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EDC Covert backpack for SBR

SBR covert AR pistol

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#1 Alexander Garbuz

Alexander Garbuz


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Posted 09 May 2017 - 07:40 PM

Gentlemen, I am looking for a very specific advice for choosing a backpack for carrying my AR-15 pistol (soon-to-be SBR). 
Before I make the decision I wanted to ask you if you could come up with some situations then I would be needing a rifle with me and it would not be enough to have my Glock 19.
What type of threats and what type of environment would require an SBR?


#2 pira114


    Salty Dog

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Posted 09 May 2017 - 10:21 PM

The problem with that question is that the answer is almost too simple. An SBR is always a better choice than a pistol. Pistols are carried for their size, weight, and conceal ability. Not for their effectiveness over a rifle round.

But there's always caveats right? A rifle is going to be seen negatively in a self defense situation outside the home. Usually anyway. That's a legal hurdle you hopefully can avoid. If all the boxes are checked, and you can legally carry it concealed where you are, then you'd still have to pass the court of public opinion. Which would include a DA and a jury.

All that said, it's not the worst idea. I've planned (didn't have to) to carry a rifle in a pack when traveling great distances and could have needed to walk miles for help. It was an option of either carrying it with me, or leaving it in a disabled truck. Walking miles through the Southwestern desert openly carrying wasn't ideal. Leaving it there was a no go. Plus, had I needed a weapon, it was a much better option than the Beretta 96 I carried back then.

So my answer I guess, is that I always have a plan to carry a rifle in a pack instead of leaving it behind. I can't say I've ever planned to carry it as personal defense over a pistol.

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#3 MightyP


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Posted 19 May 2017 - 10:59 PM

As Pira said, a rifle always beats a pistol in a gun fight, but there would be a lot of negative perception using one. Obviously I'd rather have a rifle in situations like what happened at the club in Tampa or the mall in Africa (Kenya?). But let's say there's an active shooter at the mall and you whip out your SBR. I've gotta believe cops will assume you're the bad guy,vs a pistol where there's a chance they won't shoot first and all questions later.

The only time I can think of where a handgun would be better in the actual fight is when you don't have time to bring up the rifle, like a mugging.
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#4 Spartan24


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Posted 20 May 2017 - 08:54 AM

A negative perception is not one of my top concerns. If a gun, rifle or pistol is being brought to the ready, we are way beyond aesthetics and more concerned about survival and prevailing.

A rifle is always the preferred carry. However, it's not always practical and/or prudent. So we compromise. We give up firepower and capacity for concealability, compactness, and lighter weight. Thus, we carry pistols for the most part. That being said, a pistol isn't the best option for many gunfights. It is more than adequate, however. If you study gunfights, pistols are more than up to the job, especially if you have the training to use the tool.

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#5 Batman_719



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Posted 21 March 2019 - 12:11 PM

I don't know about a pack but I would like to know what you turn up. I'm looking for a nondescript one as well. I have AR pistol with a brace (it a 9mm carbine that uses Glock mags). The entire thing is pretty small as AR's go. 


As to what situations might be better off having a stubby AR.  Most of my reasons are job specific. I am a (part time) LEO and work in uniform and as a Detective; I retired from full time but still keep up. I have this rifle with me just because it works with my Glock and the longer barrel provides better 9mm performance. I do have an AR-15 in .223/5.56 but working plain clothes, this works better for me. I also have a raid vest with ballistic panels, gear, more ammo and marked "POLICE". 


Situations you or I might need (and want) a long gun:

-Warrant service

-Active Shooter

-Officer Assist (Priority 1: person(s) with a gun, robbery, unknown, etc...)


-Disaster Response

-Terrorist Attack

-National Emergency

-Texas/Oklahoma pig hunt


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