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Giveaway Update

Just a reminder that our giveaway ends in 24 hours, and if you haven’t left a comment yet in the… View Article

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Gates of Fire

Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield is another one of those books on the top of our list here at… View Article

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Tactical Driving: J-Turn

In Tactical Driving the ability to perform a quick, calculated turn is an important skill, but what about while your… View Article

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Knot of the Week: Highwayman’s Hitch

Continuing with our “Knot of the Week” series, we present the Highwayman’s Hitch. This knot is another interesting one to… View Article

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Mini Survival Kit

A good survival kit is one of those things you just don’t leave the house without. It’s a small insurance… View Article

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ITS Giveaway! Blue Force Gear VCAS Sling

As a way to introduce ourselves to the community, we’re giving away a brand new Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat… View Article

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Magpul Dynamics Training

Magpul Dynamics is a tactical training company with a curriculum focused on Military, Law Enforcement and Private Sector professional skill… View Article

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Tactical Driving: Intro

Tactical Driving is starting to gain in popularity, and we’d like to give it some attention here at ITS. Tactical… View Article

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Lock Bumping

Lock Bumping is quickly becoming a popular way of bypassing a lock without the need for picking. The method uses… View Article

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Rigger’s Rubber Bands

Parachute Rigger’s Rubber Bands are seldom talked about, but are extremely beneficial to aid in securing gear, and numerous other… View Article

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