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Public Service Announcement: Tsunami and Preparedness

By Mike Petrucci

If you’ve been following ITS Tactical for any amount of time you can tell that we are big advocates of being prepared. For some reason though, it takes a massive disaster, natural or otherwise, for people to be shaken into even just thinking about being prepared let alone actually taking the steps.

Much of the Pacific  is being rocked by this most recent earthquake/tsunami and Japan is getting the brunt of it. The death toll continues to rise and this is no laughing matter. Now is the time to be prepared. Actually, yesterday was the time to be prepared.

We really want to just get this message out there so it’s not going to be full of any new content but we urge you to take action. If you don’t have an emergency kit and plan in place, begin doing that now. If you already have some sort of plan, review it and check your gear to make sure everything is in working order.

Here are some past articles that you should really take the time to revisit:

Also, I was reading an article on Japan’s cell phone service. It looks like their voice network is down but the data is still flowing (for now) so you should be able to use Skype, Fring, Twitter, Facebook, etc to reach loved ones. Take some time to think what you would do without cell or Internet service? Yeah, it’s pretty scary.

Please feel free to leave a comment with ideas on how to prepare so we can help inform as many people as possible about this. What’s in your ‘go bag’ or what do you carry every day in case something like this happens?

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