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Cut Your Way Out in An Emergency Situation

By The ITS Crew

Benchmade Rescue Hook 01Today we’ll share our thoughts on hook knives with a review on the Benchmade Rescue Hook Model 7.

We consider a hook knife to be an invaluable piece of equipment in almost any situation.

The purpose of a rescue-hook type tool is to not only enable you to provide assistance in a rescue, but to also aid in self-rescue.

There are a myriad of different applications for a hook knife, which we’ll outline below, but primarily a hook knife provides a safe way to cut danger out.


Benchmade Rescue Hook 10The Benchmade Rescue Hook Model 7 is made from 440C Stainless Steel with a black oxide coating.

It features a rubberized coating on the handle, spine gripping threads, finger hole and an integrated cutting-edge guard.

The Model 7 weighs 1.6 oz. and measures 4.5″ tall by about 2″ at it’s widest point of the grip with a 0.5″ blade.

An optional MOLLE Compatible soft sheath measures 5″ tall x 2″ wide and attaches with a single MALICE Clip.

The sheath is available in Black, Olive and Coyote. It also has a nice bottom elastic-retention band which further secures the Rescue Hook in the sheath.

The Model 7 is made in the USA and has an NSN number, which stands for National Stock Number. It basically means that it’s a standard item available for military purchase, but is also available commercially.


Benchmade Rescue Hook 03Benchmade also offers three other versions of the Rescue Hook. The Model 5, which is essentially a shorter version of the model 7.

The model 8, which is much longer than the model 7 and the Houdini Pro, a pocket-knife like tool which features a folding hook, LED flashlight and spring-loaded glass breaker.

The Model 7 is the only hook available with rubberized coating, which we feel helps trememdously when wearing gloves or working around water. It’s also the perfect size for carrying attached to your gear or on a belt.


  • General Troop/Safety

Individual troops can use it as a strap cutter to help egress from vehicles after roll-overs, IED’s, etc. It can also be used to cut seat belts, uniforms and any other gear that gets hook up inside a vehicle. Also useful for cargo webbing, shrink wrap, cardboard boxes, etc.

  • Medical

Used to remove clothing, boots and gear from wounded soldiers for initial evaluation and immediate treatment of injuries. Also ideal for cutting bandaging, medical tubing, casts, etc. We recommend when cutting pants to start at the cuffs and cut up rather than trying to cut down from a pocket.

  • Airborne

Use it as a cut-away tool during parachute malfunctions or during a line-over situation during a jump. You certainly don’t want to pull out your knife and start cutting your way out of a malfunctioning chute, because chances are that you’re going to cut yourself in the process.

  • Military/Police

Use on detainees to remove flexi-cuffs to provide a safe alternative to using a fixed blade or folding knife, which could cut the detainee or be taken and used as a weapon against the officer/MP.

Here’s a YouTube video we made showing the Rescue Hook Model 7 in action:

Benchmade also offers a lifetime warranty and LifeSharp service on every edged weapon or tool they sell, which we’ve personally used.

All you have to pay is $5 to cover the handling and return shipping and you’ll get a nice factory-sharp knife sent back to you.

What other applications for the Rescue Hook can you think of?

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