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Combat Flip Flops Offers Exclusive Discount to ITS Members

By The ITS Crew

Combat Flip Flops

They may be “bad for running and worse for fighting” but they’re comfortable, stylish and by supporting Combat Flip Flops, you’re helping to build a strong economy through their manufacture in Afghanistan. Their signature style draws inspiration from the Afghan culture and works to create a connection with the wearer.

Bryan and Kelly have both tried a pair for themselves and were truly impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of these flip flops. We decided it was something we needed to share and we worked out a deal with Combat Flip Flops to provide a discount to members of ITS Tactical.

Combat Flip Flops History

The company was started by two American soldiers who spent numerous deployments in Afghanistan. Together they saw first hand the need for jobs as Afghans worked to build a sustainable way of life for their families.

As international forces withdraw in 2014, the mature Afghan National Army and Police will take the lead. Footwear manufacturers in Kabul depend heavily on military contracts, so any decrease in volume has a huge impact on operations. The team is working to expand and fill orders as quickly as possible while also enabling locals to make a living.

Combat Flip Flops has been generous enough to offer ITS Tactical Members 25% off their entire order through This deal is good on anything in their store which includes stickers, t-shirts, etc. and obviously flip flops.

While you’re there, you should also check out their Blamo’s selection. These flip flops may have a minor blemish but they still are perfectly good to wear, have the same warranty as their counterparts and they come at a great discounted price.

Sometimes mistakes happen. We get a little glue on a footbed, a stitch line gets crazy, natural leather appears natural. Others may refer to their less than perfect products as “seconds,” “B grade,” or the like. We like to call our special creations “Blamo’s”.

Combat Flip Flops Member Discount

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