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Preparing for the Inaugural ITS Tactical Muster

By The ITS Crew

If you’re new to the site, you may not have heard about the ITS Tactical Muster. It’s a multi-day skill-set building excursion that focuses on many of the topics we advocate on this site. The benefit here is that we break free from the digital world for a bit and really get our hands dirty.

The ITS Crew has been working tirelessly behind the scenes and spent months planning in order to deliver the best experience possible. Expect to be stretched both mentally and physically with the activities we have set up.

The date for the Muster is just around the corner and if you’re lucky enough to be attending this action packed workshop of team building and skill development, you’re probably almost ready. But there are still some more things you can do in the mean time to make sure you’re prepared for when you arrive.

Here are just some of the articles we’ve run in the past that you may want to revisit. Read them, practice them and learn them. Remember that ITS Tactical and the web in general, is full of resources, so dig deep and keep learning!

Lock Picking

Knot Tying

Rappelling and Climbing

Survival, Fire Starting & Shelter Building

Camp Gadgets & Stoves

Photo Credit: Brian Green



Land Navigation

Brush up on these skills and you’ll be ahead of the game. Remember, it pays to be a winner! See you soon.

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  • J.chappa

    Really interested in attending this guys. How many seats are left? Thanks

    • Very few. Be sure to contact us before sending payment if you’re wanting to attend, so that we know to be looking for your payment. Thanks!

  • Mike Russo

    I am really glad you put this together. It’s way too easy to get side tracked on my own. I spent half the evening thinking about a career change after reading an article on here. That’s just not conducive to clear and focused academic study.

    • Thanks Mike, looking forward to meeting you!

  • Def looking forward to this for sure.

  • ernie

    the biggest mistake made in survival instruction; a large pot is the most important piece of survival gear you will need. i live in the panhandle of florida where it is hot. the required water intake to work, walk or just about any thing would be a continuous fire and boiling of canteen cups and liter bottles. this is for the individual; think of a family. now food what if the most abundant food source east of the mississippi ?
    KUDZU and other greens it takes a large pot to boil up enough greens and soups to feed a family. now for personal hygene ? you are going to have to boil or heat your bath water much less medical and decontamination needs. i do not just talk it i live it. not only am i very well survivav educated (thanks to the gov) but i am the formost athority on suburban warfare and survival.
    thanh you for your time ernie

  • MyDixieWreck

    @ernie The most abundant food source east of the Mississippi is rednecks.. They are plentiful, easy to trick, and taste like chicken!!

  • MyDixieWreck

    @ernie War is being fought in Suburbans? How do you refine the gas to keep that beast rolling when you are in survival mode? I assume, by gov, you mean Youtube and your fellow white trash hillbilly friends. To join the same Army that I joined, they require the ability to spell at the 2nd grade level.
    Also, <— That was a comma, pretty isn’t it? you seem to be boiling an awful lot of water. A drop of bleach would save you a ton of work trying to find all of that firewood.

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