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How Do You Say Thank You on Veteran’s Day?

By The ITS Crew

Each year on Veteran’s Day, we’ve been putting our list up on five simple ways you can thank a Veteran.  This year, we’d like to hear from you.

A veteran is someone who at one point in their life, wrote a blank check payable to the United States of America for an amount up to and including their life. Regardless of personal political views, that is an honor and there are too many people in this country who no longer remember that fact.

There are many Veterans on the ground right now that have deployed in support of Hurricane Sandy with Team Rubicon. Please keep them in your thoughts today, along with all those that deserve your recognition. Don’t forget who’s on watch for America on a daily basis and those that have served.

How are you saying thank you today? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

From each and every one of us here at ITS Tactical, thank you for your service…

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  • John S. CPO USN (ret)

    You do not become the person you are because you put on a military uniform.
    You put on a military uniform because of the person you are. Thank you to my comrades in arms.

  • Doc Rader

    Thanks to all that support and defend our Constitution on a daily basis, and have done so in the past. Omnes dedit quosdam, quidam dedit omnibus.

  • kenny

    Once again Veteran’s Day and all the other Holidays are upon us fast. To let know where I stand…EVERYDAY is Veteran’s Day to me. Whether or not you agree or what your views are, these Men and Women took an oath! Just bare in mind how great we have it and try not to take for granted the gifts we have here with Friends and Family. To all those who have served in the past and to all those out there, abroad doing the deed or out training and defending our home soil, who aren’t here at home…Alot of us here know what you’re going through, we love honor and cherish you. Thank You for keeping us safe, when others cannot or will not! Come home soon, come home safe.

  • The Morgan Hill Homesteading Project

    I talked a a women who did food service in the Army for about an hour. I could have gotten home sooner, but that conversation was more important to me.

  • Thank you to all of our veterans who paved the way for all of us today! Show your respect to veterans every day!! and today more than ever stop at the veterans table outsid of wallmart or stop n shop or wherever and talk to them. You just may learn something!! And a special thanks to all of you who do support our troops. We go out and do what we are ordered to no questions asked so the rights of those back home can stay intact. We are the greatest Nation and guess what..Veterans made that happen!! For we live our lives the way we do today because of the wars they fought. Happy Veterans Day!! WE ALL OWE YOU OUR LIVES!!

  • Andrew Varley

    Yesterday, in my small town in northern England, hundreds of people turned out for the Remembrance Sunday parade.

    I was proud to be there with my Scout Group (I’m a leader) and the young people of Barnsley did the memory of our fallen troops proud. We marched with Army, Navy, and Royal Air Force Cadets.

    As always it brought a tear to my eye, and I was proud to wear my poppy and support those who have served, and are currently serving around the world.


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