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How to Tie Knots Like a Navy SEAL: Part 2

This weeks “Knot of the Week” continues with the second of five knots taught to Navy SEAL candidates at BUD/s… View Article

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Knot So Simple

CBS Sunday Morning ran an excellent segment today titled “Knot So Simple.” Correspondent Serena Altschul took a look at the… View Article

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Reader Appreciation Contest #2 Winner!

We’d like to announce the winner of our second  Reader Appreciation Contest. ITS Tactical reader “TexasAg” (#15 out of 67… View Article

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Fight For Your Knife Rights Now!

We just received an update on the next step in the battle against the U.S. Customs and their proposal to… View Article

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Innovative Alternative to Stun Guns: Just Shoot Them

A new product was recently brought to our attention by an ITS reader, the Taser XREP. The XREP is a… View Article

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The Best Kept Secret in Radio Communication

License free, low cost, two-way communication. What’s not to love about MURS? MURS stands for Multi User Radio Service, and is… View Article

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Reader Appreciation Contest: Giveaway #2!

Just when you thought  your day couldn’t get any better, we bring you our second  Reader Appreciation Contest giveaway! Today… View Article

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How to Tie Knots Like a Navy SEAL

For the next few weeks, we’ll depart from our usual “Knot of the Week” to bring you a series on… View Article

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How to Field Strip an MRE in 12 Easy Steps

Field stripping an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) is a common technique used by soldiers to reduce the weight and… View Article

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Magpul B.A.D Lever Update

Just announced by Travis Haley in the comments of our post, “Magpul BAD vs. Phase 5 EBR,” the Magpul B.A.D… View Article

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