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ITS Sticker Sheets, Sons of Liberty Morale Patches and Red Blooded Field Notes in Stock!

By The ITS Crew

We’ve got a few new items launching today to the ITS Store and we’re very excited about all of them. First up are our Sons of Liberty PVC Morale Patches.

Sons of Liberty Morale Patch 01

The Sons of Liberty were influential in orchestrating effective resistance movements against British rule in colonial America on the eve of the Revolution, primarily against what they perceived as unfair taxation and financial limitations imposed upon them. The Sons of Liberty effectively undermined British rule, paving the way to America’s independence.

In 1767 the Sons of Liberty adopted a flag that has often been referred to as the rebellious stripes flag, which features nine vertical stripes (five red and four white.) These nine stripes have been said to represent the Loyal Nine, a clandestine political group that inflamed public opinion of British law and predated the Sons of Liberty. A seminal act and lasting legacy of the Sons of Liberty to the history of the American Revolution, was the December 16, 1773 orchestrating of the Boston Tea Party.

Pick up your ITS Sons of Liberty Flag PVC Morale Patch here today!

ITS Sticker Sheet

While looking for a way to produce some of our awesome morale patch designs as stickers, we settled on a sticker sheet as the best way to give you stickers of many of our most popular designs.

Sticker Sheets 02

Each 8″ x 10″ sticker sheet features 10 individual removable stickers that are die cut from the overall sheet. These  high-quality vinyl stickers are silkscreened and feature a UV coating that will outlast all those other cheapo stickers!

Sticker Sheets 01

Grab an ITS Tactical Sticker Sheet here today!

Red Blooded ITS Embossed Field Notes

From the same great company as our original  ITS Stamped Field Notes Memo Books, we bring you the special limited-edition Red Blooded Field Notes!

Field Notes Blood Red 01

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this set of three 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ memo books each have an ITS embossed logo shield on the electric red cover stock and 48-pages of graph paper worth filling up with good information.

We’ve also included an ITS golf pencil with each three-pack so you’ll always have something to jot your notes down with.

Pick up your Red Blooded 3-Pack of ITS Embossed Field Notes here today!

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