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5 Knots You Need to Know How to Tie at All Times

We’re doing something different today with our Knot of the Week series and taking a look at five knots that you… View Article

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Victory Scents: Improve Morale and the Air Around You with Combat Air Fresheners

We were first introduced to Victory Scents by it’s creator, Gina of Combat Bet, during SHOT Show this year. We’ve… View Article

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Tourniquet Use in the Civilian Pre-Hospital Setting

I recently came across an article I’d downloaded from the Emergency Medical Journal online a few years back, entitled “Tourniquet… View Article

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Is Stippling your Firearm Worth It? My Thoughts on DIY Stippling

If you’re not familiar with stippling, or as our friends from Method Burn say, “burning tiny dots into things you… View Article

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Murphy’s Laws of Combat Operations

We’ve mentioned the venerable Mr. Murphy here on a few occasions and today we’d like to provide with the bible… View Article

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Molly Stix: A New Quick Release System for Your MOLLE Pouches

I’ve been testing out Molly Stix for a few months now, ever since the first samples were available from National… View Article

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Two Blades, One Knife: The Spyderco Dyad Jr.

The Spyderco Dyad Jr. was a small two-bladed folding knife that was introduced for a short period in 1999. Spyderco… View Article

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Do Flaps on Rifle Magazine Pouches Really Get in the Way During a Reload?

There are many different flavors of rifle mag pouches out there, flapped, non-flapped, polymer, kydex and even reverse flapped. Before… View Article

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Back to School with Stanford University’s Free Online Cryptography Course

I wanted to bring everyone’s attention to something I’ve just signed up for. The prestigious Stanford University has recently released… View Article

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Follow Rule #1 at the Range and Always Look Cool with Tactical Distributors Shooter Shirt

Here’s a quick review of Tactical Distributors Shooter Shirt with velcro real estate for displaying your morale patches, you can… View Article

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