.

    Anyways that is my take, I like them, but I realize the limitations, and live with them since I feel it’s the best sights for concealed carry. And the use decides the gear.

  • Looks like my sig is going to get an upgrade.

    Great video!

  • I’ve had the XS Big Dot on my Glock 19 for about 3 months. I can acquire a sight picture noticeably quicker than with any Notch/Post sights I’ve tried, but it takes more effort and time to make precise repeat shots.

    What I dislike about them is that I can’t adjust the rear one or take it off because of the tiny screws and the so-called “permanent” adhesive they supply. Maybe I need to heat it more than I did… I’ll get around to calling XS tech support at some point.

  • I put mine on my Springfield XD40, and have been very pleased. I am extremely near-sighted, and the eponymous Big Dot is large and bright enough for my myopic eyes to find easily. It’s hard to focus on the front sight if it’s too small and dark to see!

  • acerkic

    Awesome video, any idea how hard would it be to do this on a springfield xd 45

  • The hardest part on XD’s is getting the factory sights off. Other than that the installation is the same as on the Sig because they use the exact same set of sights.

  • Mike

    I’ve installed XS big dot sights on all of my handguns. Now that I’ve been using them for a couple years there’s no going back to anything else. They are low profile enough not to be annoying in a concealed carry rig yet the front sight is stout enough to catch a boot stomp to rack the slide in an emergency. Any handgun I buy gets them installed before I even take it to the range.

  • Benjamin Fasseel

    Nice video I have been looking for some good sights for my sig 226 I will have to check these out

  • Awesome! Now go shoot them Brian and let us know what you think.
    As to their Accuracy the hardest thing is learning to “Cover” your POI. We are trained to lollypop on most sight systems so this is a habit ingrained in most of us for most of our shooting careers. Here’s the Rub, “Do you point directly at something (Index finger) or do you point directly below it?
    Our instinct with a finger is to point where we see, yet with a weapon we train to point directly below it. Well with Big Dots you point it normally, meaning to cover what you want to be the POI, and squeeze.

  • Alex

    I have them on my Glock and my brother has them on his two Glocks. I have shot about 5k rounds with them on including Tactical Response Fighting and Advanced Fighting Pistol(4 days 2k rounds).

    I find them to be the best combat sights on the market today. I have used traditional notch and post sights in both standard and after market night sight versions in combat and the XS is superior, while I have not actually used XS in combat only realistic, demanding training.

    For customer service, XS cannot be beat. While installing the rear sight on my brothers G26 it became stuck due to the very tight tolerances. We called XS and a staff member gave tips to get it installed properly. After the installation was complete we noticed that due to our rough attempt to install the near the tritium vial had broken. A call was placed to XS, the next day we shipped the entire slide to XS where they removed the old rear and installed a new one free of charge.

    • Awesome to hear Alex! After getting a tour there not too long ago I can speak very highly of their customer service and willingness to help.

      ~ Bryan

  • Ricardo

    I want to make sure this babies fit my SIG PRO 2022 9mil. before I buy them. Can you tell me if they do? Nice vid. Thank you.

  • Oran

    I have been bouncing between these and a set of Truglo TFO sights for my Glock 30SF. I haven’t had the chance to shoot them, but hope they will stand up to what I have read. Bryan or Justin have how did you like them after putting a few rounds down range. I know the common issues are the inability or more work when “key-holing” shots, and adjusting to a different sight platform. But, for those not requiring that precision how was your target acquisition and sight picture. Front sight post firing…? Thanks for all the great work, and info guys. Stay safe and keep your powder dry!!

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