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Knot of the Week: Eye Splice

We’re going to deviate from our Fishing Knots this week to bring you one of our favorite knots, the Eye… View Article

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Tactical Turkey Deals Around the Net

Here’s some great deals going on this weekend that we thought you’d like to know about. Quite a few of… View Article

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Happy Thanksgiving from ITS Tactical

Everyone at ITS Tactical would like to wish our friends, readers and their families a Happy Thanksgiving. Please keep those… View Article

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Navy SEALs Court Martialed for Bloody Lip

We’ve never considered ourselves a News Web site, and try to stay away from political issues, but this is just… View Article

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Stop the Bleeding!

ITS has done a nice job of talking about blowout kit development and even producing their own ETA Kit, so… View Article

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Knot of the Week: Snell Knot

Our Knot of the Week series continues this week with a fishing knot known as the Snell Knot. Snelling a… View Article

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Can Someone Truly Disappear?

We’ve often talked about certain aspects of disappearing here at ITS, such as an untraceable cell phone and how to… View Article

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Recommended Reading List

We’ve casually referenced our recommended reading on ITS Tactical as we’ve seen fit, but have now come up with a… View Article

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TAD Gear Database Theft

Like many of you, we’re all card carrying members of the TAD Gear fan club, and to hear their database… View Article

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Tactical Worthy Gun Safe

Something that caught our eye in the new NRA magazine, “American Rifleman,” was a short article on the Browning Tactical… View Article

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