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Level Up: Featuring Sensei James Williams

By The ITS Crew

Here on ITS, we’ve always approached the subject of Every Day Carry gear as a system of levels. Each level of the gear you carry can support you in getting to the next. As you move up the levels, more equipment is added, making you better prepared for whatever may come. While not everyone uses this approach to carry, we wanted to reach out to industry professionals to see what their system was.

Today, our series continues as we take a look at the gear Sensei James Williams relies on. We first wanted to know what items he’d always have on him no matter what the circumstances. Next, the gear he’d like to have on him, but didn’t consider essential. Finally, what he’d take if he wasn’t constrained by space or other factors.

James Williams has been studying martial arts since 1960 and teaching since 1975. He’s trained, competed in and taught a number of different martial disciplines: Japanese, Okinawan, Chinese, Filippino, as well as the western traditions of wrestling, boxing and kickboxing.  He is also certified as an instructor of Systema, an Ancient Russian Martial Art, under Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev. For more information on James and the training he offers, visit System of Strategy.

Always, No Matter What

Gear James has on him no matter the circumstances.

Could Live Without It

Gear James would like to have, but doesn’t consider essential.

If Space/Opportunity Allows

Gear James would take if he wasn’t constrained by space or other factors.

We’d like to thank Sensei James Williams for giving us a look into what he carries. If you’ve got questions regarding his gear, leave them in the comments below. This is an ongoing series here on ITS and we already have more industry professionals that we’ll be featuring soon!

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  • Chris Brooks

    Surely he doesn’t mean he would carry *all* that. But A trauma kit, extra flashlight, emergency blanket, etc in small back pack would be a good thing to have at hand.

  • Sam Rivera

    what kind of hawk is that

  • Jason

    I need to grow a third shoulder for all that shit! Fight of a bobcat, cougar, or gang of thugs with 5 flashlights? I’ll keep my Kimber 1911 and a nice jacket. Even when the “News” swear apocalyptic scenarios for Harvey it was a light drizzle here. I have survived several eyes of hurricanes with a little food and clothes on my back. Even lost everything I owned once. Still nothing will change. To each his own! I’d pair that shit down by at least the third backpack if you wanted to go all Arnold Schwartz military commando on some .000001% chance of something.

  • strych9

    So is line 3 in his car?

    Generally I look at this in lines as well.
    1) What’s on me at all times.
    2) What I can reasonably carry in my backpack.
    3) What’s in the vehicle.
    4) What’s rapidly available in my home.
    5) What’s not-so-rapidly available in my home (stuff that’s not organized to be used immediately).

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