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Why Law Enforcement is just as Trainable in Combat Life Saving Skills as our Military

After returning from my overseas tour, I was given an assignment within the training unit at my agency. It didn’t… View Article

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Pants, Socks, Boots: Does the Order you Dress in Really Matter?

I would argue yes, the order does matter. Something that’s been ingrained in me since my days in BUD/s is… View Article

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Last Chance for Cyber Monday Savings in the ITS Tactical Store!

Until 11:59 p.m. (Central Time) you can save 15% on all in-stock items in the  ITS Tactical Store.  Additionally, we’ve… View Article

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How to Trim the Strap on your G-Shock Watch

The straps on G-Shocks can sometimes be a bit too long for the average person. That’s especially true of my… View Article

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Tactical Turkey Deals and Black Friday Sales around the Internet

We’d like to first start off by wishing every one of our readers a Happy Thanksgiving from ITS Tactical. There’s… View Article

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Print Your own ITS Money! Gift Certificates Now Available!

Due to an overwhelming demand, we’re now offering Gift Certificates for our Store! Available starting today in $25, $50 and… View Article

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Sentry Safe Home Defense Center: The First Line of Defense is You

The history of “safes” goes back to the days of the caveman, when they attempted to keep their belongings safe… View Article

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Keychains: The Foundations of Preparedness and Every Day Carry

I’ve always believed that having tools close at hand is essential to being a highly effective, prepared human being. Because… View Article

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ETA Trauma Kits Save a Life Overseas

We just received an email this morning about our ETA Trauma Kits being used out in the field to save… View Article

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