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Thank Who We Truly Owe This Memorial Day

While you’re celebrating this weekend during the Memorial Day Holiday, please take the time to remember those that have fought… View Article

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Restraints We’re Proud to Endorse

We’re thrilled to be releasing this article today, as we’ve finally found a product that we feel deserves our endorsement… View Article

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Carry Concealed with the MSM MegaPatch Book

Hopefully you’re already familiar with our good friend Mil-Spec Monkey who produced our awesome ITS Tactical Patches. Today we’re going… View Article

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ITS Tactical Live Interview Series on Ustream

We’re going to start rolling out a new series on ITS Tactical soon, doing live interviews with individuals, companies and… View Article

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Functional Strength: Developing the Pull-Up

We’ve recently talked the importance of physically being able to save yourself, and one of the most important aspects to… View Article

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Our Forum is Now Open to Everyone!

After discussing it with our Plank Owners in the last Roundtable, we’ve decided to make the Forum available to everyone…. View Article

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Bogota Entry Toolsets Back in Stock!

The Bogota Entry Toolsets in Titanium and Stainless are now back in stock! They flew off the shelves in under… View Article

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Protecting Against Home Invasions

With more than hundreds of home invasions happening every year here in the United States, we’d like to present some… View Article

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Bogota Entry Toolsets Now Available

Just a quick heads up for those that have inquired on when we were going to start carrying the Bogota… View Article

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Opinions Needed on Free Gear Donations

I think we’ve really tapped into something bigger than expected with our post Tuesday on Free Gear for Those Fighting… View Article

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