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Secure your Safariland 6004 for Mid-Ride

By Bryan Black

Safarliand 6004 Modification

Today I’m going to talk about a Safariland drop configuration you can custom make out of a standard 6004 holster. All it takes is a $14 accessory and a little bit of time.

While you may already be familiar with the 1.5″ drop Safariland UBL (Universal Belt Loop) Adapter, you may have also noticed how it flaps around on your draw. That alone was enough for me to shelve the adapter and discount it as a viable option.

A buddy of mine recently told me about a simple modification he and his team were running, that not only used the UBL, but used it without the trouble I’d encountered.

Why Modify?

Safarliand 6004 Modification

If you’re not sure why a modification would even be necessary, you’ve obviously never had to run or do anything but stand around in a double-strap Safariland 6004 Holster.

These holsters are notorious for not only shifting on your leg (no matter how tight they’re cinched down) but also adding unwelcome bulk to your legs. As you can tell I’m not a big fan of drop-leg anything, and think its completely ridiculous to run things on your legs.

Most people are already weighed down with body armor, and if you have to move (not walk), drop-leg accessories don’t help the situation.

The Fix

Safarliand 6004 Modification

For me, adding the 6075 UBL Adapter put my Safariland holster at a perfect height; it cleared my gear and got it low enough to draw, but not too far down. Also, being a belt adapter it was great to get rid of the standard velcro drop-attachment on the 6004. I’ve never cared much for that method of attachment.

Like I mentioned before, my only complaint with the UBL was when I’d go to draw, if my draw wasn’t perfectly vertical (which it never is under stress), the adapter would flip outward making my draw impossible.

Taking an existing Safariland 6004 holster, and the 6075 UBL Adapter, here’s how to simply add a leg strap to this configuration and forget about any more trouble.

  1. Take an allen wrench and remove the three bolts and washers that mount the Safariland holster to the leg shroud.
  2. Depending on your leg shroud configuration, either remove or unbolt a strap.
  3. Lay the strap across the rear of the holster (retaining the proper orientation), between the top two bolt holes and the bottom single bolt hole.
  4. Thread in the bolts with the washers finger tight.
  5. Ensure the strap is in proper position and then tighten the bolts down using the allen wrench.


Safarliand 6004 Modification

I’ve only been running this setup for a few weeks now, but I wanted to share this configuration with everyone as soon as I knew it worked. Holsters are something that everyone winds up with a box of as you constantly struggle to find what works the best for you.

I started out with a double leg strap shroud 6004 before they made the hood guard as a standard configuration. When I wore that one out, and realized it rotated too much for me, I went to an HSGI UDHP custom configured from SKD Tactical, using my 6004 holster. That wound up rotating even more for me and I went back to a Safariland shroud again.

This time I used a single leg-strap shroud 6004 and removed the included hood guard. Then, I realized that I hated the velcro mounting option of the 6004, and  bought the UBL. I’d also realized that I needed something that didn’t drop down as far.

So now you know my holster history, and the configuration I’m at now.  This is simply an option I haven’t seen out there, and may not be what winds up working for you. Give it a shot and let me know what you think. I know I still need some time with it before I know it’s 100% what I like.

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  • KenB

    I did a similar thing with a standard drop leg shroud, I just cut the shroud around top strap and left the bottom strap. Worked a lot better for me.

    Just like this one…

    (Photo is courtesy of harv24/KevinB of, and original idea by basicload of

    I think a lot of people miss the boat when running sub loads on their legs. Instead of wearing them just low enough to clear their vests they have them around their knees. Just goes to show they've never run them for anything more than a facebook photo

  • Ken, this is definitely a good modification, but no different than what I started with. I think when the idea of cutting the shroud came out a few years back, Safariland took notice and started making the single-strap shroud shown in the article photos. This modification is simply another option as I found I disliked the velcro attachment and the UBL creates a much sturdier platform to draw from. This option also negates the holster moving on the single strap because its secured between the holster and UBL.

    Thanks for the comment!

  • Jones Tactical

    You can always go with a shorter 2″ strap, and still retain the leg shroud, which helps with the draw, IMO. The shorter strap also allows you to remove the holster without removing the belt.


  • KenB

    Bryan, absolutly, and I must say good call on Safarilands part for seeing what people wanted and going after it. I havn't made up my mind on the velcro yet. I am running my belt like a LEO type belt as in a pants belt, and a gear belt over that with keepers. Seems to work well for me and the belt I am running has velcro on the back side (body side) so the holster never moves. I think this would work great for the higher level of retention like the raptor series of holsters that require the pistol be slightly rotated rearward before drawing. Good write up.

  • Casey

    How does that work when sitting? I run a Raptor on a UBL, and have no problems drawing it, although I also use a 2.25″ duty belt, not a riggers belt as shown in your photos.

  • Surprisingly well Casey. I thought it would be an issue but it's really not. How does your Raptor do when sitting?

  • Casey

    It tends to remain relatively vertical and digs into the chair a bit. I just imagine adding a strap would either rotate the holster and pull my belt down in the back or be extremely uncomfortable, given the rigidity of the UBL vs. the flexibility of a standard hanger.

  • RA09

    This is actually something I've been doing for about two months now. I had always used the 2.5″ drop UBL for my holster and loved the clearance it gave me but disliked how much it flopped when I ran. I didn't cannibalize my shroud to get the strap but the theory is the same, just a different strap. I run a 6005 leg shroud for my Taser and it has done me well so far. My input on the leg shroud, for any weapon, would be to use the 6005 (detachable hanger) and run the strap through your inner belt as opposed to on your duty rig.

    This gives you more support as the inner belt is more likely to be tighter fitted and also gives you the option to put a piece of gear over top of the hanger thus giving you more belt space. I've found the Taser on my leg (support side) doesn't really have enough weight to cause problems with rotation or cause problems when running.

    My partner and I thought this option out after years of holding the bottom of our holsters as we chased people.

    – Bryan, I guess great minds think alike.

  • RA09

    By the way, I'm liking those grips on the Sig.

  • Trying them out myself… Got them from Top Gun Supply

  • I guess they do! Thanks for adding your comments and tips. I can just picture you guys running after a perp holding your holsters LOL!

  • Casey, while it doesn't pull my belt down, it does dig into my hip a little (front most corner) while seated. It's not a big deal, but 12 hours straight I would probably start getting annoyed with it. I'll be in a PSD class soon moving in and out of vehicles quite a bit, so we'll see how it goes after that.

  • Eric Soderlund

    Nice fix and write up.

  • Jester

    I’ve been running the Safariland DFA for a while now, I’ve got no complaints. It only cost about $13.

    I also like being able to still use the platform.

  • Bryan,

    Looks like a great mod and I like many others have been running one of my rigs with the raised up and modded drop leg with one of the leg straps removed for several years etc…

    I want to try the 1.5″ UBL adaptor that you have there but I want to completely eliminate the leg strap. My question to you and the guys is besides adding the strap has anybody done, tried or modded or found a way to stiffen up the UBL so that there is zero flex under a weapon draw with some stress?

    If not I think I’m gonna have to figure out a way to stiffen it up enough to eliminate that flex and I’m open to any ideas anybody has.

    Thanks guys,

    • Mikey,

      It’s really not a matter of stiffening up the UBL, as it’s made of heavy duty plastic (think kydex like). what happens is that if you don’t draw your weapon exactly vertical, it flips out to the side. This is caused more from the belt and not the UBL itself. I have a fairly stiff belt that I use and still have this problem, hence adding the leg strap mod. I’m pretty confident a stiffer belt wouldn’t solve the issue, but you never know.

      Thanks for the comment,
      ~ Bryan

  • Andy G

    Just switched to this configuration and I must say thanks for posting this and putting this out there for all of us.. I’ve worn a 6004 thigh holster off and on for many years but only kept it for warrant service. I always loved the theory behind the thigh holsters but as we all know when you run they wind up where Mr Murphy wants them to be.


  • Jeremy

    Hey guys, found this site while looking for duty belt options for those of us with more gear and less gut. I’ve got a small waist, so I wanted to drop my firearm or taser onto a thigh rig for that prcious little space on the belt. Running the drop holster on the underbelt is something I had NEVER thought of, and is a pretty interesting idea.

    My biggest deal is that I’m using this for normal patrol, which means being in a car. I want to get the holster off the belt and onto a leg rig, but want it to still sit as high as it can on my leg. Quite the problem here. I like the idea of this UBL adapter, but it’s almost as wide a platform as if I were just wearing my holster on the duty belt. I found this on the Safariland site:

    Looks like the perfect solution to me, I’m only worried about it providing enough support for a good draw with that vertical leg strap. That vertical leg strap is the real draw though as far as saving space. I don’t know what to do!

  • Thanks Bryan. Funny I was just searching Google for this sort of solution so when ITS came up in the search results I thought “of course!”
    I used a mid ride 6004 during a class at ITTS and suffered that clunky draw problem and a lot of holster flop. I like the mid ride holster position so this is the fix I need.
    Any reco on where I can buy the leg strap?
    Thanks again.

  • I found that the UBL alone works pretty well without flop on the draw if your belt is exactly the right size. i.e. if your UBL is for 2 inch belts, you must have an exactly 2 inch belt. A smaller belt leads to a horrible draw.

    Specifically I am using a VTAC 2 inch cobra belt and 2 inch mid ride UBL and I am not having any problems with the draw with the UBL alone. When I tried the UBL on my 1.75 inch belt it was terrible.

    • Er, cancel that last comment. After doing a bunch more draws, I still did have issues once in a while with the UBL flopping outwards. Sigh, I guess there’s no escaping the leg strap.

  • Josh

    Curious your thoughts on the Safariland DFA on a single strap leg shroud? I like what you have done and am trying to pick between the UBL with a 6004 and the DFA. I plan on using the QLS to be able to switch out holsters between my 17, 19 and 21SF. Let me know your thoughts.

  • Josh

    Forgot to mention and ask, would your set up work on an HSGI padded belt (SGPB)?

  • akaRaven

    Do you know if 6075 UBL adapter will work on 6377-291-411?

  • Josh

    Can you email me on how to do this set-up with a 1.75″ inner Cobra belt on the HSGI SGPB? These adapters seem to only fit 2″ belts.

    • DRD

      Josh, Did you ever figure this out? Has anyone had success with a 1.75″ belt and this setup? Thanks.

  • Nick

    I’ve been screwing with my 6004 for years trying to make it more comfortable and sturdy! I bought a drop UBL after reading this page, used one of the 6004 leg straps and problem solved! now most of my co workers are doing the same.

    Thanks for sharing Bryan your a genius!

  • Sam

    Hello. I have been using russian gear so far, but since I needed a good kydex holster for my Glock 17 with TLR, I had to do some research which brought me here, as I can’t stand anything below mid- ride, and still need a strap on my leg to secure it. What a great mod! Just one question- what’s the difference between mod and Drop Flex Adaptor Jester mentioned? And can the same be done with level 3 6005 model (I really could use the safety switch it comes with)? Thanks!

  • JimJones

    Another option to check out is the Safariland HAD-KIT.
    I just ordered it hopefully it works good
    Here is a link:

  • IlyaG

    Great article! I did the same exact mod after I got the UBL for my 6004. Currently my issue with the UBL is that that when I go to return the gun back to the holster, the UBL tends to dig into my leg.

    I jerry-rigged one of the SKD Pig Pontoons to provide some cushioning. Did anyone else here experience a similar discomfort when re-holstering? If so, what was your fix?


    PS. I am running a First Spear AGB in the HSGI SG Battle Belt.

  • JimJones

    My only issue with using the UBL is that sometimes when I draw too fast the holster doesn’t want to release the gun. Kind of like in the picture above but not as extreme.

  • BIGboss556

    @Bryan Black Do you have an idea of how I could mount this 6004, with the UBL adapter, to a closed cell loop on a warbelt? I have used tech-locks for all my other holsters, but cannot mount one on the 6004. Thanks for any help

    • BIGboss556 Down Range Gear has some new solutions for mounting that may be what you’re looking for, give this link a shot:

    • BIGboss556

      bryanpblack BIGboss556 Thanks Bryan!!! I just wanna say, ITS is the shit. There is nothing else like it.

    • BIGboss556 Thanks brother, appreciate the kind words and your support!

  • robertojh

    Great article, I have tried this out at work with decent results (sig 226 with light).

    I am wondering whether anyone knows if it is possible to easily attach the Safariland 6004 to a Blackhawk Serpa thigh rig?  The Serpa has the dual leg straps which just seems a better fit for moving around than the single strap of the Safariland.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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