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Sneak Peek of the Inaugural Muster

By The ITS Crew

We’ve kept you up to date on the Muster last week via Facebook and Twitter, but we wanted to post a few awesome photos here on the site while we continue to sort through the hundreds we took.

If this is the first you’ve heard of our Inaugural Muster and Skill-Set Development Excursion, it was a way for us to interact with you all, our community, and get hands-on training in the skill-sets we continue to advocate here.

Enjoy this preview and stay tuned for more information and photos from the Muster!

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  • mseanmc

    If you are looking at the pictures posted above and think, “Man, that looks pretty cool. I should have gone.”, you are right. As a participant in the event, I can tell you it was an awesome weekend. Between the training, the camaraderie and the execution of Bryan and team to pull it off seamlessly, you’d be a fool not to jump at attending the event next year.

  • Kenny

    It looks like a good time was had by all. If we weren’t in the process of buying a house, I definitely would have been there. I’ll be there next year though.

  • Jeff Arms

    I agree really cool. I want to know whose FJ that is? What kind of lift, how high, tires, and what kind of rack is that? I love it. I have a jeep wrangler and am thinking about changing to a FJ because of to many injuries in the military, fed law enforcement, etc and am extremely uncomfortable in the jeep ride. I think the seating is better on a FJ. That is a NICE one. Thanks, Jeff

    • Nick

      I agree 100%, that FJ is beautiful! They should do a write up on it!

  • John B.

    Guys as always, best info on the net. Sorry I missed this muster, sans the locks and ropes it’s very similar to the Winter Survival weekend that Pegasus Flight Crew (medevac) does here in Virginia
    every year (although their focus is getting found!) Hope to join you next year!

  • Bpcargodog

    Hated to miss the muster. Definitely going net year. Haley Strategic Adaptive carbine 1&2 got the priority this year.


      I know the feeling. Just signed up for Chris Costa Carbine Employment 01.


    I am so jealous. I will be going in 2013! Maybe I can persuade my brother into going to 😉

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