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Mustaches and Coffee

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Posted 22 April 2015 - 12:37 AM

So, I'm partial to my mustache. Just part of who I am. Or at least was.

It all started with ITS actually. Their Instagram feed to be exact. There was one not too long ago that showed the Lock and Load Java. I had tried this coffee before, but had never bought any. So I went to their website and started perusing. Came across their Coffee for the Troops donation page. If you haven't heard of it, basically, you give them money and they give some unit down range coffee. Simple enough.

But it got me thinking (not always a good thing, but it worked out this time).

With the length of time we've been at war in the Middle East, people seem to have started to wane in their efforts to support the service men and women over there. Not entirely of course. And most decidedly not among like minded people you find here. But in general, the media doesn't make as big a deal of it anymore, and large publicized campaigns to raise money to support them have dwindled. My cold dark heart was warmed a tad to see that a company such as this was still in the fight. Makes perfect sense for them since they are Vet owned and operated.

So, I figured I'd do some donating. Talked it over with my partner (more on her later) and she was on board. Went to work and put out the word to my captive audience. Told about 8 guys that I wanted $5-$10 each for this worthy cause. Also told them to put out the word and set a deadline.

So the deadline was fast approaching and we had about $40. Well, that wasn't gonna work for me. My partner either. So she put out a team wide email basically stating what we were trying to do and reminding everyone that while we enjoy all the creature comforts of life, some youngster deployed is allowing us that luxury. While she has never served in the Armed Forces, she is extremely patriotic and passionate about supporting our troops.

She's also fucking evil.

She's a cute little thing. Sweet smile. Looks all innocent and everything. And as with many women, it's a trap.

So this email she sends out worked. We started getting responses in support of our cause. But that wasn't enough for her. Without my knowledge, she upped the ante. Specifically, she offered up my facial hair. That's right. She put out team wide that if we hit a certain goal, I'd shave it off.

This peaked the interest of our Lt., who has been trying (unsuccessfully I might add) to get me to come within a couple miles of regulation length. For a while. Like a hammerhead shark, my partner smelled blood. Or, rather, money. She begins haggling with our Lt. to get him to offer up more donation money in exchange for my mustache. This is when I find out about it. I try to back out. But it ain't happening. He's starting to rally the team into some serious cash. So we again raise the stakes.

We negotiate a deal that if our entire team can get up to $750 in less than 24 hours, my Sgt and I would both shave them off. I can't say no to that. After all, it really is for a good cause, and we're starting to talk some real money now. I had originally hoped for the top donation package of $250. We've now tripled the goal. I'm all in now. The Sgt is none too happy about this, but he's just a Sgt. We're not worried about him.

Less than 24 hours goes by. I'm starting to have a hard time keeping track of the money. In the end, my cute little Anti-Christ of a partner and I have gathered $1388. So out come the razors. On duty. In front of a crowd all gathered around a breakfast buffet they set up for the event. Yeah, that's really how it went down. I shaved, dried my tears, and had breakfast with some great people. All while counting their money that will soon hopefully give some meat eater some pleasure in knowing we are thinking of him back home.

But there's a problem. English was never my strong subject in high school, and $1388 doesn't fit neatly into the $250 package that Lock and Load Java offers. So I email them and quickly get a response. Enter Lori from Lock and Load. Very nice and genuine person. I can sense that from our short phone conversation. We make plans to send the money. She also is planning to put up the story on the interweb. And wants pics. Hmmmm. Enter my agency PIO. Gotta have permission for this stuff since the pics are of us in uniform and our agency name might get out there. The PIO loves it. We, apparently, have a Facebook page and she wants to do a joint story.

Well, it all sounds cool. It's not like it's a million bucks or something. It's just $1388. A great amount for about 25 people to come up with in under 24 hours, but it's not going to caffeinate the whole Army. Plus, now I'm getting nervous about the message. It's not a story about me and my mustache. It's not even a story about my patriotic, cute, evil partner. It's about the troops. It's about me having coffee whenever I damn well please under the protection of the men and women of our Armed Forces. It's about me being warm in the winter and cool in the summer, while warriors make do with whatever they can that day. And, more importantly, it's about reminding more people about those facts. They're still over there. Still in harms way. Remember them.

So, if this story isn't about me, why am I telling you? Simple. This is a direct challenge bitches. I'm assuming most of you are gainfully employed. Some of you may even have amicable relationships with coworkers. Remember all those deployed and start a small fund raiser type thing. Find a charity. They're out there. Doesn't have to be coffee, that's just how mine started. There are several foundations for the troops, law enforcement, fire fighters, and the families of all those who need our support. Pick one. Make it an annual event (we're planning on that). And even though I never wanted the focus to be on me, or any one person, it did make me feel really good. Some say my heart grew three sizes that day.

So do what ya can and report back. I'd love to hear people's stories of how their fund raising went. Might help each other with ideas to keep interest up.

P.S. No where in my patriotic, cute, evil partner's email did it say I had to KEEP it off. I've been in recovery for about 7 days now and I'm doing well.

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Posted 22 April 2015 - 05:22 AM

That is awesome!  Great job keeping on top of this... it could have all just ended with a paltry $40.00 donation, not that I'm belittling the amount, it's better than nothing.. but it's certainly not the $1,388.00 you generated!


Can't wait to see the pics!

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Posted 17 May 2015 - 03:40 AM

So here's a screen shot of what Lock N Load put up. It's a stock photo, not me.

Sorry, the real photos won't be shared. I wasn't involved much in the comms between Lock N Load and my PIO, but I'm guessing they didn't want our photos on social media.

Anyway, the challenge is still out there. Grab your coworkers and put some love downrange to our Brothers.

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