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SSG Giunta Presented with first Living Medal of Honor since Vietnam

By The ITS Crew

We hope that everyone got a chance to see Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta being presented with the Medal of Honor yesterday.

It was a fantastic event and the first living Medal of Honor presentation since the Vietnam War. The ceremony took place at the White House with Giunta’s unit, Battle Company, 2nd Battalion (Airborne), 503rd Infantry and all the living Medal of Honor winners in attendance.

If you missed the opportunity to watch the ceremony live, the White House has the video on their blog and we’ve also embedded it below for you to watch here. Rather than recite Giunta’s story, we feel it will mean more hearing it during the MOH presentation below.

Please join us in thanking SSG Giunta for his conspicuous gallantry, valor and service above and beyond the call of duty! Hooyah SSG Giunta!

Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

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  • Madnet

    The epitamy of a true hero!!! Humble and taking no credit for his actions..but rather doing his job!!! It’s an honor to see him receive this much deserved accolades while alive and not after giving the ultimate sacrafice like so many hero’s before him!!! May god bless him and his fellow comrades.

  • A smart man would sign up for OCS as soon as possible.

  • lweson

    Does the Army really have a Battle Company?

    • Jon

      Yep. They also have a Borzoi, Abu, and Easy company as well.

  • lweson

    WTG SSGT Giunta

  • Colin

    OUTSTANDING. The book “War” by Sebastian Junger is a must read, chronicling the deployment of these guys in Afghanistan. Only book I’ve ever read where I could say “Yup, that’s what it’s like.”

  • Domersi

    We see Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta and we are reassured how great America is. He represents the greatness of the men and women who fight and die to keep America great. God Bless all.

  • John

    Some of you might like to check this out; it’s a short film made about the events of that day.

  • Andrew Hickman

    Great video John and it is so pleasing to see this country recognize it hero’s again!

  • Now that is a real life hero. His brief commentary was spoken like a real hero as well saying he would give this honor back in a second if his 2 buddies were still alive.

  • Tom G

    A true American Hero, Thank You

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