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Limited ITS Life Member Enrollment for Qualified Members Opens Today

By The ITS Crew

ITS Life Membership

We’ve temporarily re-opened our Life Membership today, but we’d like to make you aware to some changes to our program. The Life Membership was previously available to all Plank Owners and Crew Leaders as a limited open-enrollment. We’ve been brainstorming ways to help keep the Life Membership as exclusive as possible and have decided that attendance of an ITS Muster event will now be a requirement for Life Membership.

Starting today and for a limited time, all Plank Owners and Crew Leaders that have attended a previous Muster are eligible to sign up for Life Membership. We felt it was important to inform you of this change publicly, so those of you that wish to take the next step in membership and support of ITS have a heads up on what is being asked of you.

Signing up for a Life Membership is not something we want you to take lightly, as this membership level is a big investment for both of us. Before you sign up, we want you to spend time with us in person. Through being together for a week of camaraderie, camping and instructional classes, we’re really able to get to know you and show you what the ITS Crew is all about.

If you’re an active Plank Owner or Crew Leader and you’ve attended either the first or second Muster, click here for more information (You must be signed in as a Crew Leader or Plank Owner to view this link) on upgrading to the Life Membership level.

What is the Muster?

The ITS Muster is an annual event that enables us to interact hands-on with our community and bring valuable skill-set applications to likeminded individuals. This event is open to everyone of all abilities and those attending will be pushed both mentally and physically through the activities planned. Muster 3 has yet to be announced, but it’s worth noting that members and email newsletter subscribers will most likely see registration go live first.

ITS Life Membership

Life Member Benefits

  • No Renewal Fees. Ever. Period.ITS Life Member Shirt
  • 20% off all orders in the ITS Tactical Store
  • 25% off all future ITS Events
  • ITS Tactical Life Membership Card (serialized card with your name and the date you originally joined as a Plank Owner or Crew Leader!)
  • The ITS Life Member Patch Collection
    • Black and Gold ITS Logo Patch
    • Black and Gold Matching Plank Owner or Crew Leader Rocker (depending on membership level)
    • Black and Gold Matching Life Member Rocker
    • Gold Chevron for Every Year of Membership (we send a new Chevron at the end of each year)
  • ITS 2013 Life Member T-Shirt (shown on the right)
  • Pre-Purchase Ability on all New Items added to the ITS Tactical Store (Never miss your chance to get a newly released item with our exclusive Life Member updates sent in advance of public notification of new products)
  • Preferential Order Processing (Your orders get filled first)
  • Access to Life Member Section in the ITS Forums and the Life Member Facebook Group
  • Use of the ITS Branding Iron anytime you’re in Arlington! (Our HQ is by appointment only, so please keep that in mind)
  • You’ll be grandfathered in to any other benefits we come up with in the future!
  • Plus all the great member benefits you’re already receiving!

ITS Life Member

You don’t want to wait too long though, you only have until December 31, 2013 to secure your registration and your unique Life Membership number is based on a first come, first served basis!

Thank you to everyone for all the support we receive on a daily basis, we wouldn’t be here today without it!  There’s a lot to look forward to in 2014 and we can’t wait to share it with you!

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At ITS, our goal is to provide different methods, ideas and knowledge that could one day save your life. If you’re interested in supporting our mission and joining our growing community of supporters, click below to learn more.


  • AllDayRuckoff

    ITStactical love how the new shirt turned out! Any hints on when we’ll be able to order those? 😉

    • @AllDayRuckoff We haven’t officially announced it yet (that’s coming today) but these new shirts will be available for existing Life Members too. Also, we just got in the Life Member patches that we held the poll for to create. They turned out awesome!

  • jameseilers

    ITStactical I knew I should have become a plank owner when I had the chance a few years back…

    • @jameseilers Your continued support means a lot James, even if you’re not a Plank Owner. I know you’ve been with us since the beginning and I’ll never forget that, brother.

  • aviationgearhead

    Is there a way for Crew Leaders to get chevrons?

    • aviationgearhead Unfortunately not until you’re a Life Member, but the good news is that it’s retroactive when you become a Life Member. This means that when you first sign up to become a Life Member, we’ll give you a chevron for every year you’ve been a Crew Leader (or Plank Owner.)

  • Halligan Hooligan

    That sucks.  Just seems a little too much ref. having to attend a muster.

    • Halligan Hooligan I understand your frustration and know it’s not an ideal situation for everyone, but we want to make sure you know the ITS Crew on a more personal level and you can see first hand what kind of community you’re supporting as a Life Member.

  • Davis

    Totally bummed out, but I respect ITS for holding a high standard.

    • @Davis Thanks brother, that means a lot.

    • Davis

      bryanpblack Bryan, thank you for the personal reply, I’m going to do everything in my power to be able to get the time off for the 2014 Muster and then of course hopefully be able to solidify a Life Time membership next year as well.

  • mangost

    I now wish I had attended the last muster even more, but I agree that setting the standard high is important.

    • mangost Thanks for your understanding and I hope to meet you in person at a future Muster!


    I hope to make it to a muster one of these times and meet up with with you guys…until then we’ll catch ya here on occasion.

  • ucfsae81

    I became a crew member last year in an attempt to make it as a life member for the next go around.  But now I have an excuse to give the wife for the next muster.

  • SevenAngelz

    That sucks I missed the last Life Membership & being overseas rules out a chance to attend a Muster 🙁

  • redraven88

    Hey smooth, I’m not sure why you decided to grace the ITS website with your words of wisdom but I’d be happy to answer the question about how “original” life members feel about this new enrollment…
    Um, fine.
    No complaints here. Becoming a life member has done more for me than I realized. I’ve put my money where my mouth is and support a really awesome community of people. I live pretty far from musters usually and work for slave drivers that hate giving time off so I haven’t made the roll call YET. Hope to fix that soon though!
    The negative smell surrounding your post must mean you are probably not a life member and can’t possibly understand what it means to commit to something greater than yourself but if that isn’t the case then you must be just butt-hurt. Hope you get a good cry over this whole thing and feel better. Then when you put your big girl panties on, sign up for a life membership! There are no restrictions for whiny-ass pillow biters but it IS kind of an unspoken thing. Just a heads up. By the way, LOVE your holiday spirit SmoothOperator! Hugs and kisses!

    • redraven88 Sorry Dan, he’s done here. I had no issues with his last comment that you answered, but the one he left after that was ridiculous.

  • aviationgearhead

    Maybe one day we can do regional musters in order to help some that can’t afford to travel there. Does that sound like a possibility?

    • aviationgearhead Taking the Muster on the road is entirely possible. Thanks!

  • PaulTonyKilby

    Yeh problem is one child in college another in high school and between being active in my gun club and doing at least one weekend training class held by David Spaulding and me and my son being active in scouts it is almost impossible to attend a ITS Muster. Guess Spaulding classes are the closest I will come to a Muster….maybe I will place that on my bucket list.

    Keep up the great work ITS!

  • Blackbeard11

    I’m new to all of this and just became a Crew Member. My next goal is to become a Crew Leader. You guys provide great information and product!! My buddy Gary turned me on to you guys and I’m glad I took his advice. Is there anyway to progress to any level past Crew Leader? And when will there be another enrollment for Life Member.
    Keep up the great work guys!!!

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