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Secure your Safariland 6004 for Mid-Ride

By Bryan Black

Safarliand 6004 Modification

Today I’m going to talk about a Safariland drop configuration you can custom make out of a standard 6004 holster. All it takes is a $14 accessory and a little bit of time.

While you may already be familiar with the 1.5″ drop Safariland UBL (Universal Belt Loop) Adapter, you may have also noticed how it flaps around on your draw. That alone was enough for me to shelve the adapter and discount it as a viable option.

A buddy of mine recently told me about a simple modification he and his team were running, that not only used the UBL, but used it without the trouble I’d encountered.

Why Modify?

Safarliand 6004 Modification

If you’re not sure why a modification would even be necessary, you’ve obviously never had to run or do anything but stand around in a double-strap Safariland 6004 Holster.

These holsters are notorious for not only shifting on your leg (no matter how tight they’re cinched down) but also adding unwelcome bulk to your legs. As you can tell I’m not a big fan of drop-leg anything, and think its completely ridiculous to run things on your legs.

Most people are already weighed down with body armor, and if you have to move (not walk), drop-leg accessories don’t help the situation.

The Fix

Safarliand 6004 Modification

For me, adding the 6075 UBL Adapter put my Safariland holster at a perfect height; it cleared my gear and got it low enough to draw, but not too far down. Also, being a belt adapter it was great to get rid of the standard velcro drop-attachment on the 6004. I’ve never cared much for that method of attachment.

Like I mentioned before, my only complaint with the UBL was when I’d go to draw, if my draw wasn’t perfectly vertical (which it never is under stress), the adapter would flip outward making my draw impossible.

Taking an existing Safariland 6004 holster, and the 6075 UBL Adapter, here’s how to simply add a leg strap to this configuration and forget about any more trouble.

  1. Take an allen wrench and remove the three bolts and washers that mount the Safariland holster to the leg shroud.
  2. Depending on your leg shroud configuration, either remove or unbolt a strap.
  3. Lay the strap across the rear of the holster (retaining the proper orientation), between the top two bolt holes and the bottom single bolt hole.
  4. Thread in the bolts with the washers finger tight.
  5. Ensure the strap is in proper position and then tighten the bolts down using the allen wrench.


Safarliand 6004 Modification

I’ve only been running this setup for a few weeks now, but I wanted to share this configuration with everyone as soon as I knew it worked. Holsters are something that everyone winds up with a box of as you constantly struggle to find what works the best for you.

I started out with a double leg strap shroud 6004 before they made the hood guard as a standard configuration. When I wore that one out, and realized it rotated too much for me, I went to an HSGI UDHP custom configured from SKD Tactical, using my 6004 holster. That wound up rotating even more for me and I went back to a Safariland shroud again.

This time I used a single leg-strap shroud 6004 and removed the included hood guard. Then, I realized that I hated the velcro mounting option of the 6004, and  bought the UBL. I’d also realized that I needed something that didn’t drop down as far.

So now you know my holster history, and the configuration I’m at now.  This is simply an option I haven’t seen out there, and may not be what winds up working for you. Give it a shot and let me know what you think. I know I still need some time with it before I know it’s 100% what I like.

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